Is Humanity A Nuclear Power Plant Or A Bomb?

laitman_276.04Today humanity finds itself in a very interesting state. On one hand, the coronavirus made such huge gaps in our lives that it lacks many things to be perfect. On the other hand, we have never been so close to perfection, as if we are separated from it by a thin partition, like a paper screen.

We feel that the spiritual reality is right in front of us behind a thin wall. We are almost in the spiritual world, and this “almost” is in our hearts. If I connect with the ten, I already find myself in spirituality. It seems to me that the spiritual world is far away, but it is right here – in the place where my ten is. If I fall on the hands of my friends and hand myself over to them, I enter spirituality. I bow before them—I find myself in spirituality.

Thanks to these actions we enter the spiritual world; therefore, the Creator created such conditions in this world. And today we see it through the coronavirus, which pushes us into spirituality. We are afraid that the virus wants to kill us, but it puts the spiritual world in front of us.

It seems to us that the virus keeps us apart, forces us to keep at a distance, but this is not true. The distance is a consequence of our egoism, and the desire to bestow to each other will bring us closer together. If we could connect now for the sake of bestowing, caring for each other, no virus could harm us. We would not have discovered any harmful viruses; on the contrary, the virus would have made us healthier, healing us from all ailments.

The coronavirus reveals the evil of our egoism, which has always existed in our world. It’s just that now it has clearly revealed itself so that we will understand what correction we need to make. Everything depends on our intention. If we gather together and we all hate each other, then we have an atomic bomb between us. If we want to connect, despite all the differences, then between us is no longer a bomb but a nuclear reactor that does not explode but generates good, useful energy for us.

It all depends on how we use the internal energy of the will to receive that is embedded in us. Egoism must exist, without it, we will not feel ourselves. However, the difference is in the way we connect with each other. It is like a nuclear reactor that has radioactive fuel and graphite rods that inhibit the chain reaction. They do not allow elements to collide with each other, they put a screen between them in order for the reflected light to appear; that is, they build the correct connection.

As a result, we receive good energy that we can use. And this is how it happens in all of nature.
Humanity will advance to such an extent that it will need an explanation for every detail of its life. Some of the work each person has to do on their own and about the other part they only need to learn about in order to have an idea of how the whole system works.

Israel belongs to the head of the common soul, and therefore it is responsible for bringing light from the Creator to all the nations who belong to the body of the soul and receive light. However, all nations must understand the principle of the operation, like the driver of a car, who knows how to drive it and has a general idea of how it works, but cannot design and create a new car.

The entirety of humanity is like an atomic reactor and the Bnei Baruch group are graphite rods in it. And if we do our job, we can stop the nuclear explosion that is already being prepared, bringing the world closer to the third and even fourth world war. Let’s hope we can stop this explosion.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/20, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 33 “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and with Haman“

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A Dynamic State

laitman_934Question: How exactly is the connection in the ten felt? How constant is it?

Answer: If a person feels the ten, he feels that he is connected with everyone as one single body, one single desire, one aspiration. However, this state is dynamic, it constantly changes because it is necessary to develop. That is why he constantly feels himself breaking away from his friends, seeing them differently. He is thrown out, distracted from the goal, and yet he forces himself to return to the connection with others.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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Who Is Happy During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

627.2Question: The era of the coronavirus is turbulent, tragic, and dramatic. And still there are people who are happy. They are children! Little children who ended up at home with their parents. They do what they want.

Can we say that this is all happening for a good reason? We are shown an island of happiness. For what purpose? What do we need to understand?

Answer: That it is good to be a small child. 🙂

Question: Can we look at these children and begin to adopt the happiness that they radiate?

Answer: Children exist at the level of their initial natural egoism. This is not considered egoism. They do not wish evil to others. They do not have all kinds of plans to harm, to gain at the expense of others: the worse the other person feels, the better for me, which subconsciously exists in us. But children do not have this, and therefore, the virus is not a threat for them.

