Equality And Oppositeness All In One

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Once we reach the state of Gmar Tikkun (the final correction), will the feeling of the Creator, as the greatest, remain because we adhere to Him in one whole and become equal?

Answer: The special method of Kabbalah is that in adhesion with the Creator, our feelings of oppositeness to Him are not lost.

On the one hand, we become more opposed to the Creator; we distance from Him because during spiritual ascent our egoism grows. But at the same time, we become closer to Him, above our increasing egoism, and that is why our oppositeness to Him does not evaporate, does not disappear.

That is, in the state of Gmar Tikkun (the final correction), we discover that we are absolutely opposite to the Creator in our desire, and absolutely equal, like Him, in adhesion with Him, in our intention.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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