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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/18/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We still do not realize that we are facing the cosmic task of transforming ourselves to suit the new nature, the Creator; we are not merely facing the #virus, which will go away sooner or later. Our first task is to be serious about what is happening. This will lead to changes of our entire life.

I reveal the Creator in the light of importance. Importance is like restriction, screen, and reflected light. I reveal the Creator in my light, in my attitude, in my importance. Therefore this picture does not disappear, but remains constantly—and I can keep adding to it. Because I was the one that created it.

We do not reveal anything in its natural form, since spirituality has no form, and we therefore see it in the form of the importance attached to it. The more I work on revealing the Creator, I get convinced that it is impossible to reveal Him. I develop importance not of revealing the Creator, but the importance of Him by Himself.

If we consent to concealment and care about preserving it, but wish for revelation above it, then we attain faith above reason. Concealment and revelation are necessary so revelation will not destroy the concealment, but they would support one another. Otherwise both will disappear and a person will become a beast.

Concealment is a necessary condition. Nothing can be attained without it. Everything is attained from concealment: “And there was evening, and there was morning—one day.” First there has to be concealment, during which we form a desire, importance, build connection with others, gathering the ten Sefirot together.

Only the essential businesses will remain, providing everyone with what they need to live on, i.e., food and shelter. People will take turns working. All others will study the laws of unity and engage in practical connection—this is the main work of man in this world.
From Twitter, 6/18/20

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“Is Anti-Semitism Racism? Depends Who You Ask” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Is anti-Semitism racism? Depends who you ask

Read this Jerusalem Post headline carefully: “Anti-racism protesters in Paris yell ‘dirty Jews’ at counter-protesters.” That’s correct: the demonstration was against racism, and the demonstrators cursed a counter demonstration by yelling them, “Dirty Jews.” Put simply, in the eyes of the demonstrators, anti-Semitism is not racism.

They are not alone. Throughout the world, anti-Semitism is growing apace, and the more crises there are in the world, and there have plenty of them, the faster anti-Semitism intensifies. Currently, the most dangerous hub of anti-Semitism is undoubtedly the United States. The tensions between Democrats and Republicans have not subsided since the 2016 elections campaign, and now they are rising toward the 2020 elections. Add to it the coronavirus that has struck millions throughout the country, the unprecedented riots against racism, the campaign to defund and disband the police, and you have a perfect storm forming over the heads of American Jewry. Because in the end, people always have, always are, and always will blame the Jews for every problem in the world. And when there are big problems, the Jews take a big punishment. Currently, the American Jewry is en route to a Holocaust proportions cataclysm.

But there is still a sliver of hope: If the fragmented American Jewry finds within it the strength to rise above what often appears as repulsion from each other, they will set an example to the rest of American society and the enmity toward them will be replaced with respect and a desire to emulate them. This will bring peace to the entire American society. If American Jewry does not unite, if they continue to dig trenches in their political stance and snub others for thinking differently, the American society will sink deeper into hatred, and everyone will blame the Jews for it and punish them.

The Jews became a nation when they united “as one man with one heart” at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Immediately thereafter, they were tasked with being “a light unto nations”—to spread the light of unity to the rest of the world. This is why when disunity escalates to violence and war, the Jews are blamed for it. The same will happen in America. It is not a question of if, but a question of when. And that when is not so far ahead. As a fellow Jew, as one whose family was annihilated almost entirely in the Holocaust, I pray that American Jewry will rise above all differences and be a light of unity unto the American people, for their sake, and for the sake of America.

“We Can Fight COVID-19 With Our Thoughts” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “We Can Fight COVID-19 with Our Thoughts

The life we see outside the window is a reflection of our connection with each other. Violent demonstrations in American cities and a new wave of coronavirus around the world are first and foremost social problems. We could solve them both if we only agreed to change our attitude to one another.

The coronavirus has taught us that we are living in an integral world where you can be healthy only under the condition of mutual responsibility.

The coronavirus has shown us that we are all dependent on each other since we are responsible for each other’s health. But if we want this mutual responsibility to keep us healthy, we shouldn’t think about our own health, but about the health of others. Only if we exert to keep everyone else healthy, we will guarantee our own health, since no one around us will be sick.