Question: So the virus is not a threat for anyone who, let us say, has childish thinking?

Answer: It is not childish. It is initial, natural, egotistically limited thinking.

Comment: If we reach such a state that we can live and think this way, without wanting to harm another person, then what will happen?

My Response: If we would keep only this level of egoism in ourselves, and remove all other social egoistic levels where we are connected with each other, which are money, fame, power and are already related to the adult world, then, of course, we would not fear any virus.

Question: So we now have a cure, an antidote?

Answer: No, it is not easy. How can we get rid of social egoism, harming each other, if we are constantly thinking about it and perceiving ourselves in it? We compare ourselves with others so that no one does better than me, so that I always feel that I am lucky, essential, special, etc. This is what exists in every person and subconsciously needs to be resolved.

Question: And we can’t get out of this?

Answer: It is possible, but not by ourselves. Only with the help of the upper light if we are in the correct society and draw upon ourselves a special upper force. Upper, because it is the force of bestowal, the force of love, the force of attraction of people above our egoism. That is why it is called the upper force.

And then we will be interconnected like little children who want to play with each other—they play, but do not seek to harm. They do not have this yet. And then, closer to the age of ten, it begins. By the age of fifteen, they are generally complete egoists. They already think about how to be better than others, and how to make others feel worse than them. Look at how they behave in school.

Comment: You are always talking about the upper light, which alone can change us. We are egoists, and at the earthly level we cannot do anything, no matter how much we want to—not politicians nor psychologists, no one. Only the light that we can draw upon ourselves.

No one understands what it means, but you keep talking about it.

My Response: Was it clear about the virus?

Now it will be clear. We will study it, we have no other choice. By studying such viruses, we will slowly begin to sort out what is good and what is bad. And in this way we will get to the light.

Question: Can you explain what the upper light is and how to attract it?

Answer: It is very simple. There is a negative force and there is a positive force in nature. And they are absolutely equivalent.

A negative force, the so-called egoistic force, is aroused in us, so that we demand awakening a positive force parallel to it, an altruistic one, in us, and that these two forces, egoistic and altruistic, are balanced in us.

And now try to understand what the virus gives us! How it moves us toward this balance! It says very simply: “Lock yourself at home, stay busy with yourself, do not rush to communicate with others. You do not know how to do this, let us study it step by step. Here is a positive force, here is a negative force, and so we will work.”

Question: Does negative force mean egoism?

Answer: Yes. Egoism is a negative force. This is what it is considered with us. But regarding the Creator, there is neither a negative nor positive force. After all, they both come from Him.

Question: What are these positive and negative forces, where do you get them from?

Answer: But do they exist between us or not?! I want to use you, this is a negative force. And on the contrary, I think and care about you, this is a positive force.

It is only about the attitude of a man to a man. If I think about how to rise above the other, this is a negative force, and if I think about how to raise the other, this is a positive force.

Question: I understand what it means to rise above the other person, but can I raise the other person or not?

Answer: No, you cannot. From where would you get this urge?

Question: So only the upper light that I draw upon myself can develop this urge?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: How can I draw the upper light?

My Response: Only if you work in a group.

This is why we have been given a group. Look at our friends, envy them from our egoism, want to be no lower than them, and so on; by this we help each other begin to rise in bestowal, in help.

Question: Suppose a simple person is sitting at home and thinking about his life, and he begins to understand that he wants to achieve such a state. Can he do it?

Answer: Step by step. Start communicating via phone, video, and Internet. And then the opportunity will come to communicate directly, not even at a distance of two meters. And then you will get the feeling that you are in one body, without any barriers. This is already a complete cure for the virus. And then there will be one crown over you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/30/20

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Only The Umbrella Of Love Wins The War

laitman_293There are massive protests against racism all over America, but we need to understand that contradictions and clashes between all four races are inevitable until we cover all our differences with love.

