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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We look at the world through ego-reason. The Creator deliberately created us in egoism. In faith above reason, we elevate ourselves to the degree of bestowal, Bina, entering the Creator’s vision, His world, His sensation of reality.
Faith above reason allows us to see reality the way the Creator sees it.

Faith above reason is not self-deception or fantasy, but it transfers us to the world of truth. We see ourselves in the Creator’s world, we see everything through His eyes, the quality of Bina, bestowal, the quality of the Creator, the world of truth, undistorted by our egoism.

Blows and suffering will eventually persuade us that it is necessary to detach from our egoism. But there is another, more successful path. After all, we are egoists—unable to go against our egoism, meaning against ourselves. We can therefore draw a force from above: the light that reforms. The light will separate us from egoism, purify and correct us.

Blows and suffering will eventually persuade us that it is necessary to detach from our egoism. But there is another, more successful path. After all, we are egoists—unable to go against our egoism, meaning against ourselves. We can therefore draw a force from above …

After correcting egoism, by means of restriction, the screen, reflected light, rising to the degree of bestowal, “faith above reason,” “bestowal above reception,” one merits seeing and feeling the actual reality, created by the Creator, as it is felt by the Creator.

Faith above reason is not self-deception or fantasy, but it transfers us to the world of truth. We see ourselves in the Creator’s world, we see everything through His eyes, the quality of Bina, bestowal, the quality of the Creator. When we penetrate inside this quality, in relation to us it is faith, above our reason-egoism.

Faith above reason allows us to see reality the way the Creator sees it, instead of through our egoistic reason. The Creator deliberately created us in egoism, within which we perceive ourselves and the world. But in faith above reason, we elevate ourselves to the degree of bestowal, Bina, entering the reality of the Creator, His world.

The director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr Robert Redfield, said that #COVID has “brought this nation to its knees”—adding that spending on the Covid-19 crisis would probably top $7 billion.
My Comment: All this instead of simply starting to live in a new way, retaining only the necessities.
From Twitter, 6/24/20

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Rise Above The Old Values

laitman_962.2Question: In the times before the virus, the main values of a person were family, earning money, maybe having a small business, not to mention a large one, etc. And now, when people are slowly beginning to come out of self-isolation, it is unclear what to do. Many businesses will not recover, there will be no tourism, planes aren’t flying.

How can a person live? By what values will the world exist after the crisis?

Answer: I think that a person, on the contrary, will have real values. All the flights around the planet, running around on sales and other unnecessary activities for which you only work, earn pennies, and spend, while someone else is profiting from you, making billions, and in general doing nothing with it—all this will come to some kind of averaging. If not completely, then at least it will fall to some normal level, “deflate,” as they say.

Therefore, a person, first of all, will look for values in their life. Will ask what you live for and try to find the answer, which is already valuable. I believe we are on the right track.

Then it all depends on people so as not to succumb to deception and some promotions, which they are spurred on by fools and the nouveau riche who do not see any value in life except adding another billion to their bank account, and then another billion. I hope that people will start looking for something higher.

And high values are not inside our life, but above it. What is there to look for in it, if it ends? Moreover, we see there is no happiness in life. We need something different, more powerful, eternal, and perfect. To the extent that a person can grasp the whole of this life and what is beyond it, he must give an answer to the question: “What is this life for?”

If we would care only for our physical existence, like animals who see nothing more, then we would provide for ourselves instinctively and would be satisfied with it. That would be enough.

But if we look a little higher, without wanting to lock ourselves in the narrow confines of our world from birth to death and no more, then we need to answer the question: “What is life itself given for?” Where is the answer to quench the thirst of searching for the meaning of existence?

Nature doesn’t do anything for nothing. And if the question of non-biological existence arises in us, in our biological life, then we can and must find the answer to it.

There are people in whom this appears as an urgent demand, and there are those who still have to develop until they ask this question; they cannot push it away from themselves and will have to find an answer to it. It’s not easy. But still, the very fact of generating this question, which occurs in us at the call of nature—is a great thing.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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Let’s Think About What Is Good For Us

Laitman_419Question: What is wrong with traveling around the world and enjoying life?

Answer: I do not think this is bad, but I do not consider it an end in itself. Let each of us see what it gave him. I was in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America and got a general idea about them. But if a person turns his trips into an end in itself, then these are just excursions that give him nothing.

We are talking about how to make our world a correct, safe, and better place for us and our children so that we enjoy every second, breathe clean unpolluted air, eat normal non-pesticide contaminated foods, drink normal, not processed and poisoned water. Let’s make the world normal.

