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Faith above reason is entry to the spiritual world. It is what determines our place. It is like an ID that testifies to who a person is, where he is in relation to humanity, his ego, the Creator and all of reality. Faith above reason determines the whole person.

The continued presence of the #coronavirus raises the need to establish a basic universal income for everyone—in exchange for contributing to the production of necessary food items, commodities, and enrolling in a global education program, leading to economic and social unity.

We are not abandoning #globalization—we have never yet experienced it. We simply had a large market! The virus has destroyed trade and production. We have grown up from the past, connections have been torn, barriers are in place, and countries want independence to bring production back from #China. Saying goodbye to the past is a joy!
From Twitter, 6/7/20

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Theory Of Anti-Semitism, Part 6

laitman_263Nationality or National Team?

Baal HaSulam, Matan Torah “The Giving of the Torah,” Item 5: We must first understand why the Torah was given specifically to the Israeli nation and not to all the peoples of the world equally. Is there, God forbid, nationalism involved here? Of course, only an insane person would think that.

There is no such thing as being chosen. The qualities of total bestowal, love, connection, and kindness are collectively called the Creator. And the opposite qualities are called creation.

Gradually, creation must reach the quality of the Creator. That is, without changing inside, where the same hatred and opposition remain, it must clothe itself outside with the quality of the Creator.

Question: Is the goal of this process to give one of the nations the methodology that they must pass on to all the rest of the peoples?

Answer: Indeed, the method was given, not to one nation, but to a group of people gathered from representatives of all nations.

Question: So it wasn’t a nation relating to the same family?

Answer: It is believed that there are 70 nations in the world. Therefore, the method was given not to one nation, so that the other 69 nations would remain without it, but to representatives of all the nations gathered from those who followed Abraham on their inner inspiration.

Comment: Later, they were joined by a huge number of people.

My Response: Anyone can join them. Everything depends on the natural desire.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/22/19

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In A Common Spiritual Field

laitman_938.04Question: If a person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah integrates with ordinary people does this help his or her point in the heart to awaken?

Answer: Yes it awakens them, but they do not know it. What is more, he does not need to integrate with them.

He can integrate only with friends who share his views around whom a special spiritual field is created which ordinary people are attracted to, not really knowing why. They suddenly find something. Their point in the heart suddenly awakens.

This field spreads in waves from people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah and others already get closer to them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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When Does The Spark Of The Soul Awaken?

laitman_628.4Question: Can we say that when we begin to discern and accept our shattering, the point in the heart awakens?

Answer: No. The point in the heart awakens if a person has a resolute demand to discover the meaning of life. As for the shattering, we do not really understand it. It is revealed when a person begins to understand that he is made of an egoistic force and the altruistic force sometimes illuminates in him and he runs about between them. This is not the case at the moment.

Question: But according to what you say, the point in the heart is the spark of the singular soul. Is it right to accept it this way?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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The Creator’s Invitation

Laitman_095Baal HaSulam, Shamati, “Article 138”: When fear comes upon a person, he should know that there is none else but Him. And even witchcraft. And if he sees that fear overcomes him, he should say that there is no such thing as chance, but the Creator has given him a chance from above, and he must contemplate and study the end to which he has been sent this fear. It appears that it is so that he will overcome and say, “There is none else besides Him.”

But if after all this, the fear has not departed him, he should take it as an example and say that his servitude of the Creator should be in the same measure of the fear, meaning that the fear of heaven, which is a merit, should be in the same manner of fear that he now has. That is, the body is impressed by this superficial fear, and exactly in the same way that the body is impressed, so should be the fear of heaven.

Question: So, by invoking a sense of fear in us, does the Creator invite us to switch our attention to Him, to be in awe before Him, or have some other attitude toward him?

Answer: And how else can the Creator awaken an egoistic person who is locked within his petty goals so that he would start paying attention to his development and ultimately to the Creator?

How else can this be done if not by awakening all kinds of anxieties, fears, and troubles that supposedly take place? All this is similar to how we scare a child: “Do not go there! A grey wolf is hiding there.” We must somehow stop him.

Therefore, we have to understand that the Creator is playing this way with us small egoistic creatures in order to direct us toward Him.
Form KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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What Is The Purpose Of The Concealment The Creator?

laitman_260.01Question: The concealment of the Creator is the concealment of the fact that everything is sent by Him, that He is within us, He arranges everything. Why does He do this?