There are four types of people according to their place of origin: the white race (European), yellow (Asia), black (natives of Africa), and red (indigenous peoples of America).

This is how people were distributed on the earth until they began to migrate from place to place after the discovery of America by Columbus and other events. These four types correspond to the four levels of desire to enjoy, because from the root stage, Keter, emerge the first, second, third, and fourth stages: Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

Conflicts that appear today between races cannot be resolved by ordinary corporeal means. Right now, before the final correction, more and more problems will be revealed. Europe is also in for big disruptions due to the refugee problem.

Hatred between all will grow and spread to such an extent as the prophets wrote about this time: “A man’s enemies are the people of his own household.” That is, closest relatives will hate each other because egoism grows sharply and does not let people tolerate each other.

Man can no longer tolerate even himself. And all this happens so that we can make corrections. A correction is not making pretty gestures, kneeling and asking for forgiveness. None of this will help, only love that covers all crimes will; this is the only correction.

There is a method that leads to the unity of all people regardless of their skin color; apart from this method nothing will work. We are entering a critical period now: the coronavirus pandemic, increasing hatred between all peoples, and problems in economy and trade. There is no field where we will be able to establish a normal life if we do not use the method of building the correct spiritual connection between us, which will raise us to a new level.

The time has come to rise; therefore, all these problems are revealing themselves now. They reveal the need for a higher level, for the right connection between us is revealed.

Growing unemployment, the growing gaps between rich and poor, children and parents, the coronavirus epidemic, racism, clashes between different types of people, many negative phenomena will appear that can be solved only by one means: “Love will cover all crimes.” We need the upper force that will come and settle all these contradictions. Other than that, nothing will help.

In this dispute, there are no innocent or guilty people. It is the egoistic desire revealed in man that is guilty. If the black had been in place of the white hundreds of years ago, they would have acted no better. Therefore, one should not look into the past, but rather, should strive forward toward a good future, toward connection, toward love that covers all crimes. If we do not do it, then we will conduct endless wars without winners. After all, egoism is our common enemy.

We should not look back searching for the innocent and the guilty, but should only move forward and cover all crimes with love. Love is a mutual connection without any conditions. If we do not strive for such love, then the world is done. We will enter into a period of terrible catastrophes that will teach us the proper attitude toward each other.

We need to look only forward, not backward. There is no reason to delve into the past because we will not find any solution there, and Americans understand this very well. It is impossible to establish harmony between such different peoples living in America: African Americans, Latin Americans, Germans, English, Jews. It is a real Babylon. The only way out is to start learning what are connection and love.

Love means rising above all crimes. Therefore, if there are crimes and mutual hatred, then we have a foundation, a basis, on which love is built.

Love should cover all crimes, and it is good that they exist. The Creator prepared the foundation for us to work, enabling us to build love above it within which we will reveal the real Him, the upper force. So it is of no use lamenting that the Creator created such a world, but it is worth thanking Him for the fact that we can now fill it with love.

The same applies to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine where disputes happen all the time, as is usually the case between neighbors. Although these peoples are so close, it is still impossible to establish good relations.

This may seem paradoxical, but the further humanity advances, becomes more educated, more developed in science and culture, the stronger hatred grows between everyone so as to oblige us to build bonds of love between all. After all, this is what is required of us in the end of correction.

So we live in a world that is getting worse and worse. But this is not because the world itself is falling ever lower. It is the upper light that is increasingly affecting the desire to enjoy that exists in the world, wanting to come closer to the created being. And until the light enters into the desire, their opposition against each other intensifies, which reveals the evil of the egoistic desire.

Therefore, there is no other solution for any interracial or inter-ethnic conflicts. More and more hatred and rejection will be revealed everywhere, and no measures will help until love covers all crimes. And love can appear only from our unity, which we build according to the method of integral education.

America is raging, the European Union is falling apart, but the Creator has His own general plan for correction, which is not revealed to us. We only need to do our work. We do not choose with whom to connect: we need to build connection and common love with those whom the Creator brings to us according to the structure of the common soul of Adam HaRishon.

