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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/16/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We’re going to have to live with the #coronavirus for years, going forward. And, accordingly, we’re going to have to reform the #economy, to identify which industries are necessary.
However, only 20% of the workforce will be required for that—the rest will be studying integral unification.

We get the ego, the will to receive, from the Creator. There is nothing else in us but this! All of creation is built out of this point in us. The rest comes from Him, from His influence—both light and darkness. We need only accept that this is so. And we’re merely registering this truth!
From Twitter, 6/16/20

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“A Civilization In The Remaking” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Civilization in the Remaking

We thought we could beat COVID-19 by staying at home for a couple of months and practicing social distancing. We were very, very wrong. As soon as we rolled back the lockdown, the virus returned with a strain “nearly 10 times more infectious,” according to scientists at the Scripps Research in Florida. It will not let up until we understand its message: It’s time to remake human civilization.

To make sure that people get the information required to live in a civilization of connection, authorities will have to stipulate reception of all benefits on participation in learning how to live in this new society.

Here is a partial list of where the number of confirmed cases is on the rise once more: United States, Russia, France, Israel, Argentina, Brazil (which never really went into lockdown), Italy, Germany, and South Korea (previously the gold standard of success). Wherever you look, the tactic of “stay home until it goes away” is failing miserably, and the new strain guarantees that it will continue to fail. This leaves us only one option: restructure our countries so that everyone gets their basic sustenance while learning what in the world is going on. Any country that does not employ this tactic is bound to undergo complete social, political, and economic meltdown.

We will not be able to reopen businesses and shopping centers since they will become contagion hubs. According to Bloomberg, “One third of U.S. job losses [are] at risk of turning permanent.” I think Bloomberg is far too optimistic. Since the virus will not allow the reopening of businesses, they will simply shut down, along with all the businesses dependent on them. In the near future, nearly half of America will remain without income, and without any possibility of finding one. Over time, the percentage of incomeless Americans will only grow, “as companies from manufacturers to retailers adapt to a post-virus world, cutting off even more people from secure work,” according to the Bloomberg Economics research. And considering that the virus isn’t even gone, the impact on the job market will be even more devastating than predicted.

Therefore, every government and municipal authority must take immediate steps to prevent the systems’ collapse that will follow such a massive layoff nightmare. In such a state of uncertainty, people’s most basic fear will be hunger and shelter. The government, for its part, must implement immediate measures to provide water, food, power, and housing to everyone. If people are left hungry or on the street, there will be mayhem that will dwarf what we have seen with the recent George Floyd protests.

Next, the government and local authorities will need to inform everyone that the situation has changed and their lives will not return to what they were before March 2020. People will have to be briefed on what it means to live in a world where very few people work, and those who do, provide for everyone else’s sustenance. The rest of the people will be doing what we should have started doing long ago: communicating with one another.

Once people’s provision is guaranteed by the new structure that the authorities will establish, the rest of the people will spend their abundance of free time simply socializing. After all, this is what being human is about. There will be no reason to compete over jobs, no cause for business rivalries, and all that people will need to do is talk to one another and discover how great it is to simply be together — all races, all colors, all people. Instead of fighting, people will find their new meaning in life in connecting to other people rather than in racing against everyone to get to the top, exhausted, scarred, and alone.

To make sure that people get the information required to live in a civilization of connection, authorities will have to stipulate reception of all benefits on participation in learning how to live in this new society. In this way, people will get their physical, intellectual, and emotional needs satisfied through the system. Faster than we think, a new society will emerge, where bigotry and hatred have no place, and people’s primary occupation is making friends.

And if these words sound like fantasy, consider what you thought about life in February, and what you think about it now…

Mutual Guarantee—Now And Forever

laitman_275The life we see outside the window is a reflection of our inner connection with one another. Violent demonstrations in American cities protesting against racism and a new wave of coronavirus around the world, is all due to our inaction and our unwillingness to correct our attitudes toward each other.

The coronavirus burst into our lives and declares, “You are all in an integral connection. You are standing together in front of Mount Sinai. If you do not unite with each other and do not ask the higher power to correct you, then this will be the place of your burial.”

The coronavirus is designed to show us how much we depend on one another. This dependence is called “mutual guarantee” which means that I should not think about how to protect myself from the coronavirus, but how to protect others from illness due to my kind and correct attitude toward them.

