What Does It Mean To Give Contentment To The Creator?

laitman_625.03Question: What does it mean to give contentment to the Creator? After all, the fulfillment of the Kli (vessel) is called pleasure, and the lack of fulfillment is called suffering. Does it turn out that the Creator is inside of me?

Answer: Yes, it is so. I am very glad that you came to the right conclusion.

Question: Based on this, in order to give contentment to the Creator, is it correct to direct myself internally to the quality of bestowal and love?

Answer: Of course. The whole world is inside of us. There is nothing outside.

Read what Kabbalah says about perception of reality. We perceive only what appears in our senses and representations. The whole universe is inside our consciousness. And the Creator is inside our consciousness. We are all in your mind.

This is exactly how you perceive everything. There is nothing strange about it and there are no contradictions.

Acquaint yourself with Kabbalistic literature about perception of reality. It is very interesting.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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