It does not depend on us in what sequence this happens. When we work on general connection, we gradually reveal how this whole system is assembled in parts. It is not us, it is the Creator who is playing, collecting this puzzle, and we only need to push Him, to demand, and to ask.

It hurts to see the spoiled relations between Ukraine and Russia. And many more other inter-ethnic problems will open up, which will suddenly come up between European countries just as it was in the Middle Ages. We think that we have already formed the European Union, a common market, but this is just a market in which there is no commonality at all. Only the umbrella of love will save us from the third world war.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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Is It Worth Crying About The Past?

laitman_961.1Question: Society is divided about how to live and what to do after the coronavirus. Some express concern that we will return to the pre-virus era. And some want everything to return so we can live like before. What should we do and how should we live after the coronavirus?

Answer: I don’t think that we have already passed this period, although many would like to think so. The coronavirus has not yet done what it is supposed to: move us forward toward an integral society. We have not yet felt this desire; we have not felt it on ourselves. Therefore, it is not good if we all forget this and return to the previous state.

Before we thought that there could be a third world war soon, that the Earth would be permanently polluted, its air, water, oceans, etc. And it turned out that either Earth will destroy us or we will destroy it. We had such a hopeless existence that I do not know how good it is to live the way we lived.

We lived without any plan, unclear why or for what, only grabbing as much as possible for ourselves , flying around the world as much as we could, racking up frequent flyer miles, even forgetting from time to time where we have already been.

At the same time, our children remained completely homeless, although each of us has an apartment. And it is not clear what kind of people we are. We do not understand at all, how we exist and for what.

For what? Only to fill our time and be like others. It is as if someone somewhere created some kind of manner of life for us and we are trying to realize it. Poor, unhappy, confused humanity lives without thinking about anything.

Observe the crowds of people at concerts or other mass events and you will not see any difference between a gathering of people in the 21st century and the 1st century of the Roman Empire. The same motivations, the same tastes: “Bread and circuses.”

We have to understand that the previous way of living was not so cloudless and so great that we need to strive for it. What if we have an opportunity now not just to return to the past way of living, but to correct it in some way? Let’s try to do this. Let’s try not to open all manufacturing processes that have polluted our natural environment, choked us, and caused many diseases.

Take a look at what happened now with the atmosphere, with the water, with the flora and fauna. How  everything improved, and with what relief the world sighed when man calmed down a little. Let’s make nature better. This is our home!

I don’t think that we should cry about going back to the past. Do we want to work, create, give birth to children, and develop? Correct. But nevertheless, it is necessary to lead all this to some kind of normal process within the framework in which the environmental and social conditions allow us to really be satisfied with ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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Who Will Be The Breadwinner In The Family Now?

laitman_962.6Question: Isn’t the new world you describe closer to the past when it was based on barter, mutual aid, and was more family-oriented? That is how it once was.

Answer: I don’t remember when it was. Back in the days when primitive people sat around a fire? 🙂

No, the correct world is universal participation in human society where we believe that we are one common family and understand that we need to reduce [consumption].

Let’s say I have a family, a wife, and children. My wife has no opportunity to go back to work. We decided that she would stay at home, I would work, and the children, naturally, would go to school. Now let’s go from one family to many families, unite them as one family. What will we get?

Most women will stay at home. We must support them, provide them with a normal existence so that they get used to staying at home. Though the coronavirus has already taught us a little about it.

How can we make sure that the family is still able to exist normally? How can this be distributed among all the others? We must take into account that in most families only the husband works and receives one salary. We need to somehow average this for everyone.

In general, we need to see the world community as a single whole, in which we must come to a balance. Otherwise, we will not be able to live. The next virus will come and still knock us out and make us shrink in our production.

Comment: Many believe that it is still unknown who the breadwinner in the family will be: a man or a woman.

