My Thoughts On Twitter 6/10/20

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Big offices will disappear. “Working from home” will be the norm. Big #cities will shrink, and offices will be converted to housing. Big companies, global business, big banks, and the financial system will disappear! #Banks will only finance commerce and manufacturing.
Countries will be self-sufficient.

What to expect: the falsehood of the current system is becoming obvious. The #unemployment rate will not fall. #Pension funds will not survive. Flights and meetings will not be restored. All meetings and conferences will be held over video. Mass #tourism will completely die out. Most #hotels will be closed.

Hatred can only be cured by love, which covers all transgressions. There is no love, but you can attract this force from above! We will have to learn to love. There is no choice! With many nationalities living in the US, a real Babylon, how can we come to a common agreement? Only through love…!

Love does not require intelligence. I simply love, no explanation. This should be clear to everyone of the eight billion people, it requires no preparation. Our generation is ready to listen and understand that the solution can only be found in love. Either we unite or die!

The #riots that broke out in America are spreading all over the world, and will not subside. New viruses and terror will come, all just to lead us to love. There is no reason to love, but I know that if I don’t, I will be finished, and so will this world.

In our time, only love can save us, that is, unity above all differences. Even if there is nothing I like about my child, I still love him! Love knows no laws: “love covers all crimes.” This is the kind of love we need to learn!

Revealing love means revealing that there is a force in the world that unites us above hatred. Thus, hatred becomes manifest in order for us to have the need for love. Without love, hatred cannot be corrected. These two forces reveal and complement each other.

We were told at mount Sinai: “If you don’t unite, this will be your burial place.” We are required to execute the law of nature—unity. Total unity is called “love.” Nature will bring us to it by any means! Therefore, salvation lies only in love—connection above any rejections!

What is the reason for the unrest that is happening now in America and China? The Creator wants to show us that the only thing we lack is love. We need to search and find this force of love, because only with it can we achieve such a connection when everyone will be happy!

We need to build life not based on the old model but in a whole new way. Anyone who is not currently an essential worker for society does not have the right to break quarantine. We must not return to the old world, but learn to live in a new world with the #coronavirus!

Currently, across many countries, #quarantine is gradually lifted, and people are happily rushing back to shops and restaurants. A week later they will see a new surge in infection rates. We are trying to return to the old life, but this is a big mistake that will cost us dearly.

The world has entered a period when every day there is a growing responsibility to start the correction. #Coronavirus, #unemployment, and other impending problems and unrest are compelling us to it.

Baal HaSulam: I merited spiritual attainment only because I cared about revealing it to my generation!
Unlike still, vegetative, and animate, at the Human level there is a special kind of egoism made by the Creator, which prevents me from perceiving things outside of myself as having the right to exist unless they benefit me.
Thus, the only way to correct it is by covering the opposite with the quality—the power of love!
From Twitter, 6/10/20

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