Answer: In order for us to demand His revelation. After all, by wanting this, I want to reveal the qualities of bestowal, love, and the qualities of connection in me. And it turns out that then I change myself from an egoist to an altruist.

Question: Is concealment not understanding His goals and plans, even if it is clear to me that He arranges everything for me?

Answer: This is a very complex system of relations, so I cannot answer unequivocally. If we carefully analyze this issue, then we must come to understand what “faith above reason” is.

There are many alternative states that can exist between a person and the Creator, and there are many more than between people.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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Transcending To Another Dimension

laitman_934Question: What is the center of the ten? Each time we touch this concept, but then we lose it. Does it happen when we connect with our points in the heart and annul ourselves?

Answer: The center of the ten is the point from which each of us annuls himself with regard to the other friends. When the whole ten annul themselves with regard to each other, we attain the center. Then the revelation of a wonderful attribute takes place, the attribute of spirituality, and the entrance to the upper world opens up before us.

This is actually a wonder, a miracle, the transition to another dimension that is between us. If each of us fully annuls oneself for the sake of togetherness, the point of togetherness suddenly becomes the gate, the passageway, to the upper world. This is what we have to do, and then everything will be revealed before us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/1/19

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New Life 1228 – Physical Distance For Heartfelt Closeness

New Life 1228 – Physical Distance For Heartfelt Closeness
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

The ego is so great today that the interior and the exterior are not the same. I can shake someone’s hand and hate him in my heart. Love must be developed here so that physical closeness will be the result of an order from the heart. The Coronavirus has prohibited  all physical contact so that we will understand that we are living in a culture of lies. The virus makes it possible for us to think about what must be corrected in the relationships between us: first, do no harm and then become closer, like a single soul. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches people how to work in a group until the heart opens. It is up to me to direct my heart toward someone else so strongly that he or she will feel this without even seeing me.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1228 – Physical Distance For Heartfelt Closeness,” 4/28/20

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Long-Awaited Baby’s Smile

laitman_565.01All the work is about raising oneself from the level of knowledge to faith above reason. And for this we will have to day-by-day, or rather, night-after-night, fall into the knowledge that is called “night” for us, and rise to the height of faith above knowledge that is called “day.” Indeed, faith is the light of the Creator.

All Kabbalists wrote about this transition from knowledge to faith above knowledge. At all times, they wrote only about this: how to go from the stage of man to the stage of the Creator, or in other words, from the animate stage to the speaking one.

It is difficult for a person to realize this transition. It must be understood that the Creator did not create anything but the egoism within which we are located, and this is called “inside knowledge.” And from this level, we must, through our efforts, request, and prayer to the Creator, rise to the level of faith above reason.

This is what we need to follow: how much are we in knowledge and how much higher is faith in knowledge, how much is the frequency of these transitions from knowledge to faith accelerated. Kabbalists say that in five minutes, 400 such changes of states took place: knowledge — faith is higher than knowledge. It is these changes that form a spiritual perception of reality in us because the Creator created one against the other: below knowledge, inside it, and above it.

As a baby, being born in this world, until he understands his parents, he feels them purely physically and gets used to what they are doing to him as good. So we gradually reveal faith above knowledge, the absolute goodness of the Creator, who organized all the path we have traveled, our entire history, past, and future. Thus, a person gradually sets himself opposite the Creator.

The main thing is to imagine in any state that it came from a higher power, beside which there is nothing. Only the Creator organizes my whole life, my thoughts, my desires, and even my attitude to Him now, no matter how it seems to me that I define it myself. So we correctly process all the states within the knowledge given by the Creator in order to rise above them with our efforts and prayer to faith above reason.

Only this is worth talking about and worrying about, and with this we will fix all problems. There is no greater crime than remaining within knowledge. The Creator throws us there, “kills,” but only so that we rise above knowledge.

This is what we must try to do every moment. It doesn’t matter that we don’t yet feel how the Creator organizes our life, but it is these efforts of ours that are very dear to the Creator, like a parent is pleased with the baby’s smile much more than the smile of a grownup child.

Therefore, while we are in a state of a newborn who is just beginning to respond to the Creator, relate to Him, ask, we already bring the Creator more pleasure than we will bring in the future. So it is arranged in the spiritual where there is a reverse order of lights and Kelim.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/20,  Baal HaSulam, Shamati 225 “Raising Oneself”

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