My Response: It doesn’t matter. You can decide as you like. I’m not saying it’s going to be exactly this way. But in principle, even less than 150 years ago, the percentage of working women was very small. Mostly men worked.

The woman was responsible for maintaining the house, the man for providing for the family. So it was in all countries, as is customary in humanity. Look at the history over tens of thousands of years. The man went hunting, the woman supported the family hearth, and took care of the children.

Why should I open your eyes to the obvious?

Comment: It’s just that in some families, it’s the woman who’s left with a job, and the man who’s lost it.

My Response: Naturally, there are different cases. But in the vast majority, a woman earns less than a man, her earnings are considered secondary, while the home and family need her much more than a man. It is destined for us from the point of view of nature.

Question: But would you like to live on a minimum?

Answer: We are not talking about a living wage. No need to make all sorts of conclusions from what I say.

I’m saying there should be fewer jobs, less employment, because it really is twice as much as necessary. Hence the pollution of the atmosphere, water, environment, etc.

Let us engage in education, mutual connection, and give women an opportunity to unite and nurture. This is what she will be able to do once freed from all unnecessary work.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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“Reinventing The Businesses Wheel” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Reinventing the Businesses Wheel

The global economy needs an intensive care unit. And just as no medicine is yet available to prevent or tackle the spread of the coronavirus, no cure for the precarious health of businesses and industries is at hand either. Soaring unemployment and a foreboding economic forecast pose great challenges for America and the rest of the world.

Every day it becomes more and more clear that something new is taking place before our eyes that will markedly change our attitude toward life, business, family, ourselves and the world.

Every day it becomes more and more clear that something new is taking place before our eyes that will markedly change our attitude toward life, business, family, ourselves and the world. If we stop clinging to the past and welcome the global process we are going through with open-minds, we will be able to go through the labor pains of the birth of a new world with relative ease.

Throughout history, socio-economic structures have been altered many times: from tribal society in ancient times, to slavery and feudalism, to capitalism and communism, for example. We are now entering a new configuration that will be completely different from all its predecessors because it will be built on new principles in human relations.

As early as last century, the butterfly effect and other models of dynamic complex systems began to illustrate how interrelated, interdependent we are. Until now, we have been unable to internalize the significance of this interdependence, but our experience with the pandemic and its consequences has left us with no choice but to build social, political, industrial, economic structures with renewed vision.

As the pandemic came to bluntly remind us, we will all need to be closer to one another, to recognize that the world we live in is integrally rounded. We can move on to our next stage in the evolution of humanity gently, comfortably and quickly, through a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and where we should be headed. There is no need to wait for direction from additional painful blows.

Looking back, we appeared to be happy and content with life on the surface because we were used to what we had built and there was no incentive to change. However, it turned out that life has its own dynamic rhythm that didn’t stop to check our preferences. Today, we are in a transition period where we must change as human beings, which will have implications for the business world too.

First of all, we have to realize that we are living in a new era that requires a fundamental transformation. The coronavirus indicates to us that, whether we want it or not, we must accept this change because without it we have no future.

It is also important to understand that the necessity for change clearly comes from nature and not from any government or financial group. Nature is smarter and stronger than all of us. If we want to survive, we will need to understand where evolution is leading us — toward integration and mutual consideration.

No More Spinning the Wheels

Nature is drawing us into harmony with the integral world because integration is the highest law of nature, the supreme principle. One single force operates throughout the entire natural system and all reality is managed by it, directing us toward unity between ourselves and nature.

The crucial change that nature demands is that we organize a society whose internal impetus and driving force is altruism and concern for others, rather than maverick egoism. In other words, the required transformation does not focus directly on businesses and industries. Its target is the inner transformation of the person, a new perspective and kind of interaction at the interpersonal level.

Although organizations are now working to consolidate their labor force, a fundamentally different type of consolidation needs to take place in the new integral view. Until now, the success of an organization, business or team has been defined by values ​​of egoistic competition: “We” gather to outdo the competition — a vision based in a “we” and “them” mentality.

