Discontent Is An Obstacle On The Path To Wholeness

laitman_239Everything is measured relative to a person. The way one evaluates one’s state is the state one is in. Wishing for something beyond what you already have is a luxury. After all, it turns out that you are dissatisfied with what you received from the Creator. This is a huge obstacle, standing in everyone’s way to perfection.

We are in a perfect state, at the end of correction, in the center of all the upper worlds, in the world of infinity. All changes happen only inside a person. Therefore, if one determines one’s state as perfect, then one already is on the spiritual ladder, in the spiritual state.

Therefore, everything depends only on us. We should not wait for something to come from above. We can ask only for our correction, but there are no changes to expect from above, from outside of us. I just need to determine in each and every state that I am in wholeness and want nothing for myself, but only to bestow everything I can outward. We need to aspire for such a state because that is the truth.
From the Talk on the Subject “Faith above Reason” 8/3/18

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