Man In An Interconnected World, Part 1

laitman_423.02Trapped in Global Egoism

Question: The great physicist Albert Einstein said: “A human being, is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”

Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Statements are good. But they are so streamlined that when you start to understand them, you come to the conclusion that you are thinking about completely different things, events, reasons, and solutions. And it turns out that everything seems to be right as it should be, everyone agrees, but in the end, they come to the point that they run in different directions.

Question: Indeed, we talk about love for others, about unity, but we see that it is getting worse and worse.

But unity and love were spoken about thousands of years ago. All religions are built on this. Today, even scientific research is being conducted on this topic. And although a person is very pragmatic, he sees that unity can benefit us. But where are we, where is this unity, where is this love for others?

Answer: Our egoism does not allow us to submit to each other. If at one moment I submit to you, then the next moment I don’t want to submit, I try to get away from it, try to snatch something for myself.

Look at the agreements made between countries, governments, and within governments. How many laws exist in each country for each act, for each movement of a person? And who monitors their implementation? And what can we do within these laws?

People do nothing but invent new laws, write them down, and put them on shelves. And then, when necessary, they pull them out using all sorts of hook-making methods and begin to prove that this law exists and that it must be activated. In this way, they want to suppress others.

We understand these movements of our egoism that want to subjugate everyone. These egoists stand in governments with such pride, trying to suppress others by so-called parliamentary methods. But how long can these things be tolerated and how long can they continue to exist?
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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“The Evolution Of Employment” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “The Evolution of Employment

Worldwide employment is in free fall. Layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on an already vulnerable workforce in areas that, sooner rather than later, would be replaced by AI and on businesses and industries no longer relevant. Even though US unemployment’s rate dropped to 13.3% in May, it is still the highest since the Great Depression. However, this crisis could become a positive turning point if people leverage the opportunities it offers to change our perspective on society.

The areas that will be in the largest demand are in the field of ​​human relations. Experts in how to create connections between people, in building beneficial and deep mutual relationships, will be in highest demand in the labor market.

As a consequence of the coronavirus, 1.6 billion workers — nearly half of the world’s workforce — could suffer “massive damage” to their livelihoods, according to the UN’s International Labor Organization. The work landscape is constantly evolving, and not all of today’s occupations will be here tomorrow. Will we have our jobs a year from now? What profession could guarantee your future?

Even before the pandemic outbreak, the University of Oxford estimated that approximately half of US jobs would be at risk in the near future due to the adoption of new technologies. The pace of economic change will now accelerate faster than expected because the pandemic will devastate in ongoing waves, experts warn. Non-essential businesses will quickly disappear from the landscape, and with them, many professions.

The areas that will be in the largest demand are in the field of ​​human relations. Experts in how to create connections between people, in building beneficial and deep mutual relationships, will be in highest demand in the labor market.

Future Job Openings

Connection building — this is the profession of the future. We have never handled human connection properly and we see the results in our frayed and torn social fabric at all levels of human interaction. The relations we have been familiar with are built on natural, biological interlinkage: between man and woman, between mother and child, and so on — connection based on human instinctual impulses. The call of the future is to engage in higher-level relationships that are beyond our innate biological nature — not relationships that depend on reflexive desire, but those that make us feel the simple truth that we are all one.

Why will this be in such high demand? It is so because the trend of evolution in nature is to integrate the human race into one interconnected system. The coronavirus calls for us to cooperate together to survive and progress, to be considerate of one another, to make sure that our actions do not hurt others.

Until now, we have made our living from professions and businesses focused on providing various goods and services to one another. From now on, we will move a step forward, from purely materialistic occupations to occupations that relate more to the heart, to human connection. Building relationships between all human beings, with those who are very different from us, and especially with those we initially hate, is not an easy task. It requires training to understand human nature, as well as exercises in proper communication with others. In such training, a person will be invited to join a group of people he or she does not know and perhaps even differs from. Through workshops and discussion circles, the individual will learn how to integrate with other people, work smoothly together, and treat them with care and understanding. Each one will learn how to build a relationship above the natural gap with others until the person feels everyone as close.

It is written, “love covers all crimes.” Covering our differences with love is the foundation of a new attitude toward society and the world. This principle stems from the knowledge that there is only one force in nature –as integral and inclusive as it is- and we must emulate its actions to achieve balance and harmony in our lives.

Work That Is Good For All

The more successful we are in building connections, the more comfortable and thriving our lives will be because in our world, nothing is missing other than good relationships between people.

It will be our work to develop a sort of new internal software that works according to one overall formula: In every form of communication between people or business, we should aim to achieve the optimal result of maximum benefit for all. For this to happen, everyone must learn how to direct themselves to fulfill the desire of others, rather than their natural desire.

In order to grasp the potential of this new practice, we will need to change our mindset in order to create improved habits that will become second nature. By doing exercises that demonstrate how, in an integral society, the good of others is my good also, we will gradually develop new skills and qualities.