In the integral view of the new reality we have entered, we are all one organism called humanity and we aim at being the best at what we do for the good of the others, not to inflate our pocketbooks. We work with the goal of benefiting everyone, and this is what guides us in every step. If, for example, we find out that someone else is doing the same thing better than we are, we will not try to destroy that person; on the contrary, we will provide full support.

An integral vision raises the bar from limited individual benefit to the benefit of the entire system. The new rules of competition stipulate that only those parts of the system that are truly essential and beneficial to the whole should remain active.

Implementing the integration law in businesses involves learning and training. Owners, managers and employees, all need to learn how to work together smoothly as essential components of one system. To do this, all must learn about the law of integration, where they come from, what they include, what they require from us, why we must keep them, and what we will gain from it — the successes it can individually and collectively bring us.

Those who are dedicated to implementing the law of integration in their business or organization will thrive. The warmer, and more considerate and supportive our relationships become, the greater our business success will be. This is the new business wheel that will make the world go round.

The World Isn’t Ready Yet

Laitman_631.5Question: Is the world ready to rethink the role and the essence of humanity?

Answer: No, the world is not ready. This can only happen after everyone has a clear, concise picture of the future in which we are in balance with nature, and therefore viruses, the ozone layer, infection from polluted water, or other misfortunes do not threaten us.

We must explain to people their mission: to create the right global system above all governments. If humanity wants, then it will happen. For this, no revolutions or wars are needed. We are not calling for anything like that.

We are calling people to understand that they need to be a single system. When they realize that they are in conflict with nature, then everything will change. It comes from the Creator, not from the rulers. We just need to really want to change.

In his article, “Peace in the World,” Baal HaSulam writes: “…the whole difficulty lies in changing our nature from a desire to receive for ourselves to a desire to bestow upon others, as those two things deny one another. At first glance, the plan seems imaginary, as something that is above human nature. But when we delve into the matter, we will find that the whole contradiction from reception for oneself to bestowal upon others is nothing but psychological, for in fact, we do bestow upon others without benefiting ourselves.”

We need to spread this knowledge more and more so that it penetrates, permeates all levels of human society. And then it will slowly begin to act. It will rise from the subconscious into the conscious and become the subject of communication and human plans.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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Counting On The Coronavirus

laitman_963.6Comment: The virus pandemic that has spread throughout the Middle East has suddenly connected countries that hated each other.

Israel is helping the Palestinian Authority, and they are happy to accept our help. Iran announced that it is possible to use Israeli medicines, which previously was not the case. It stopped its operations in Syria and Lebanon. Suddenly everything stopped.

The problem of the Middle East, which many tried to solve, but no one could, suddenly now is solved by the coronavirus pandemic. People say: “Look, this is how you can solve the Middle East problem.”

My Response: Of course it can be solved. Give them a little more suffering and they will all want to get rid of it, even if they stop blaming each other and fighting.

A human is a very weak being. He’s just swaggers: “Here I am! I don’t care!” This is because he was told that he would have a future world, that if he kills himself now, he would be met at the doorstep of death by and all the rest. But in fact, if we show him a little more clearly what it is,  he will understand that it is all made up so he would die peacefully.

I think the virus plays a huge positive role here.

Question: How can we make sure to bring peace here and now? And there will be no terrorists, not even any statements?

Answer: Slowly they will get used to it. The virus needs to stay around and continue its educational work.

Question: A person will have it built inside that it is possible to live like this?

Answer: First, habit becomes a second nature, and it will certainly help in this.

Secondly, people will still understand that they need to provide their daily bread for themselves and not just fight. In addition, all the great countries will stop supporting and inciting local terrorists. What’s the point? They themselves will have a lot of problems.

A very serious challenge is coming for America, Europe, and China. A serious wave, I would say a tsunami, is approaching these countries.

