Success Depends On The Woman

552.02Connection between women can have a very strong impact on governments, countries, and the whole world. Indeed, during this time of the coronavirus epidemic, everything depends on our intentions and not on actions.

When men go to war and women remain at home, we think that the men were the force that ensured victory in the war. But actually this is not true. It is the women with their intentions that determine the success of the war.

From Malchut, that is, from a woman, from the depth of her desire, is what determines the kind of screen and reflected light that will be on him. Therefore, all success regarding how quickly we can end the epidemic of the coronavirus, come to a connection between us, and reach the end of the correction of the world depends on women’s intentions and the dissemination of information by women.

After all, this epidemic is a consequence of the fact that we are in the last stage of the development of mankind, which is called the “last generation.” So let us end the selfish development and former life, and move on to a higher level of existence, which is called life in the higher world.
From a Women’s Lesson 4/4/20 “Questions and Answers”

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