Then why do we need to work from morning till night while our children hang out in the yard or fool around at home? Why can’t we arrange things so that a woman can be at home, or at least partially reduce her working day? I believe that this all has the right to a balanced approach.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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“Why Is There Such Chaos In America?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why is there such chaos in America?

Is America’s time up? Does it have to go in the same direction as those once-powerful nations and empires that reached their demise?

While it is clearly headed downward, there is a way to use America’s chaotic state as an opportunity to impact a major positive transformation.

To start with, America, with its superpower status, has an immense influence on the world.

Also, America is home to millions of unique individuals who have made tremendous breakthroughs, overcoming great odds to achieve prosperity.

If Americans could tweak the direction of this beating-the-odds characteristic, re-navigating it to overcome social divisions in order to unite the entire American society, then America’s greatness would become restored on a whole new level, suited to our interdependent times.

In other words, since today’s world is defined by tightening interdependence and interconnectedness, then any society that successfully unifies its members above its differences will match their societies’ with the present interdependent conditions.

The positive connection of society’s members will increase their balance with the global nature of today’s world, and they will thus enjoy safer and happier lives.

Moreover, due to the world’s interconnectedness, such a society would also receive a positive reaction from other societies, nations and cultures, as its unifying example would inspire people worldwide to follow suit.

The more we continue heading into increasingly interdependent times, the more we will feel how our divisive drives bring us nowhere good.

Therefore, an America headed to unity above division would ignite a new positive energy into the world.

The more that values of mutual consideration and responsibility would spread throughout American society, the more the American people would feel its positive effects—a safe, supportive and happy social landscape—and with the global magnifying glass on America, its positive influence on American society would be an inspiring unifying example for the world.

If the federal, state and local authorities would cooperatively prioritize mutual consideration and responsibility in American society as a means to unify above its divisions and differences—establishing a payment system for participating in connection-enriching educational programs, as well as media campaigns promoting nationwide unity above division—then America would be on course to resolving its current crisis.

A wise America is one that realizes its competitive-materialistic values are outdated and out of sync with today’s interdependence. Then, by making a fateful emphasis shift to unify its incredibly diverse society, America would reinvigorate its superpower status in the world in a way that is suited to today’s new globally-interdependent conditions.

Above photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.

“What Will Happen If The Coronavirus Comes Back In A Second Wave?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What will happen if the coronavirus comes back in a second wave?

If we thought that the pandemic was under control, the time has come to think again.

The second wave of the coronavirus is already being widely discussed, even though the first wave never really stopped.

The economy’s reopening has helped bolster an influx of COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide, and we once again face an uncertain future with regard to the pandemic.

I am certain, however, that our world has undergone an irreversible change, and that we would be wise to realize how nature tightens our dependence on each other.

As much as we want it to become a thing of the past, the coronavirus is here to stay for a while. We need to come to terms with it being with us for a long time, and we should revise our socio-economic approach accordingly.

The World Bank has stated that the pandemic will be responsible for the biggest recession since the Second World War. We can still expect the closure of many businesses, a dramatic rise in unemployment, and as more and more people dig into the depths of their savings accounts, more and more people will face unpayable loans, rents and mortgages.

The immense changes we are brought to demand that we make some changes on our own behalf.

What should those changes be?

To start with, people’s essential needs have to be met.

Authorities should make sure that their populations receive essential goods and services, adjusting their budgets accordingly.

We will also need to get used to luxury goods losing their allure. There will be no need to invest in saving or reviving luxury goods businesses due to their diminished demand. Also, the increased awareness about the ecological harm that many such businesses contribute to further illustrates their non-necessity.

Our lives are on track to become calmer and more essentials-focused than we have been used to, and which our prior economy failed to prepare us for.

Any desires for surplus, any drives to progress and make breakthroughs in society, should likewise also be refocused. There is endless room for developing positive connections in society, and we would be wise to focus our growth on improving human connections.

By doing so, we would be on track to a whole new reality than the one we currently know, one where we experience our tightening interdependence not as a growing burden, but as an opportunity to exercise positive relations and share in a newfound harmony, happiness and confidence throughout society.

Likewise, after taking care of people’s essential needs, authorities would do well to implement a system of payment-based connection-enriching education, which will secure people’s needs via their participation in learning about today’s new interdependent conditions, as well as support active endeavors to develop a more positive social atmosphere.

Ultimately, the coronavirus is leading us to a much more natural form of existence. By highlighting our interdependence, it forces us to consider how we relate to each other, and we can already conclude that if we try to increase our care for each other, then we will live healthier, safer and happier lives.

Social distancing conditions have given us space for introspection, to see that genuine connection lies in our refined attitudes to each other.

