Antibodies Against Egoism

laitman_961.2The coronavirus is the consequence of the broken connection between people. Everything is harmoniously connected in nature, at the level of elementary particles, that is, inanimate matter, as well as at the vegetative and animate levels.

At these levels, everyone uses others only to the extent necessary to which its natural instinct obliges. A wolf catches and eats the sheep not because it wishes to harm the sheep, the wolf just needs to eat it in order to survive. But after the wolf is full, it will not touch other sheep. It will have no other desire to kill them.

If a person appears instead of the wolf, he will kill all the sheep, send the meat to the store, make money, and find how to spend it for his own pleasure.

The person’s egoism knows no boundaries. His desire to enjoy does not remain within the animalistic pleasures for food, sex, and family. He tries to use others to his advantage, to conquer the whole world, to rise above all with the help of money, honor, and power. And this desire destroys our lives, making us enemies of each other.

Wealth, fame, and knowledge are egoistic fulfillments that require a person to be above others. And so, he launches all kinds of tricks to gain money from others. This already involves competition.

We do not compete with each other concerning food, sex, and family; we simply enjoy them like any animal would. However, the human level is characterized by the fact that it requires money, honor, and knowledge. This egoistic desire cannot be satisfied; it demands more and more.

But nature, which is an integral, global system, disagrees with this, just as a tree disagrees with being chopped down. Nature resists and produces antibodies that prevent a person from invading and destroying natural systems.

Nature is an integral law that binds all elements together and does not allow one to rule but only to maintain mutual connection with the rest of the elements. Therefore, as soon as we go too far with our self-interest, we immediately feel the resistance from other people, society, or some parts of nature.

Further advancement is possible only on the condition that a person observes the integral law of nature, not forgetting that we are all inside the same sphere connected by one network.

The universe and the Earth with everything that is on it: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people are included in one mechanism and depend on one another. In this whole system, there is only one law, which requires everyone to complement each other.

Human egoism is the only component that hates everyone and wants to use everyone for its own benefit. Not only do we humans want to use nature, but we also fight with each other.

Egoism has led us to a global world in our quest to earn more and more from each other. But we did not aspire for good connections between us, which would contribute to all parts of nature. On the contrary, wherever a person infiltrated nature, he tried to subjugate it, destroying entire species out of whim, not thinking about future generations and not even his own tomorrow.

It is said: “Go make a living off of each other.” That is, each produces something of his own: one grows cucumbers and the other bakes bread so we exchange with each other. But gradually, this positive phenomenon becomes negative because every egoist wants to be a monopolist and defeat everyone.

Someone opens a bakery, then another, then a third, and we begin to compete with each other, add chemical additives to bread, drain the earth without thinking about the future. The main thing is to succeed in the eyes of others, to earn money, honor, and power. We are ready to act even to our own detriment, like the United States and Russia, which are throwing huge amounts of money into weapons, but cannot stop their confrontation.

People are becoming bigger egoists and want to enslave and exploit each other more and more to such an extent that a reaction suddenly comes from the biological level in the form of a virus. How exactly is the human level associated with a primitive virus? The fact is that all levels are connected with each other: inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and humans are connected in one system.

Therefore, a dispute occurs between people and an earthquake occurs in response to it. Everything in nature began with one small particle that began to increasingly unite with other particles. And so atoms arose, and then living molecules started transmitting energy and information to each other until more complex organisms appeared.

There is not a single tiny particle in the universe that would not be connected through this field with the entire universe, with each of its elements at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. And the most decisive connection is on the human level, on the level of thought, that is, relations—it determines and controls everything.

The speed of thought is infinite; it is not limited by the speed of light, and therefore, everything is clarified in thought. And he who does not understand that all parts of nature are connected into one system is like a child who says that the cup fell and broke by itself.

So, the main conclusion from the global epidemic of the coronavirus will be that relations between people, the network connecting us, is the most important and highest phenomenon in this world that defines our whole life. If we bring it into balance, then we will restore harmony at all levels and live as if we are in heaven.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1211 – Coronavirus, A Global Emergency,” 3/10/20

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