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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/3/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

There’s nowhere to run from the new state of the “last generation.” We must realize our mission, which cannot be shirked: to bring humanity to a global, integral system of connections by way of the light that reforms, which flows through our group and into the world.

When a good connection, mutual guarantee, emerges in our unity, we sense life inside it. In the current painful existence, the whole body is fragmented, lacking circulation of the upper light, which fills every part of the soul. This means attaining correction, the eternal and perfect life.

The health of the nation depends on unity, mutual guarantee. Every person is a guarantor for the neighbor’s health and the care for everyone’s good health. This is how we will get rid of the virus —how we will perform an action toward unity, mutual guarantee, and construction of the common integral vessel!

Mutual guarantee is the main correction! I must think of others, be included in them, care for and feel their desires, understand how to help them attain adhesion with the Creator, and correction of the broken soul of Adam HaRishon.

The #coronavirus is intended to show us how dependent we are on each other. This dependence is called “mutual guarantee,” when I must think not about how to save myself from the coronavirus, but how to save others from the #infection, with my caring, good attitude to them.

The #coronavirus barges into our life and declares, “You are all integrally connected, you are all standing in front of Mount Sinai, and if you do not unite with each other and ask the upper force to correct you, this will be your burial ground.

We will start to get on the right path when we will sit at home because we fear infecting others, instead of thinking of ourselves. The coronavirus won’t go away until this change takes place. The virus will force us think about how not to harm others. I am afraid to harm others and I prefer to sit at home. #coronavirus

We must see the essence of the virus. It points not to a biological illness, but to our spiritual state, to the relationships between us, to the lack of our mutual guarantee. And in order to preserve such a guarantee and mutual concern, we need the upper light.

Mutual guarantee is when I must not think about myself, for others are thinking about me! I must think only about them, about the ten. We are all in mutual guarantee, gradually expanding it to include the whole world, and the Creator dwells between us, correcting us.

Dissemination is the correction of our external spiritual vessel (Kli) that must be attached to us, which we must treat as a head treats the body. Dissemination is the most important and necessary component, and here we place great hopes on the women!

Our life comprises the study, the work on unity, and dissemination. The study is first and foremost, for without it there will be neither unity nor dissemination. Without unity, you cannot actualize the study and you cannot do dissemination, i.e., the general correction of the world.

The “Torah” is an instruction (Oraa), a manual to the path, a complete guide that describes all our ascents and descents, all the relationships between us and the relationships with the Creator. It is a means of drawing the light of correction from above from the corrected system of the general soul of Adam HaRishon into our broken system.

People think that the first wave of the #pandemic has passed, and we can ease the conditions of the #quarantine until the next wave comes. But who said that we can already ease our lives? After all, have we already carried out any corrections? Have we brought ourselves in congruence with the integral nature? Have we improved our society?

The #coronavirus has brought us all to a realization of our own utter helplessness. Nobody knows what to do, how to escape these problems? Even though the virus is taking fewer lives than wars, it binds us completely. The healing starts by starting to correct the ego, but nobody will agree to that, for now.

Egoism is given from above; its revelation comes from the Creator. Therefore, do not expect egoism to disappear. On the contrary, we grow as our egoism increases! I need to get used to it. I must not despair. I must go on, even on all fours, but keep on crawling toward the goal.

The Creator is not an inner power; there is no power in us! There are ten people, and not one has any power. But since we want to connect, we reveal the force between us. This force is the Creator who is between us. We use His power, not our own.

It is out of despair, supporting each other, making efforts despite fatigue, that we approach the revelation of the Creator. This work is called a journey through the desert, where we draw the power of bestowal. Passing through the desert, we ascend from Malchut to Bina.

It’s easier to understand a friend’s question than to feel it. But we must try to evoke feelings through the mind. Everyone feels, then asks. From a friend’s question, I want to feel what he feels. The friend went from a feeling into his mind, while I, with my mind, want to attain his feeling.

I want to get closer to my friends or to the Creator, but I can’t. This is where the opportunity arises to ask the Creator for help, to affect me with the upper light, to give me the power of bestowal. I must reveal the place of correction, and the upper light will correct. “The Creator will finish it for me.”

ILO: One third of the world’s population, over 2 billion people, are at risk of job loss.
In fact, only the enterprises and jobs necessary for existence will remain. The rest should be engaged in #training and #education of a new society.

