Period Of Wandering, Part 8

laitman_937Restoring the Spiritual Information Base

Remark: Russian Journalist Vasyli Shulgin in the book What We Don’t Like about Them wrote: “These people possessed a wide variety of abilities, great will, amazing endurance; their nature is characterized by great ability to work, an insatiable love of activity … But nevertheless, the Good Shepherds … in a word – into Spiritual Teachers, I would not take modern Jews. ”

My Comment: Naturally. After all, they completely fell from their spiritual level. In them, of course, the rudiments remained of the so-called Reshimo, informational genetic data, but they are not yet ready to be spiritual teachers.

Remark: So like all peoples, there are good and bad Jews, but the special thing that once was in them is missing today.

My Comment: This must be developed! The last exile almost completely erased the entire information base. It must be raised, developed, pulled out of them. It is very difficult to work with modern Jews.

Remark: As I understand, people with a special predisposition to rapprochement and proper communication between them were selected from all of humanity in order to then transfer the method of unification to all of humanity. And if they do not, then a law called anti-Semitism is included, which drives them to this action.

My Comment: This is a law of nature.

For more on this topic, read The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/15/19

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