The Creator Exists In Everything

laitman_275Question: Does it make a difference to the Creator as to how I bestow to Him, either, let’s say, through bestowing to my child or through an indigenous person living in South America?

Answer: The Creator is the general quality of bestowal and love, which covers all parts of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature. He exists in all these states. The problem with our perception is that we cannot experience Him apart from all of creation.

In other words, this quality exists in all parts of creation, in our relationship to them, and in no way separate from them. You cannot separate the Creator from them and say, “Here is the Creator, and that is His materialization in people.”

Comment: Usually, a person thinking about the Creator imagines some kind of object, either begs or thanks Him without any connection to humanity.

Answer: The problem is that we cannot imagine the Creator apart from humanity, apart from people—only together. Behind each person, we need to see the Creator. Otherwise, we will not experience Him.

When you relate to people correctly, inside them you will find that unifying force called the “Creator.”

Question: If I try to do something kind for someone, does that mean that I want to do something kind for the Creator?

Answer: If you try to do something kind specifically for another, without somehow connecting it to your own self-image, then, in the other, you will discover the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/18/18

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