Remembering Every Level

Laitman_041.01In Shamati #34, “The Profit of a Land,” Baal Ha Sulam writes: To be rewarded with the degree of hating separation, one must first know what separation is, meaning what he is separated from, and then one may say that he wants to correct that separation.

He wants to not only correct himself, but also restrict himself so he does not move away. This is only if he understands what this separation is. But if he doesn’t remember this state, this definition, or if he has never experienced it, he is not afraid of it and gets close to it like a blind man.

Question: Does this mean that one should experience a prior separation?

Answer: Yes, definitely. It is only after we fall that we can maintain the state of not falling internally. Where does all of creation start? From the shattering.

Remark: But we don’t remember our fall.

My Comment: We do not remember, but we can remember it if we want to. Then we will not fall and we will not break because all of the negative attributes will exist within us. We do not need to bang our heads against the wall again and again. In other words, a spiritual Reshimot of all the levels of the descent, of the fall, remain in us, and we will ascend up the same levels and remember every level.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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