It is necessary to reduce all made-up businesses for which there is no need, that destroy nature. People who are free from unnecessary work should be enrolled in the system of integral education, so that they learn about the right connection between us should we want to survive and be happy!

We exist in a global integral nature, and we are obliged to change, adjust ourselves to its structure. Otherwise, this state will come to us through bloody force, like all changes in social structures that were accompanied by wars and revolutions. This is not a virus but a spiritual revolution.

Mankind has suffered a serious ideological blow. People do not really want to return to their jobs. They need to make a living, but it does not incite the prior enthusiasm. Passion, desire to succeed, win, or manage have been lost. “The #coronavirus blow made us wiser!”

The only way to avoid epidemics is to establish good relations between us. This is the only way to destroy all viruses—we are obliged to connect into one system of good connections. Please note: nature will prompt us to do so with many different impacts!
From Twitter, 6/3/20

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The Loneliness Epidemic Is Worse Than The Coronavirus

laitman_259.02Emotional stability is a serious problem during the time of the coronavirus due to quarantine and stressful situations in families. Many more people need the help of  psychologists, they feel isolated and suffer from loneliness like never before.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, medical experts reported an epidemic of loneliness in the United States. The coronavirus sharply exacerbated this problem, since it affects 28 percent of American homes: that is, about 36 million people live alone, without a family, without children.

On the other hand, there is hope that the coronavirus will force us to pay attention to the problem of loneliness and look for ways to establish more social ties in the future.

As it turned out, it is easier to avoid the coronavirus infection than to protect yourself from emotional stress and mental disorders due to the quarantine. How should the society deal with the effects of social isolation after the coronavirus?

The feeling of loneliness will continue after the epidemic and will only grow. Society will split into many parts, and people will be less and less in contact with each other. There will be less opportunity for meetings and communication at workplaces. Sports clubs, restaurants, bars, and theaters will be visited by fewer people. We will feel more and more separated from one another, distant.

A new wave of coronavirus and other problems will force us to move away from one another, and in addition, everyone will be preoccupied with the problems of their own health and the problems of society. And we will see that not only 36 million people living alone suffer from loneliness, but many more.

The number of divorces and other problems in families will increase sharply. We are facing a very difficult period when humanity will have to understand that it is no longer possible to exist according to the old rules and it is necessary to establish a new order of life.

The fact is that a person today feels very lonely in this vast world. And although this world is so rich and multicolored, man cannot find himself in it. Even if he has a good income and can afford a lot in material terms, he still suffers from loneliness. After all, we are not taught how to establish the right connections and we are not prepared for life in a global and integral world.

We don’t feel that we live inside the same sphere where the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world and people exist together, in one integrated system on the globe.

On the contrary, we all gang up on one another in personal relations and entire nations and states. And here comes the coronavirus and many other problems that are inevitable with us behaving like that, and of course we won’t feel better.

One Missouri teacher described her condition during quarantine as follows: “Some days I hold on and don’t feel that bad, but on other days it seems to me that if this quarantine lasts a little longer, I just won”t be able to stand it anymore and will go crazy. Can I stay in the right mind, continuing to live alone for months, years?”

Why is connecting between people so important to them? Why do people need constant communication with other people, and if they do not know how to do it right, then they either go crazy from loneliness, or live together and drive each other crazy?

The fact is that man is a social creature. We cannot live like animals that meet for a short time to produce offspring and then separate. A man needs a family, society, a home, a city, and a country where he can live with others.

A person needs an emotional connection, which does not exist in the inanimate, vegetative, or animate nature: not chemical, hormonal, but sensory. But such a connection does not work out for us, and we are trying to replace these sensory relationships with business or competitive ones.

And everyone suffers from this. Even the richest man does not have what he should receive from society. He needs to receive from society more than from his mother.

But we do not have this because we are not building a society that would give everyone a feeling of warmth, confidence, and support. And without this, a person feels like in a vacuum or even worse, in a hostile environment. He goes out into the street and perceives every person he meets as his enemy.

Humanity is suffering a lot from this. And as a result of such relationships between us, with our selfish thoughts and desires, we create a place from which all sorts of pests, such as the coronavirus, come out, and we ourselves endanger our lives.

In the end, we need to figure out why we live, who we are, why we behave this way? Can we relate to each other differently?

Let’s think about how to build a society that matches the entire universe. After all, all of nature is integral, all its parts are interconnected. And human society must be as friendly, built on mutual support. But we built it in our egoism as exactly the opposite.

