Traveling To Other Far-Away Places

Laitman_712.02Question: We say that traveling, fashion, and current pleasures are not needed anymore. What will we give people instead? What are we going to tell them? What will they get pleasure from?

Answer: I offer you traveling in an absolutely different volume—in the spiritual one. You will be able to travel yourself, fly anywhere and however you wish through all levels, move from world to world, instead of just seeing this small, messy, smoky planet. You can feel what life outside the body means. It is all up to you.

The coronavirus is a medicine that helps us rise to the next level of existence, to feel nature. So do not be afraid, there is something to compensate for your so-called loss.

I have visited all the continents and dozens of countries myself, and I can say that nothing remains in the end. All this is needed only to fill yourself and forget. You will see, in a couple of months you won’t even remember about it. You will be captured by the other unknown far-away places.

Question: And will the people from outside hear this?

Answer: They will! The virus will do this, not us. It does not depend on what I am telling you. I am just informing you in advance. You will see in people how they will be drawn toward completely different far places.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/5/20

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