What Brings Contentment To The Creator?

laitman_943What is permanent adhesion with the Creator? How can we bring Him contentment, what can we give Him? Is the Creator not perfect?

The Creator is like a parent who wants only one thing: for his children to be good and to have a good life—by this they bring pleasure to the parent. We have nothing more to give to the Creator; there is nothing to fulfill Him with. By the fact that I fulfill my desires in the right way, I fulfill the Creator and bring Him contentment.

You can bring contentment to the Creator by correcting your broken and empty soul. It was created this way deliberately so that we could correct and fill it, bringing contentment to the Creator by that. The better I arrange my spiritual life, the more pleasure I will bring to the Creator. It is like how it is in our life, the more successful the child is, the more he pleases his parents.

In spirituality there is no giving to the upper—everything is within our Kli [vessel]; it is the only thing we are correcting and filling, and by this we can check what contentment we bring to the Creator: how we correct ourselves for connection and for mutual bestowal to each other. Therefore it is written, “From love of the created beings to love of the Creator.”

By bringing pleasure to the friends, I can be certain that I bring contentment to the Creator. The pleasure that I awaken in the Creator can be measured by the type of the correction I achieved and what light I receive into my corrected desire.

We need to correct our approach to correction, because it all happens internally, and therefore spiritual work is called internal work. We need to work only inside the connection between us, which is called the soul, and according to this the Creator will “feel” what work we are doing on ourselves in order to bring Him contentment.

We work in order to rise above our egoism, which is constantly trying to distract us with all sorts of things, and we yearn to correct and fulfill ourselves, but only in order to bring contentment to the Creator. There is direct analogy between the relationship of parents with children and our relationship with the Creator.

To be in permanent adhesion with the Creator means to think in all my actions of what to do inside myself, that is,  in the connection with the friends, inside my soul, in order to bring contentment to the Creator. The more I ask the Creator for help in correcting my soul, like a good child who asks his parents for help, the greater is His contentment. And the parents are happy to help him; it is a pleasure for them.

And the more we ask the Creator for help to correct the connection between us, that is, to correct our soul, the more contentment we bring Him. His pleasure is measured by the light that comes to correct and unite our souls and by the light that fills the corrected soul.

There is nothing we can give to the Creator—the entire work happens between us, in our connection with each other: “From love of the created beings to love of the Creator.” It is revealed only in this way. If we always try to correctly see the place of our connection, of our work, then we are in the permanent adhesion with the Creator.
From the Lesson 7/21/18, “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut [Adhesion]”

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