Man In An Interconnected World, Part 2

laitman_543.02Nature’s Experiment

Question: We see how nature forcibly pushes us to integrate. At first it was tribal, communal integration, when people united in order to survive, then came forced imperial integration, colonization, and then cultural, religious, national, and class integration. Today there is economic and informational integration.

All this developed under the influence of nature without our participation; no one specifically wanted it. And suddenly there is a virus that divides us, makes us stop all connections.

What is this leading to? Doesn’t this seem like it is against nature?

Answer: In principle, we are advancing toward gradually distancing from each other. Once we lived in communities, villages, and farms, but now everyone has their own apartment.

Today, newlyweds do not live with their parents, and once it was natural. Currently, every small child should have his own room, his own personal space. His egoism becomes so great that even though he is only 5 – 10 years old, he still requires a separate space for himself: “This is mine and don’t enter!” In other words, we see a person’s egoism growing.

And now its next level is being revealed, which nature itself shows us. If you are close to each other, then your relationships leads you to disease and death. So, you should be at a distance of two to 10 meters from each other. Who knows where this will lead?

In principle, this is quite natural. In this way we can do less harm to each other.

Question: As if nature forbids us to be in connection with each other because it was egoistic?

Answer: Here we learn something else. On the one hand, we willy-nilly stopped working and for some time found ourselves in the family circle. Therefore, there are certain problems surfacing, as man is not used to this way of life.

On the other hand, problems are manifested not only between spouses, but also between parents and children, between children themselves, etc. They are social in nature, and this is bound to have very large consequences.

Nature is putting us through a certain experiment; that is how I see it. I look at nature as a supreme intelligence that brings us to a certain state so that we understand how we should behave.

The supreme intelligence knows how we actually act, how we determine and become aware of our states, how we can find a way out of them by comparing the pleasant with the unpleasant, with development, with various movements. It sees how our habits, customs, and social problems and their solutions change.

Now all countries are simultaneously undergoing such restructuring, to different degrees, in different cultures, but it is still happening.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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