As our pre-coronavirus socio-economic foundations become increasingly rickety the more we head deeper into coronavirus times, the uncertainty and anxiety about the future can quickly become filled with a renewed confidence in a society of people who have their needs secured, and who grow increasingly positive connections to each other on a daily basis.

We can think of the coronavirus like a treadmill that humanity has started walking on, and when we get off of this treadmill, we will have lost a lot of the materialistic-competitive fat that was weighing us down before the pandemic.

Now more than ever, we need to stay focused on our new stage of growth, that what nourished us in our previous stage no longer works, and to meet our new conditions, we need to develop positive connections to each other.

Above photo by Max Anderson on Unsplash.

Clear Calculation Of Nature

laitman_595.06Question: Was it predetermined who should die from the coronavirus or is it random?

Answer: There are no coincidences. In nature, there is nothing accidental at all, everything is absolutely determined. There is a clear calculation for everything from within nature, starting from its first atom and even earlier, and ending with its final state: a universal return to a single integral system, to which we have not yet arrived.

The whole problem is how we move from the initial state to the final one: either under the influence of nature’s blows, such as the coronavirus, or under the influence of our common aspiration, quickly, easily, correctly, and consciously. This is the only difference. In fact, the final state was determined at the beginning, and there is nothing unexpected in it. This is written in Kabbalah.

We need to make sure that we recognize this program of nature and in each state we take an active part in all its movements.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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Light Emanating From A Wise Heart

laitman_251At the time of the Ari, souls underwent a special inner transformation. Our time is also special as Baal HaSulam wrote that we are living in the era of the Messiah. He talks about the changes that he sees from spiritual attainment.

From the Ari onward, a new generation of the end of correction comes to the world and everyone gradually begins approaching and getting involved in this process. A new era begins in both corporeal and spiritual life.

These days, a real revolution in the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is taking place. Kabbalah is open to everyone; it fills the Internet and is translated into many different languages. Anyone can start learning and studying the works of the Ari, Baal HaSulam, and Rabash; the sources are open to everyone.

First of all, it is our task to reveal this knowledge to the entire world. And then, the upper light will advance each soul and direct it to its necessary corrections.

From the times of the Ari, Kabbalah became the science of the heart and is perceived by students not through theoretical understanding in the mind, but through inner spiritual attainment due to a person’s internal change in sensations. This is the main difference of the new period. Thanks to the Baal Shem Tov, this wisdom, which requires a wise heart, began to develop widely. Today, every person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah spreads the field of the upper light around him and thus makes the advancement toward the purpose of life easier for all of humanity.

Kabbalah is the science of all of creation, of all of reality, of a common upper force acting in the universe. This science is gradually being revealed to people and is getting closer to us. It was first revealed 6,000 years ago to the first man named Adam. Over thousands of years, this revelation went through several stages each with five stages: root, first, second, third, and fourth (the complete HaVaYaH).

The first stage is the time of Adam, then the time of Abraham, entering Egypt, the exodus from Egypt, the building of the First and Second Temples, and their destruction. After the destruction of the Second Temple in the time of Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon, there comes a period of exile, and darkness sets in until the time of the Ari, for about 1,300 years.

After the Ari, a more favorable period for the development of Kabbalah comes especially due to the work of Baal Shem Tov, who created a mass movement that raised many Kabbalists. However, after it, Kabbalah was hidden again until our days.

At the beginning of the 20th century, from the time of Baal HaSulam, the interest in Kabbalah began to awaken again. Baal HaSulam made a huge contribution to the revelation of this wisdom, then his son Rabash after him, and we continue this work and very much hope that we really live in the days of the Messiah.

Rabash was the one who revealed the method of inner work. The Ari mostly spoke about the upper worlds, and Rabash wrote about the love between friends because all the worlds are within a person. The most powerful force that allows us to open the upper worlds is the force of love and connection. Therefore, there was a shattering, and now we have to connect into one soul again. The practical implementation of correction is to connect people into tens by the force of love within which the Creator will be revealed.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world, and therefore, it requires practical implementation. Our task is to take this knowledge left to us by the great Kabbalists, adapt it for the general public, and spread it all over the world in order to awaken the desire to get closer to the purpose of creation in everyone.

By that, we provide great help to people because we do not leave them helpless in the face of all sorts of viruses that are ready to attack humanity; rather, we sweeten the development. This is absolutely necessary now because look at how radically our lives have changed over the past three months, and nature is preparing for us even greater problems ahead.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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Saving The Planet: Children For, Parents Against

laitman_738Comment: Children in the Netherlands have organized protests several times, following the example of Greta Thunberg who now is the symbol of the fight for a clean environment, etc. They are skipping school. At that, Dutch parents are very worried because skipping school is not in the rules and culture of this nation.

