The General Vessel Of Humanity

laitman_595.01Question: Does all of humanity have to connect as one single vessel?

Answer: Of course! Each of us carries inside of oneself a particle of the immense shattered vessel. This is the reason that we must gather all the particles and reach a state of absolute adhesion, of actual love.

The first to do this are those in whom the point in the heart has awoken. If the point in the heart has awoken in you, you can already begin the process of getting closer to others in whom the point in the heart has also awoken. You will see how you will begin to reveal the general vessel in the connection between you.

To the extent that you reveal the general vessel, you will begin to reveal its filling that comes from the upper light, the consciousness, and the feeling of eternity or of immortality, of the entrance to a totally new dimension. It is in your power to do so. You can do it now, in our world. Just do not stop.

All the people in the world who engage in this, each in his own unique way, help each other because we are all particles of the one shattered vessel.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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