The time has come to conduct a complete audit and decide that we are going against our egoistic nature in order to build the right connection between everyone above it. Our good future depends only on this.

It is clear that man himself, who has fallen into a difficult situation, does not know what to do, and is confused under the pressure of the environment, his debts and obligations. It remains only to regret it. But there are social systems that are obligated to think about it. It is already clear that it is impossible to continue this way, because we are approaching total destruction.

We need a system of integral education in order to cultivate a new person who is more friendly. Nature obliges us to this. We are inside the sphere as a single symbiosis, where inanimate nature, plants, and animals all support and supplement each other. Everything except man!

Man alone wants to rule over all without any boundaries. He does not care that he harms the overall system. If you do not stop man, he will destroy the globe.

Therefore, from the point of view of the general nature and our internal nature, we must realize that we belong to one integral, interconnected system, and educate ourselves anew.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/15/20

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The Last Generation—The Time Of Women

laitman_294.4For many generations, women have been in the shadows. But in our time, they are beginning to awaken and come forward because we live in the last generation, the last stage of development of humanity, which must bring unity among all men and all women and then unite men and women together with the Creator.

Kabbalists wrote about the coming of the last generation and all its signs are confirmed judging by the global coronavirus pandemic as well as other events that are yet to happen in the near future.

The progress in the 21st century brought us to a state where there is nothing to do but unite with each other and rise to the spiritual level. And here, in the birth of a new humanity, women must fulfill their irreplaceable role.

What is the difference between a woman’s work in the new, post-coronavirus world and the old one? We still do not really understand and feel it, but we can already see how the coronavirus has locked us inside our homes, inside our families, leaving us alone with our husband or wife, with our children, with all our problems.

We start to look at life in a completely different way because the future is covered with uncertainty. And even now, with the easing of the quarantine and seemingly returning to normal life, we do not know what will happen, and we are afraid of a new wave of the coronavirus. It is possible that there are many other dangerous viruses besides it.

We must understand that all this comes in order to make us one humanity. And most importantly, to organize women to unite and lead the world. If people now spend more time at home, it means that women receive huge power.

Many will lose their jobs completely, others will work from home via the Internet, meaning, men will be at home most of the time. And if everything is concentrated in the house, then, of course, a woman will have a more important, high, and decisive position. The house is run by the woman, not the man.

And so, if we act wisely and delicately, women can gradually draw men to the correction of the world, which is already bound to come and is approaching. We have no choice. We need to explain this to our men and convince them to participate in it.

A woman should, as a mother, take care of her children and her husband in order to guide them in the right direction toward correction. And then, we will definitely be able to achieve peace in the family and peace in the world, as well as rise to connect with the Creator.

So, the last generation will be the time of the woman if she can fulfill her role. If not, we will have to move toward correction through blows and suffering.
From a Kabbalah Lesson “Women in the New World,” 5/9/20

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The Ten Is The Violin Of The Creator

laitman_934The Creator is the absolute, which does not change and reveals itself to us as a force of absolute good. Our perceptions and our desires are changing,  that is why we say that the Creator is changing.

But in reality, changes occur only in us. Therefore, in order to reveal the Creator, we need to bring ourselves to the state of similarity to Him in order to match His properties.

But how can we become similar to the Creator if we are all egoists? We remain egoists, but we must unite between us above our egoism with bonds of mutual bestowal, unity, and love despite our natural rejection. We are like an untuned musical instrument that needs to be tuned in order to play correctly.

It is written about the violin of King David that it was hanging on the wall and at some point, that is, in a special state, it began to play by itself. The group should achieve such connection between the friends, which will be in a form similar to the Creator. Although everyone remains egoistic, they overcome their egoism and unite with others in such a way that the form of our connection corresponds to the form of the Creator, perfect, one.

And then the Creator reveals Himself in us. He is not somewhere outside the group but only within it. To the extent that ten friends tune themselves for the right connection, for mutual bestowal, the Creator reveals Himself and starts to play our violin. This is the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

Therefore, it is necessary to relate to the work in tens practically, effectively, striving to achieve such a form and spirit of connection that is similar to the Creator. Of course, we are moving toward this gradually, through 125 steps, calibrating ourselves more and more accurately.

