The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “God Made Man Straight”

Laitman_508.2God made man direct, but people seek many tricks. The direct path is very difficult because it is in complete contradiction with our egoism. How can we go on it?! We are always trying to do something for ourselves. And for our own sake, it is always against others. And so a direct path is impossible.

Like a sailboat that sails into the wind but at an angle and always maneuvers in such a way that it is possible to go as if against the wind, but forward, so should a person. That is, you have to maneuver and move forward, but this is not easy.

Comment: But still, it says here that God made man direct.

My Response: God made a person direct, this means the prototype of a spiritual person. But in fact, when a person appeared in our world, he was absolutely the opposite.

And now how am I supposed to reach that goal that I cannot come to in a direct way? It is not my nature. I have already fallen from it. So, I’m going, constantly adjusting myself to it, correcting a little, falling, rising, and maneuvering in a crosswind.

Question: What about the tricks of other people? All these egoistic games of ours?

Answer: No, these are all egoistic tricks, they do not move us toward that goal. I understand this goal, I understand the impossibility of coming straight to it because I have a completely different internal state. I am an egoist, not an altruist, like the goal itself to which I must come. Therefore, I move all the time, tacking.

Question: Does King Solomon even talk about the selfish man of our world?

Answer: No! He cannot go forward. He does not move, but revolves all the time around himself, his beloved.

Question: For how long?

Answer: Until on some cycle he realizes that it is nevertheless necessary to move.

Question: Tricks to the direct path?

Answer: Tricks against himself, against his egoism.

Question: Is this what a person should understand?

Answer: Yes. And then he will go forward. This is already wisdom. Because he understands his nature, understands that he must go against it, but is not able to take a direct path. And so he can still dodge it and with its help, maneuver, and reach the goal.

Question: Do you maneuver?

Answer: No one can go straight. In Kabbalah all the more so. It tells how to maneuver, how to use several forces, how to overcome descents, ascents, how to deceive egoism.

Question: That is, Kabbalah also teaches this: how to deceive your egoism?

Answer: Of course. This is a necessity. But this makes a person wiser. He applies both egoism and altruism together, and so goes forward.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/23/19

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