Who Is Happy During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

627.2Question: The era of the coronavirus is turbulent, tragic, and dramatic. And still there are people who are happy. They are children! Little children who ended up at home with their parents. They do what they want.

Can we say that this is all happening for a good reason? We are shown an island of happiness. For what purpose? What do we need to understand?

Answer: That it is good to be a small child. 🙂

Question: Can we look at these children and begin to adopt the happiness that they radiate?

Answer: Children exist at the level of their initial natural egoism. This is not considered egoism. They do not wish evil to others. They do not have all kinds of plans to harm, to gain at the expense of others: the worse the other person feels, the better for me, which subconsciously exists in us. But children do not have this, and therefore, the virus is not a threat for them.

Question: So the virus is not a threat for anyone who, let us say, has childish thinking?

Answer: It is not childish. It is initial, natural, egotistically limited thinking.

Comment: If we reach such a state that we can live and think this way, without wanting to harm another person, then what will happen?

My Response: If we would keep only this level of egoism in ourselves, and remove all other social egoistic levels where we are connected with each other, which are money, fame, power and are already related to the adult world, then, of course, we would not fear any virus.

Question: So we now have a cure, an antidote?

Answer: No, it is not easy. How can we get rid of social egoism, harming each other, if we are constantly thinking about it and perceiving ourselves in it? We compare ourselves with others so that no one does better than me, so that I always feel that I am lucky, essential, special, etc. This is what exists in every person and subconsciously needs to be resolved.

Question: And we can’t get out of this?

Answer: It is possible, but not by ourselves. Only with the help of the upper light if we are in the correct society and draw upon ourselves a special upper force. Upper, because it is the force of bestowal, the force of love, the force of attraction of people above our egoism. That is why it is called the upper force.

And then we will be interconnected like little children who want to play with each other—they play, but do not seek to harm. They do not have this yet. And then, closer to the age of ten, it begins. By the age of fifteen, they are generally complete egoists. They already think about how to be better than others, and how to make others feel worse than them. Look at how they behave in school.

Comment: You are always talking about the upper light, which alone can change us. We are egoists, and at the earthly level we cannot do anything, no matter how much we want to—not politicians nor psychologists, no one. Only the light that we can draw upon ourselves.

No one understands what it means, but you keep talking about it.

My Response: Was it clear about the virus?

Now it will be clear. We will study it, we have no other choice. By studying such viruses, we will slowly begin to sort out what is good and what is bad. And in this way we will get to the light.

Question: Can you explain what the upper light is and how to attract it?

Answer: It is very simple. There is a negative force and there is a positive force in nature. And they are absolutely equivalent.

A negative force, the so-called egoistic force, is aroused in us, so that we demand awakening a positive force parallel to it, an altruistic one, in us, and that these two forces, egoistic and altruistic, are balanced in us.

And now try to understand what the virus gives us! How it moves us toward this balance! It says very simply: “Lock yourself at home, stay busy with yourself, do not rush to communicate with others. You do not know how to do this, let us study it step by step. Here is a positive force, here is a negative force, and so we will work.”

Question: Does negative force mean egoism?

Answer: Yes. Egoism is a negative force. This is what it is considered with us. But regarding the Creator, there is neither a negative nor positive force. After all, they both come from Him.

Question: What are these positive and negative forces, where do you get them from?

Answer: But do they exist between us or not?! I want to use you, this is a negative force. And on the contrary, I think and care about you, this is a positive force.

It is only about the attitude of a man to a man. If I think about how to rise above the other, this is a negative force, and if I think about how to raise the other, this is a positive force.

Question: I understand what it means to rise above the other person, but can I raise the other person or not?

Answer: No, you cannot. From where would you get this urge?

Question: So only the upper light that I draw upon myself can develop this urge?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: How can I draw the upper light?

My Response: Only if you work in a group.

This is why we have been given a group. Look at our friends, envy them from our egoism, want to be no lower than them, and so on; by this we help each other begin to rise in bestowal, in help.

Question: Suppose a simple person is sitting at home and thinking about his life, and he begins to understand that he wants to achieve such a state. Can he do it?

Answer: Step by step. Start communicating via phone, video, and Internet. And then the opportunity will come to communicate directly, not even at a distance of two meters. And then you will get the feeling that you are in one body, without any barriers. This is already a complete cure for the virus. And then there will be one crown over you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/30/20

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