Currently, we wear masks because we don’t want to catch the virus from others in our area. This is the natural, egoistic thought. But this kind of thinking doesn’t stop the spread of the virus since many people aren’t afraid of it; they feel strong and healthy and don’t mind walking around without a mask, when in fact they could be asymptomatic carriers who could infect others. We have to reverse our thinking and wear masks not to protect ourselves, but to avoid passing the virus to others.

In this way, the coronavirus will lead us to change our attitude toward others. It will not disappear until we do this.

The coronavirus has taught us that we are living in an integral world where you can be healthy only under the condition of mutual responsibility. If we develop mutual responsibility, we will not need the government to impose any rules and regulations; our own feelings will indicate to us what we should or should not do. COVID-19 has started to change our mindset toward others, and it will not leave until we complete the process and shift our thoughts completely from a self-serving mindset to thinking only about others. At first, it will be only in order to keep myself healthy, but gradually, the habit of putting everyone else before ourselves will become our second nature, and then we will defeat the virus and it will disappear.

“Babylon Under The American Flag” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Babylon under the American Flag

America has everything: socialists, communists, capitalists, starving people without a roof over their heads, and billionaires who own mansions throughout the world. America also has huge social gaps, and with the coronavirus and the anti-racism riots, troubles are inundating America from all over. Whoever wins the coming elections, I do not envy him.

The problems in today’s American society can only be solved by love because they are caused by hate. I am not a naive idealist; it is just that the antidote to hate is love. In the same sense that light “heals” darkness, and water “heals” aridity, love “heals” hate.

Only when the factions prefer the well-being of all Americans to the superiority of their own division, they will be able to build a bridge of love over the hatred.

We will have to think about how to get closer to each other because otherwise, reality will force us to do so with its own painful means. We could be looking at a world war, worse outbreaks of pandemics, cataclysmic natural disasters, and who knows what else nature has in store. Therefore, we should approach the terms that nature has set for us of our own volition.

I am not a socialist, a capitalist, or a fighter for anybody’s rights; I am a researcher of nature, and as such, I want to talk about what nature wants from us. Whether we like it or not, we will have to meet its requirements; nature will win, so it’s better to follow its directives of our own accord.

This is what nature tells us: America needs to unite; otherwise, the country will fall apart. Much of the country is divided into factions that fight against each other. And as love is the cure for hate, unity is the cure for separation.

Winning an election and gaining power over the other party’s opponent for four years will not bring unity, and certainly not love. We must look for ways to approach one another. Photogenic kneeling does not help if hatred and separation remain.

Hatred can only be cured by love that covers all the hatred. And precisely because so much hatred has now surfaced, there is no better time to make an effort to cover it with love than now. European Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans all live in the same country. It is truly a modern Babylon, and it will stay modern Babylon because people are who they are. If there cannot be unity among the various races and colors in America, there will be a catastrophe of truly Biblical proportions.

In Babylon, too, there was a man who pushed for unity over hatred. His name was Abraham, and today we know him as Abraham the Patriarch. Abraham’s efforts to unite his countryfolk above their hatred for each other were rejected, and he himself was ejected from his homeland. Now Babylon has been rebuilt across the ocean from the great empire of the past. But the need for connection, for love to heal the hate, is just as urgent as it was then, and so will be the consequences of rejecting it.

In an election year, emotions flare and tensions rise. And racial tensions are among the most incendiary. As a Russian born Jew, I know about racial tension and I know first-hand what it feels like when you are discriminated against because of how you were born. Still, there is no cure for hatred other than to cover it with love. Only when the factions prefer the well-being of all Americans to the superiority of their own division, they will be able to build a bridge of love over the hatred. Then, and only then, white will remain white, black will remain black, yellow will remain yellow, and red will remain red, but love will rule above them all. Only this one power can conciliate the American people into a single nation under God.

And to do this, modern Babylon needs Abraham’s technique. We must summon together all those who seek unity and work with them, just as Abraham did thirty-eight centuries ago.

Now that the old system is collapsing, it is time to build unity among everyone. We only need to learn how to connect with one another, since without this, everything will fall apart, leaving nothing of our civilization.