Nevertheless, the image of Greta excites the whole world and young minds. And here is what a Dutch dad came up with. He told his daughter, “Of course, we will prevent the mass destruction and disappearance of the ecosystem. We will give you, my daughter, a bright future and cool the planet by 4 degrees.

However, you will ride a bicycle to school. Winter is coming, the bus is running on diesel, this worsens the climate. You will ask for an electric bike but it has a lithium battery, which is also bad for the climate.

To get rid of gas production, we will turn off the heaters in your room. It will be cold. But it is good for the climate. For the same reason, you will be taking a cold shower. You will do your washing yourself now, with cold water and on the washing board.

No Internet, TV, or other things that use electricity. And at 11 o’clock, we will turn all electricity off everywhere.

You will no longer go on vacation with us because you cannot reach the places we travel to on your bicycle.

No more meat, poultry, or fish. Only Dutch potatoes, vegetables from the ground, not from the greenhouse. Butter, milk, and eggs are obtained from cows and chickens that emit CO2. This is very bad for the climate. You cannot eat that anymore, either.”

Such a list of restrictions was presented by a father and it convinced his daughter. She agreed, gave up her protests, started going to school and using the benefits of mankind.

My Response: All this is wrong. What does it matter what they do? It is all politics and advertising.

Question: To what do we need to attract children and adults, to really start radical changes?

Answer: Only to relationships with each other! There is nothing we can do to change the climate or the balance of nature except by the relationship between people. We can kill all the cows, stop eating meat and milk, do whatever we want, it will not help us. We can go back to the caves, and it will not be any better.

Question: Will this not lead to the thought that we have done everything, nothing is working, the only thing that remains is to change our relationships?

Answer: But this is the path of suffering. This is what the father did by painting the picture for his daughter of everything that she would be facing: no TV, no Internet, no computer, no heat, no hot bath, nothing.

This is exactly what awaits humanity in the end if we do not create balance in another way, at the next level, at the level of our relationships. It is due to the fact that with our relationships we can change the balance in nature. And if you start trying to prevent the release of CO2 from cows, nothing will happen.

Question: Why do some people, when they hear the idea of connection, get attracted to it, come to the group, and start studying, and others just do not hear it?

Answer: This depends on the person’s inner development.

I also did not hear it, ignored it, and did not get attracted to it at all; I laughed at it inwardly. What is this coming together of people with each other?! What is this pretty kindergarten game?!

Question: And how does this click happen when a person suddenly awakens?

Answer: When a person begins to treat nature correctly, to see it globally and the fact that it is a closed system and that without the correct participation of all of us at the same time, we will not succeed. We will lead to such an imbalance of the entire system of nature that we will simply not be able to continue to exist on mother Earth.

Question: How can humanity, which is busy with its own problems and runs around like a hamster on a wheel, stop and feel this pulsating push?

Answer: Nature will stop us if we do not stop ourselves. There will be such disturbances of nature, against which we can do nothing. The Gulf Stream will freeze, volcanoes will wake up, and so on. And nothing can be done about it.

Also, this little coronavirus that will surface later. Just wait, all kinds of viruses will be defrosted. This is a terrible thing! We are in a state where the Earth has already left its previous balance and is moving to no one knows where.

Question: When will the inner urge in a person to harmony, to balance, take over everything else that occupies him?

Answer: When he realizes that he is facing death, on the one hand. And it will not save him from anything. After all, life continues beyond the threshold of this animalistic death, moreover, in more terrible suffering, in the recognition of evil in such a form that death is salvation.

Question: What will he see beyond this border of animalistic death or the border of the crisis that is now taking place, if he is engaged in this inner urge? Kabbalah?

Answer: He will see the upper harmony of nature, and how he fits into it correctly and exists forever in perfection.

And this world disappears. It will melt away like a fog. It just dissolves along with all its problems.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 2/4/20

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Let’s Rebuild

laitman_617Question: What depends on everyone who listens to you? What can a particular person do?

Answer: The science of Kabbalah speaks about society, about how we are structured and how we can change ourselves. And then it is up to you. Do you have any impressions of your past? Let’s make it to a better state than before the coronavirus. That is all that I am talking about.

Speeches are occasionally made for a good climate, for correcting society, for limiting human intervention in nature. Let’s really try to do it.

Now we are leaving our homes. Let’s go back to a better society, a healthier atmosphere. I urge only this, and then decide for yourself. Just do not forget how we lived during self-isolation: we cleaned the atmosphere, the ozone layer, water and so on. And what will we do next?

We need to be restructured a bit. I am only talking about this. The virus will come to us again. It will be a different modification, no matter what, but it will not leave us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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