And what is happening now? Now, as a genuine egoist, I say that am tired of sitting at home in quarantine, I want to go outside and have fun, go to a restaurant, cafe, park, and the seashore. I want this! And I do not think about others; there is absolutely no mutual guarantee between us. Others are not considered by me at all; I do what is best for me.

If I was sure that everyone else were healthy and that I was the only sick one, I would carelessly walk around everyone with my infection. I would know that no one would infect me and I would let others become infected; what do I care about them? And this is exactly what is happening in human society in America, in Israel, in Europe, and everywhere. Everyone thinks only of himself; there is no sense of responsibility for one another.

We will begin to take the right path only when we sit at home without sticking our noses out because we are afraid of infecting others and are not thinking about ourselves. The coronavirus will lead us to such change and will not disappear until the change happens. The virus will make us think about how not to harm our neighbor. I will be afraid to harm others and therefore will prefer to stay at home.

The coronavirus should give us the feeling that we are living in an integral world where you can be healthy only under the condition of mutual guarantee. This is not everything, but it is the very first and necessary thing to start the correction.

And then I will no longer need any restrictions like closed borders between countries, a mandatory distance of two meters, or a mask; no one will have to be obligated to do anything. After all, everyone will take care of others and try to do everything so that others would remain healthy.

We need to look deeper into the essence of this virus because it reveals to us, not the biological disease in us, but our spiritual condition: the relationships between us and the lack of guarantee for one another. And in order to maintain such a guarantee and mutual care, we need the upper light.

Therefore, the coronavirus has come to us from above and has awakened us so that we will turn our attention upward and ask for the upper light that will correct us and give us a sense of responsibility for one another, which we do not have. Then I will worry about others so as not to harm them, but rather to be useful to them.

Mutual guarantee is the most difficult of all efforts because it is our main correction. I have to think about others, get involved in their lives, take care of them, feel their desires, and understand how to help them get closer to adhering to the Creator, how to merge with the upper force.

These are very high concepts related to the correction of the broken soul of Adam HaRishon. But we are approaching them day by day in understanding and in feeling.

The health of people depends on their unity and mutual guarantee. Everyone is the guarantor of their neighbor’s health and ensures that everyone is healthy. In this way, we will get rid of the coronavirus because, by doing this, we will act toward unification, mutual guarantee, and the construction of a common integral vessel.

We will take such a step when everyone will worry, not about getting infected with the virus themselves, but about not transmitting the virus to others. That is, the direction of thought should be the other way around and the reasoning should be opposite as well.

Mutual guarantee means that I cannot think about myself because everyone else thinks about me. And I would have to think about them, about the ten. And so we will all be in mutual guarantee, gradually expanding it to the whole world, and the Creator will be between us and correct us.

The guarantee is accepted together, now and forever. A guarantee, by its nature, cannot exist if there are restrictions because it is based on love. And love is not compatible with limitations.

Our well-being depends on mutual guarantee because this is the basic law of the corrected system. In order to be healthy, a person needs to be in a body whose parts are correctly connected to one another. And the correct connection between all parts of human society is mutual guarantee in which everyone thinks about everyone and does good to everyone. And so we need to collect all of our broken parts and connect them into one healthy body.

And when a kind connection and guarantee between all the organs arises in this perfect body, we will feel life in this body, not today’s sick existence where the whole body is cut and fragmented, but real life where the upper light circulates throughout our body and fills every part of us. This means we must attain correction as well as eternal and perfect life.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/30/20

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What Nature Wants From Man

Laitman_715Question: Is unification the balance between giving and receiving in society? Is the unification process  a balance between how much I get from society and how much I give to society?

Answer: Yes. This is a process of unification. But the fact is that it is not clear to anyone. There are many economic, political, social, and all other theories, but still no one knows what to do with them. There are as many opinions as there are people. Because all this relates to man, and man for us is terra incognita (unknown territory.)

Question: How do I know how much I can receive and how much I can give?

Answer: You can’t know that because your egoism knocks you out of the system. While animals have an understanding of hierarchy, the need to unite, and a clear idea of what the right pack is, the human pack does not have such a law. It turns out that, unfortunately, we are worse than animals. We don’t have any restraining principles.

Question: So what does nature want from the human level? If everything works automatically and instinctively at all levels, what is required of the “human” level?

Answer: Nature requires a person to realize that he is above its inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels, that he does not belong to animate nature, and that he cannot automatically create such a structure in his society as animals.

