Search For The Cure Against The Virus

laitman_229The coronavirus lets us know that all our activities are not really necessary and our entire life has not been aimed in the right direction. The upbringing that we received and are now passing to our children is wrong. One must understand that the world needs to exist in a new way: on the basis of unification.

We can come to it because there is the method of Kabbalah. The higher force intentionally sends us various obstacles so that we abandon our far-fetched activities and begin to build life in a new way where there is no difference between this world and the spiritual one, and the difference between life and death disappears; that is, there will be no death. Death will be only for the desire to receive—this is how we will perceive it.

I am certain we will succeed. The main thing is to progress day after day with understanding, awareness, good connection between us, and to raise humanity’s desires to the Creator. Even if their requests stem from the fear of the coronavirus, we absorb these desires, raise them to the Creator, and ask Him for medicine.

It does not matter to me what medicine the Creator will give, I do not tell Him what medicine it should be: against the virus or against our egoism. We then find that it is one and the same—there is no other pest besides our egoism. It is just that now it appears as a virus.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/20, “The Arvut

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