Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 2

laitman_749.01Anti-Semitism—the Law of Preservation of the Jewish People

Question: Christianity is a religion millions of people have converted to. And it has always been claimed that specifically Jews avoided this. And suddenly, Jews themselves began to convert to Christianity. It would seem that everyone should be happy that they finally understood who the real God, the Messiah is. And here, we have the opposite.

Why were the nations of the world not happy that Jews were becoming Christians?

Answer: It was not a question of whether they were happy or not. It does not depend on the people or their rulers. It depends on the upper force that has a predetermined goal. If you advance toward this goal, then everything is fine. And if you deviate or go in the opposite direction, you naturally get these rebounds.

Even at the time of the exile of the Jews from Spain, Queen Isabella said to the Jews who begged her not to chase them out of the country: “Why do you address me? You must turn to the Creator! He does everything, not me.”

Remark: A great sage, close to the royal couple, Don Yitzhak Abarbanel wrote that Queen Isabella said: “The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord like streams of water: wherever He wants, He directs it.” And added: “Do you think that what has fallen to your lot comes from us? The Lord has put it in the heart of the King.”

Answer: How low have the Jews fallen so that the Spanish Queen must explain the Torah to them, that everything is in the hands of the Creator and not in the hands of the King!

Remark: After about 300,000 Jews were exiled from Spain, a severe regression began.

My Reply: More than 500 years have passed since then, but Spain has never recovered. It used to be the most prosperous country.

Remark: The neighboring countries that accepted the Jews said: “Thank you for them, King Ferdinand. Why did he have to drive them out?”

Something irrational happened. Everyone understood that it was not necessary to do this because their entire economy was managed by Jews and managed well, in favor of the elite itself. On the other hand, they had already converted to Christianity and there was no problem. And suddenly, something incomprehensible happens: some sort of a law turns on.

My Reply: The supreme law. The upper force. If the Jews had remained there, they would have completely disappeared. This way, by arousing hatred against them and chasing them from place to place, it was possible to preserve this people in order to lead them to a state when, in our time, they can already lead the whole world toward the goal.

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From KabTV’s ” Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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