Therefore, he must study who he is and how he can come to a beautiful, correct, dynamic balance, following his continuous development. Nature demands all this from man.

He must understand the general law of nature and then apply it to human society. He must create such an association between people that would reflect, on the one hand, the fact that they are not animals, but egotistically developing people who want to subjugate everything and everyone all the time.

On the other hand, he still has to bring himself to the right balance and create such a system of interaction between people and the other levels of nature, so that this system would work in absolute harmony, in integration with itself.

This condition is not understood by the person. He can’t even create his own little society. I’m not even talking about how he treats inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and only destroys everything. This is his only problem, in principle, this is his egoism.

We need to find out how we can ride this egoism, begin to manage it, limit it intelligently, and understand how, after all, we should behave toward ourselves and among ourselves.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/16/20

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Losing Your Own Alien Gainer

laitman_600.04Question: Does the disappearance of the fulfillment of desires leave us doubly devastated?

Answer: Of course. After all, the desire and fulfillment, which you wanted to achieve, should have felt pleasure, but instead, leave bitterness. Therefore, we experience double devastation from both desire and from fulfillment.

Question: There is a story about a boy who lost a coin, stands, and cries. A passerby asks him: “Why are you crying?” Hearing the answer of the boy, he gives him a coin, and he cries even more. The passerby says: “I gave you a coin. Why are you crying again?” The boy replies: ” I would have two if I had mine.”

Does it turn out that the gain is felt in our desires much less than the loss?

Answer: Yes. This is called Ibud mi keren (loss from the capital sum). If I had a dollar and I lost it, it is not the same as if I earned this dollar or won two dollars. The loss of one’s own is felt more acutely than the acquisition of another’s.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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Desires Given To Us By Nature

laitman_555Question: As far as I understand, our desires are neutral and it is the intention that makes them egoistic?

Answer: Yes. Intention determines the vector and magnitude of desire.

Let’s say I want to eat some fruit. How much I want it, what I have to do for it, to what extent exactly I have to go for it, this is already determined by the intention.

Question: Which desires are egoistic and which are normal when I just fill myself up and do not intend to harm anyone?

Answer: From the point of view of nature, any of our desires that we feel as a movement toward each other, to unite and to interconnect, are all true, correct, kind, good. And if we feel distant from each other, opposite, ready to contradict each other, then, of course, these desires ruin the world, destroy us, and in the end we find ourselves at the “broken trough.”

Question: Are our natural basic desires for food, sex, and family considered egoistic?

Answer: This is not egoism because man’s nature makes it necessary for him to fulfill these desires, and he realizes them to the extent that nature forces him.

Question: What if I egoistically use my closest ones in the family?

Answer: This is already beyond what nature intended, this is already egoism. And those of our desires that are aimed at maintaining the normal life of a person are not called egoistic, they are just fundamental, natural.

Question: So if I fulfill a desire at the expense of others, this is called egoism?

Answer: Of course, because you humiliate others and rise above them.

Question: What’s wrong if I play sports, listen to music, go to concerts, travel, go on vacation abroad every month? Whom do I harm?

Answer: It is quite possible that there is no harm regarding human society. But in addition to society, there is also nature around us. Do you harm it? Don’t you act opposite to its integrality?

Question: So I always have to control myself, whether I’m hurting someone or something?

Answer: Yes, as you are part of the entirety of nature.

Comment: But this is an ideal condition.

My Response: No, it is a necessary condition. This must be taught and explained. A person must be aware of this and adapt himself to this state.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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The Pandemonium Of Babel Under The American Flag

laitman_448.3Everything we see in front of us comes from above. The explosive situation in America suggests that the Creator wants to show us the problem in society, in the common soul of Adam HaRishon. How can it be fixed?

In America today there is everything, the whole world: socialists, communists, capitalists, people who are dying of hunger and do not have a roof over their heads, and billionaires who have fabulous fortunes. This is a country with huge stratification in society.

And now the coronavirus and the anti-racism riots, and more, and more are added to it. If I were in Trump’s position, I would not be in a hurry to run for president for a new term with all these problems.

The problems that manifest themselves in American society today can only be solved by love that covers all crimes. We appeal for love not because we are naive idealists, but simply because it is a law of nature.

We will have to think about how to get closer to nature because it will otherwise force us to do so with very harsh measures: world war and outbreaks of pandemics. Therefore, we should approach the terms that nature sets for us on our own.