Thus, we achieve the complete revelation of the Creator in our common Kli, in the HaVaYaH, when “He Is One and His Name, One.” That is, the HaVaYaH, our ten, is correctly connected by all the ten Sefirot, by all their smallest inner sub-Sefirot so much so that they achieve complete unity, corresponding to the nature of the Creator: absolute bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/20, Writings of Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly – 2,” (1986)

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 250

laitman_923Question: In addition to the five senses (sensory systems) aimed outward, there are internal sensors in our body directed inward, which process information from its various parts: from all the muscles, the internal organs, the blood vessels, and all areas of the brain.

What does Kabbalah say about the internal sensors? Are they necessary only to maintain the homeostasis and the awareness of the physical well-being and desires in the body, or do they also help me recognize my most sublime and deepest desires as well as the desires of other people?

Answer: The whole system is integral; there is no part in it which can operate in isolation from other parts.

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What Do Our Attributes Dictate To Us?

laitman_624.07In our world we believe that everything changes on the outside, like the weather, for example, sunshine, snow, and rain. I accept it all as something that falls on my head.

In fact, this is not so; everything depends on my attributes. It is to such an extent that I need to gradually begin to feel even external phenomena such as snow, rain, and sunshine, and different problems we may encounter in this world, like earthquakes and other such things, not as the Creator’s impacts on me, but as my own attributes.

My attributes dictate all the phenomena and everything I feel in this world, while I feel that they are seemingly nature’s or the Creator’s positive or negative attitude toward me. His attribute is absolutely positive bestowal unto me.

You imagine how different we are from the Creator and that we feel our lives as constant changes from bad to worse to better and then to worse, from better to worse, over and over again. We are constantly unhappy with Him. There are two options in our attitude to the Creator.

On the one hand, we can relate to the Creator Himself, but we need to understand that we cannot relate to the Creator Himself because He is the source of absolute good. Whatever we attribute to Him, we will not be able to change anything because He is simply the source of the light. The only thing that can help is the right attitude toward the light that emanates from Him, not our attitude to the source, but to the light.

In order to relate to the light correctly, we need to understand how it comes to us, what it carries, and how we can be in contact with it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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Man’s Only Sin

laitman_276.04Question: Why do the original sources say that the only sin of man is when he does not ask the Creator for help?

Answer: If we are completely in the Creator, completely tied to Him and without exception, we receive from Him, no matter what desires and intentions we have, even the worst, most rude ones, all that remains for us is to constantly, purposefully turn to Him so that He will change us and bring us closer to Him and reveal what we should do regarding Him.

That is, the sin does not lie in the fact that I did something in relation to another person or to the Creator, but in the fact that I did not ask the Creator to give me the strength to consciously turn to Him, to consciously perceive what I receive from Him.

Question: So, while I live unconsciously, then, in principle, there is nothing to demand from me, there can be nothing to demand from any animal?

Answer: Sure.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/20

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New Life 1205 – Living Inside My Bubble

New Life 1205 – Living Inside My Bubble
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Transcending life inside my own comfortable and secure bubble to a more advanced bubble requires a higher power. The wisdom of Kabbalah can teach me how to leave my bubble and detach from my ego. I need to stop thinking about what is good for me and begin to consider what benefits others. Self-absorbed thoughts are limiting and hold me back from the truth, whereas thinking about what is good for others expands the boundaries of my bubble and the world becomes infinite.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1205 – Living Inside My Bubble,” 2/4/20

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Remembering Every Level

Laitman_041.01In Shamati #34, “The Profit of a Land,” Baal Ha Sulam writes: To be rewarded with the degree of hating separation, one must first know what separation is, meaning what he is separated from, and then one may say that he wants to correct that separation.

He wants to not only correct himself, but also restrict himself so he does not move away. This is only if he understands what this separation is. But if he doesn’t remember this state, this definition, or if he has never experienced it, he is not afraid of it and gets close to it like a blind man.

Question: Does this mean that one should experience a prior separation?

Answer: Yes, definitely. It is only after we fall that we can maintain the state of not falling internally. Where does all of creation start? From the shattering.

Remark: But we don’t remember our fall.

My Comment: We do not remember, but we can remember it if we want to. Then we will not fall and we will not break because all of the negative attributes will exist within us. We do not need to bang our heads against the wall again and again. In other words, a spiritual Reshimot of all the levels of the descent, of the fall, remain in us, and we will ascend up the same levels and remember every level.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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