Quality connections such as these will fill us with sublime satisfaction. Through the development of love for others, we will begin to feel the force that unites all parts of nature into one complete system. Sensing this is the highest state of development one can achieve.

Therefore, the next step in the evolution of employment is to first provide everyone with all their basic material needs, and beyond that, to build internal connections among people in order to reveal the sublime reality that expands beyond boundaries.

For this purpose, humanity will need to study the art of connection, and experts in this field will be in high demand to lead the process. In the post-coronavirus world, investment in connection will ensure a good future for you, your loved ones, and the world, opening our limited vision to a boundless perspective of a bright new reality.

“Do Not Fight Against Racism, Embrace Races” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Do Not Fight Against Racism, Embrace Races

There has always been hatred in the world, but there hasn’t always been racism. Today, as the question of racism and race equality becomes increasingly prominent, it is easy to see its destructive potential. To avoid declining into extreme violence, far worse than what we have already seen, we must understand where racism comes from and what we can do about it. If we play our cards right, we will be able not only to mitigate the hatred, but to turn it into a beautiful union of races that support and complement one another.

In order to resolve racism, we must re-enable each race to develop its potential to the fullest. Anything less than that will result in hatred and violence.

Four Indelible Types

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are four basic (archetypical) types of desire, and their root, or origin. The root of all desires is called Keter, and the four types are Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. Because there are four basic types, everything in our world is also divided into four divisions, or types, and their root.

The human species is no different; this is why there are four types of people: the white race (European), yellow (Asian), black (African), and red (American). These races were situated in four different continents until they began to migrate from continent to continent and merge.

Because the four races stem from different basic types of desire, the conflicts between them cannot be resolved by ordinary means. As the four types evolve, their unique characteristics become increasingly distinct. Together, they create a perfect whole, but when you ignore their uniqueness and pretend that they are all the same, you inadvertently suppress their evolution. This is when anger and enmity begin to bud. And when one race hates another, we call it “racism.”

In order to resolve racism, we must re-enable each race to develop its potential to the fullest. Anything less than that will result in hatred and violence. Separating the four races into four different continents once more is not only impractical, it is also undesirable because only when the four types connect correctly, their connections enable each race to fully express its unique traits.

The four types should not be the same; they should complement one another. Only when they work as one unit that consists of four subunits that complement one another is it possible to see the merits of each subunit and how essential it is to the prosperity of the entire organism of humanity.

Therefore, the idea is not to separate the races, but to unite them in a way that enhances their uniqueness, on the one hand, while that uniqueness reinforces their connection, on the other hand. It turns out that only if you place the unity of all races as your primary goal can you succeed. That is, bonding humanity into a single, wholesome entity whose parts positively complement one another is our goal, and the instrument to achieving this bonding is expressing the uniqueness of each race as it contributes what only that race can contribute to the rest of humankind.

What Is True for Races, Is True for People

Not only races are unique. Everything in nature is unique, and certainly every person. To create a truly satisfied and happy humanity, we must set up such conditions that every person will feel that he or she can realize their potential and contribute it for the betterment of humankind. Once you make the well-being of humanity your top priority, you can trust people to do their utmost to contribute to that goal. In order to do that, they will need to make the most of themselves, to realize their full potential, and anyone who realizes his or her full potential is a happy human being.

Succinctly, we needn’t be the same; we need to be different people working for the same goal which is the happiness and well-being of humanity.

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Love Of Others —Protection From Misfortunes

laitman_527.03Question: Does love of others grow to the extent of one loving himself or vice versa?

Answer: Love of others grows as you strive for it. And in order to realize it, egoism is added, meaning self-love. When you rise above your ego, above self-love, you build love for others.

At the same time, there is always a balance of two opposite forces in you. And so you are always in an internal, dynamic balance.

Question: If I love others, they won’t harm me?

Answer: Naturally. To the extent that you love people, you will be protected from them. But this is not the goal you should pursue, you should strive to help them.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is the global, most important, external law of the entire universe, the entire creation, of both worlds: this world and the other world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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Responsible For Others

laitman_267.02Question: People should be responsible for others. Isn’t that an egoistic thought?

Answer: No. Everyone should be responsible for others because we are parts of one integrated system. So if there is something out of order in this system, then there must be something wrong with me too.

There is nowhere to go. This comes from the fact that we are a single system called Adam.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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New Life 1231 – Self-Determination In The Coronavirus Era

New Life 1231 – Self-Determination In The Coronavirus Era
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

It is very important for a person to seek out self-determination since by that he acquires his whole, eternal existence. I actually don’t know who I am or how to define myself. What is important is what I leave behind me. Our role is to be a healthy part in the integral human system and to build a connection of love. It is not our attributes or work that define who we are. All of a person’s engagements can disappear just as the coronavirus has taught us. A person’s identity is his connection to the root of his soul. The root of the soul is the point in which you are connected to everyone and through them to the upper force. It is actually in your integral connection with everyone that you will find your identity. The Creator has given each person a nature and a special role in human society, to organize humanity as one family.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1231 – Self-Determination In The Coronavirus Era,” 4/30/20

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