We Must Come To Harmony With Nature

720Question: You often say that one needs to learn from nature. How can an ordinary person look at what is happening in nature and learn anything? What can be learned from nature?

Answer: I believe that, having studied our earthly nature somewhat and seen that it is all a single, closed system, we only need to find out how we can be an integral part of this unified system, how we can fit into it so that nature is comfortable with us.

Question: Modern people are skeptical about the phrase “learn from nature.” People often perceive nature as an inexhaustible source of minerals, as a place of recreation, a research laboratory.

What is nature from your point of view? What is the essence of the unity of nature?

Answer: Nature is a single integral organism consisting of still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. These levels are very clearly and firmly connected to each other and feel dependent on each other.

But the human level has increased egoism, does not want to take into account the surrounding world, and tries to adapt nature for itself, rather than adapting itself to nature. In this lies man’s greatest mistake because, although he generally develops selfishly, all his development eventually leads him to great problems.

Question: Does this mean that there is harmony on all levels of nature, except for the human?

Answer: Man must come to harmony.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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How Can We Influence Governments?

laitman_626Question: When do you think governments will begin to understand what you are talking about?

Answer: Never. They cannot and are not able to understand anything. And you, if you were in their place, would behave the same way.

But I’m an optimist. They will have such an opportunity only if the population puts pressure on them all together. Then their desires and thoughts will change. There is no other way.

Question: Is the situation with the coronavirus given to us for liberation or revolution?

Answer: No revolutions! Methods of force cannot solve any issues. The virus is designed to revolutionize us internally so that we want to be connected to each other.

All the viruses that we are getting now and will continue to receive in the future prepare us for an internal connection between us in desires and intentions. When we become closer to each other in understanding and empathy, then we will begin to influence all the people in the world, including our governments.

Although it seems to us that it is impossible to influence them in any way, we can do it. It is when we will be united that our thoughts and feelings will affect everything, and we will thus correct everything that exists. And governments won’t be able to do anything. They will perceive our feelings and thoughts, our heart and mind, and we will be commanding it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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Altruism Of Our World

627.2Question: Ten percent of the world’s people are considered altruists. They care about others and about nature, but with a hidden benefit for themselves. How should we relate to this?

Answer: The hidden benefit for oneself without harming others does not constitute any danger either to a person or to the world around him.

But if you intentionally harm the world and society, this is already serious.

Question: Many people think that one should take an example from the so-called altruists. But are they still considered selfish?

Answer: Selfishness is exploitation of each other. And if a person lives normally in our world, goes to work, raises children, goes on vacation, this is not considered selfishness. Selfishness is the use of others for your own sake.

Comment: It is interesting that we do not feel this. No one considers themselves selfish.

My Response: Therefore, a person must be taught, explained to, given examples, and exercises. Otherwise, nature will not sustain our society, and society will not sustain itself.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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Multicolor Life

552.02Question: Now many people are depressed. How does one overcome this anxiety? You give an impression of being a cheerful person. What advice can you give?

Answer: It is not easy. You cannot take people away from their problems, either. Our life consists of colors. And all the colors are defined one against the other, light on the background of dark.

Therefore, you cannot remove dark tones. You just need to constantly achieve light tones against their background. This can only be done if you are in the group.

The group is first of all. Do not be alone! For beginners, this is a must.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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Why Can’t We Balance Ourselves?

laitman_282.01Question: When predators, like wolves for example, show more selfishness, the number of rabbits in the forest becomes fewer, and then the wolves themselves die of hunger. But then nature compensates all this again, balances it.

Is it possible to say that in human society a balance can also be established between altruism and egoism, receiving and bestowing, for example, using the coronavirus?

Answer: This happens in a much more complicated way than in the animal world because there are many more equilibrium factors here, but we do not see it as such.

We have the possibility of freewill, not like with animals. We can say that they relate to one system and so mutually influence and balance each other. Above them is a general rule, a general formula.

But this does not exist in people. People cannot balance themselves in this way because the property of egoism is receiving, enriching at the expense of another, power over another, and envy. This is what animals do not have. Egoism prevails in man and leads him to absolute destruction.

Question: But still we are part of nature?

Answer: Yes, we are part of it, and we must bring ourselves to its complement as soon as possible and fit correctly into the entire integral picture of all of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/16/20

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