My Thoughts On Twitter 6/7/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Faith above reason is entry to the spiritual world. It is what determines our place. It is like an ID that testifies to who a person is, where he is in relation to humanity, his ego, the Creator and all of reality. Faith above reason determines the whole person.

The continued presence of the #coronavirus raises the need to establish a basic universal income for everyone—in exchange for contributing to the production of necessary food items, commodities, and enrolling in a global education program, leading to economic and social unity.

We are not abandoning #globalization—we have never yet experienced it. We simply had a large market! The virus has destroyed trade and production. We have grown up from the past, connections have been torn, barriers are in place, and countries want independence to bring production back from #China. Saying goodbye to the past is a joy!
From Twitter, 6/7/20

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