We are not socialists, capitalists, or fighters for someone’s rights, we are just researchers of nature, and therefore, we want to talk about what it wants from us. Whether we like it or not, we will have to meet its requirements, nature will still win. So it’s better to do it by ourselves. America needs to unite; otherwise, the country will fall apart. The whole country is divided into camps, one against the other, so unity is the salvation of the country.

Winning an election and gaining power over an opponent for four years is not a solution. We must look for ways to replenish each other. Who needs all these picturesque poses with kneeling, it still won’t help. Hatred remains hatred, separation remains separation.

Hatred can only be cured by love, which covers all transgressions. And there is no love, it is something new, but we have the opportunity to attract this force. Let’s try it! We will have to learn to love, there is no choice; if there are Europeans, African Americans, Latin Americans, many different nationalities living in the same country, this is a real Babylon. How else can we come to a mutual agreement?

Remember Ancient Babylon; today in America there is the same Babylonian pandemonium. In order to fix it, we need the same Abraham again who will be accepted by whites, blacks, and Latin Americans, recognized by all. The original method of Abraham is that love covers all transgressions, love for your neighbor as yourself. And there is an upper force that will teach us to love like that. Let’s use it, otherwise we are lost.

For now, we are only talking about compensation for the former enslavement of some by others. But there is only one compensation: All crimes are covered by love. And then white will remain white, black will remain black, yellow will remain yellow, and red will remain red, but love will rule above everything. Only this one power is able to conciliate everyone.

And to do this, modern Babylon needs the technique of Abraham, the wisdom of Kabbalah. We must summon together all those who seek unity and work with them, just as Abraham did three and a half thousand years ago.

All the old systems are collapsing, and in this empty space it is necessary to build a correct unity between all with the power of love. To do this, we need to learn how to connect with each other. And without this, everything will fall apart, leaving nothing of our civilization until after the third world war we come to the decision that there is no way out and we need to correct ourselves.

If we don’t draw the right conclusions even then, there will be a fourth world war. According to the program of nature, there can be four world wars. Therefore, we have no way out, we should have started the correction process a long time ago, and we are already very late.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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Future Society—One Humanity

laitman_294.3Question: What should be the society of the future?

Answer: The society of the future is a society in which people will begin to feel all forms of life at the same time. A person will not feel that he exists only in one part of the universe, the most insignificant and small part, called “our world.”

In addition to it, there are many more steps, and we can understand, realize, and feel all of them while still living in this world. Our world is the egoistic part of the universe, and the rest of it is altruistic. We can combine all of them within ourselves.

But in order to begin to feel the other levels, we need to get out of our egoism. Then we will see what the universe actually is.

Question: Now there is such a thing as thinking in the 5D 5-dimension. 3D is when you think selfishly, for yourself, and 5D is when you feel this world as a single mind, a single humanity. What should we strive to think of as a single organism?

Answer: For this you must rise above your egoism and acquire the property of bestowal, love. You have to lose yourself, stop feeling like a center, and vice versa, feel others as a center, as a goal toward which you give everything. And you yourself exist only for this. Then you will feel the level of 5D and so on.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 4

laitman_961.2Time of The Book Of Zohar

Question: In Spain, several hundred years before the exile of the Jews from there, The Book of Zohar was revealed, a book about the correction of all mankind, about the passing of the method of connection to the world.

Does the revelation of this book suggest that the sages had some opportunity to use this methodology?

Answer: No, there were no great Kabbalists in those days who could use The Book of Zohar to make a spiritual revolution in the Jewish people.

It was revealed in the 7th century and slowly began to spread, but there were a lot of problems with this. The vast majority of Jews and spiritual leaders of the Jewish people did not want it to be revealed because it caused a great deal of confusion in the minds and souls of Jews. In general The Book of Zohar did more harm than good at that time.

But gradually it’s time arrived. This happened in the 16th century in the time of the ARI.

Four hundred years have passed since the revelation of The Book of Zohar. During this time, the Jews have caught up a little. They had already been scattered in different countries and had experienced many problems. They were facing the question of why they were suffering, and so their attitude to The Book of Zohar, to correction, to the achievement of some goal, became completely different.

Moreover, great Kabbalists such as the ARI, Ramchal, and Moshe Cordovero appeared. This was the heyday of medieval Kabbalah in Safed [Israel].

Society was ready for it. It saw how much suffering falls onto each generation, how they constantly are subjected to exile, and so large masses of people began to welcome Kabbalah.

From the KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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