Politics will change, regimes will change. People will become different, more mature. They won’t be thinking about having a couple of billion dollars in a bank somewhere in Switzerland and bragging about yachts and other things.

You will see what happens after this virus passes. There will be a huge number of unnecessary, completely harmful professions, all kinds of factories, plants, and international transportation will disappear.

All this will fall aside; there will be a re-evaluation of values. We don’t need 80% of what China does.

Question: Will the crazy billions that were spent on the arms race, on stocks of nuclear and hydrogen weapons, stop? Will there be the understanding that no one needs all this?

Answer: This understanding will come.

What can I have for these warheads? Thus, by threatening, I guard my regime, I guard my borders. What they are for is unclear.

The consumer of everything superfluous disappears. There remains a normal environment that says: “Eat, dress, and work as much as you need to so that you can have that, and that’s it. That’s it! And the rest of the time, begin to understand the nature in which you exist so that there won’t be a difference between life and death.”

Question: In other words, you don’t need to capture anyone. This hatred of others is not necessary. Is that what you mean?

Answer: “See your future world while you are still alive in this world.” You can’t buy this for nothing, no green pieces of paper can buy this. You’ll just have to burn them carefully, so as not to clog the oceans when you dump them there.

Comment: And if we talk about hatred that was burning here, for example, in our country [Israel].

My Response: And it will no longer be, because it is through correcting the hatred between us that everyone finds the most important thing, the upper world.

What is really worth gaining is something that is permanent, special, eternal, and perfect, not something you have to run every day to renew, earn, show off, and suffer from the fact that another person’s grass is greener.

Question: Do you really believe that such a period is approaching?

Answer: Man is an egoist. I speak only on the basis of egoism. If he knows that someone else feels the upper world, acquires things that do not vanish with the person when he dies, but remain with him in this life, in death, and after death—this will change everything.

In this way, we can restore a healthy attitude to the common world—this, the upper, the next—to the common world, to our common state.

Question: Then peace can come to the Earth? And you foresee that this period is approaching?

Answer: Yes. I’m counting on the virus.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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“Why COVID-19 Hardly Affects Animals” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Why COVID-19 Hardly Affects Animals

The coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Yet, of all the species living on the planet, its noxious impact seems to be affecting almost only humans. Why is that?

If we look at the instructions we are required to obey in order to contain the coronavirus (which we are disobeying), it might tell us something about the reason it is impacting almost only people. To curb the virus, we are required to maintain social distancing, wear face masks, and wash our hands. Of the three requirements, the first two are critical to preventing us from spreading the virus, and the third is important if we want to avoid catching it ourselves. Let’s focus on the first two, since if we obey them, we won’t spread the virus to others and won’t have to worry about catching it from them.

Until we heal our hatred for each other, we will not get rid COVID-19

Social distancing means more than keeping six feet apart. Why is it not called “physical distancing,” which would make more sense considering that this is what we are required to do? “Social distancing” is the right term because we are required to keep ourselves apart socially and emotionally, and not just physically.

Animals do not maintain noxious connections among them; there is no ill-will even between the hunted and the hunter in the animal kingdom. Therefore, although they transmit to one another viruses and other potentially pernicious germs, it hardly ever affects them.

Humans, on the other hand, have cultivated a culture of competition, bigotry, and discrimination. In a word, it is a culture of hate. As a result, the viruses that we transmit to others are as nasty as our thoughts about them, and just as noxious. In fact, our negativity toward each other is so intense that even keeping six feet apart won’t dilute it enough to make it harmless, so we are required to cover our faces, too.

Until we heal our hatred for each other, we will not get rid COVID-19. Even if we find medical solutions to mitigate its impact, it will only become more sophisticated and injurious, just as we ourselves act surreptitiously when we want to hurt someone but cannot do it openly. So while working to find a cure or a vaccine for the coronavirus, we must work even harder to cure the pandemic of hatred that has spread throughout the human race.