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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/15/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The animate state is the best one because from it, we rise to the human degree. I now find myself on the animate degree—this is a sign that I have finished working through my previous “human” state and I’ve corrected it. I descend to the animate state in order to elevate myself
once again.

If I don’t feel any connection with the friends in the 10, any need for the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Creator, unity, and the spiritual path, and my only wish is to sleep, like an animal, then I must accept, with faith above reason that I received this state from the Creator. This is Him playing with me!

One, loyal connection should dwell in the 10. I cannot turn to the Creator unless I connect to 9 friends, 9 parts of the desire, through which I can turn to the Creator, receive from Him. Without them I am unable even to aim for the Creator!

It seems as if the friends are outside, beyond me. But there is nothing on the outside—these are all my inner qualities. I see them outside in relation to my one quality, which I deem my “self.” I must unite with the seemingly external qualities, so they will become my own.
From Twitter, 5/15/20

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New Life 1219 – Coronavirus, Money, And Our Culture Of Consumerism

New Life 1219 – Coronavirus, Money, And Our Culture Of Consumerism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Enjoying this life is okay, but we are also required to develop to a higher intelligence. Nature wants us to develop divine characteristics, and not have money our god. We run after money, buying gifts, bargaining for a cheaper price, going on many vacations a year, all in order to satisfy the ego. We only feel satisfied for a short time because the ego changes rapidly and constantly wants more and better. The rush to satisfy desires is meant for us to reach an ultimate state of despair regarding the ego so that we will want to move toward another method of fulfillment: giving. This method of fulfillment and correction causes a person to feel that the entire world is close to him and loves him, and he wants to give. A person begins to feel that everyone is a part of his eternal soul and by connecting with them, he discovers the higher power. The coronavirus wants to bring us to a state in which we want to be good to everyone and, in this way, acquire eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1219 – Coronavirus, Money, And Our Culture Of Consumerism,” 4/2/20

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Viruses Instead Of The Creator

laitman_961.2The world is gradually taking on a new form. The coronavirus spreading in the world is a result of our not keeping up with the times. We are in the last generation, that is, the first generation, which must undergo correction and rise to the degree of bestowal.

The degree of bestowal is called faith above reason, that is, bestowal is above receiving. Therefore, we need to see to what extent we meet this requirement.

Nature requires greater unity and connection with one another from us, greater closeness, understanding, and sensation of all reality as one integral system where the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature and people exist in a single harmony.

But we do not care about what will happen to the inanimate, plant, and animal world, and with the environment in which we live at all. This means that we are not becoming similar to the integral form in which all four forms of nature exist in a single symbiosis.

The internal engine of reality continues to work and gradually moves us toward the ultimate connection with one another. But we are not moving at this speed, and therefore, over and over again we feel the negative reaction of nature in all forms. It can be viruses, that is, a reaction at the animate level, or a reaction at the vegetative and inanimate levels.

It is a pity that mankind does not yet understand how to move toward an integral form where all parts of nature are connected together and all four levels are gradually come together as a single system in which the Creator can be revealed as the common force of correction acting in us.

We must provide Him with a place to be revealed in. The more we unite, the sooner we will see that as a result of the network of connections we have built, the Creator comes and reveals Himself.

While the Creator is hidden, we ask Him to unite all parts of nature—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human—into the correct, integral form. Even partially realizing this unification, we already feel how the Creator reveals Himself inside this nature. After all, the Creator is the power of unity and love, and the more we move toward unity, the more we can reveal the Creator.

In the meantime, instead of the Creator, we come upon viruses. This is a sign that humanity is developing incorrectly. The Creator awakens the desire to know Him, understand, and reveal Him in us. But to reveal the Creator as the power of unity and bestowal is possible only to the extent that we connect all the broken parts into one system in order to discover our mutual connection and see the power of devotion and love between us.

There is no way out, we must bring the whole world to a unified form and realize the principle of love for one’s neighbor as oneself—the main law of the whole universe, bound by all its particles. As a result of this unity, we will reveal the power of love and connection, that is, the Creator. If we do not enact this at the right speed, then because of our laziness and lagging behind, we open between us instead of love—a coronavirus.

The virus moves us away from one another, showing our deficiency and unwillingness to get closer. With this blow, it heals us and tells us what to do. The virus costs us a lot of money and a lot of suffering and even sometimes kills, but it still leads us to correction. Let’s hope that we will not just suffer from the virus, but will gain an understanding of how it helps us by showing us where to invest our forces, how to achieve connection, and how to join both internal and external unity in order to bring them into balance.

The coronavirus says: “You cannot connect and physically approach each other if there is no internal connection between you.” Soon we will understand, discover, and feel it. There can be no difference between the material and the spiritual worlds—all this is one integral system. There is no difference between this world and the future world. Therefore, in all relations between us, we must discern the same degree of distance that the coronavirus requires of us, and accordingly respond by correcting our relations. If we get closer together internally, we will be able to come closer to the same extent externally.

The coronavirus heals and explains to us where our breakage is and that we need to be friendly and internally close. Then the outside world will also be corrected and become good. The virus requires us to rise over the force of receiving, egoism, to the force of bestowal, which means to rise to faith above reason so that the power of bestowal becomes higher than the power of receiving. Thus, we acquire the nature of the Creator and merge with Him. At the end of correction all will rise to faith above reason, to mutual bestowal, and will be united into one system.

There will be no exception, not a single person will not feel what the nature of the Creator is, the nature of bestowal and faith.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/20, “Concerning Above Knowledge”

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Everybody Goes Their Own Way

laitman_222Remark: The development of the coronavirus gives a certain tool for making political, economic, and other decisions in the US and other countries. Even if it is not connected directly, it is the reason for a huge number of transformations that could be made in the world now.

My Comment: Of course. There are opportunities to act with a strong hand now.

Question: It is as if a show is being played out before us. The initial provocation is set, and we, as if, find ourselves in a situation where we don’t simply move by inertia in a boring process that we are, possibly, quite fed up with. Maybe it was comfortable, but not very dramatic, dynamic. Now the suspense is absolutely everywhere.

Societies and governments in many countries are at odds: What to do next? That is, the virus is already just a background.

How effective can measures for forced artificial stimulation of old sectors of the economy, employment, and consumer demand be? Will it lead to the exit from the crisis or, on the contrary, exacerbate it? There is an acute controversy in this regard.

Answer: I think that if humanity got rid of many useless economic sectors, we would, obviously, do the best for humanity, nature, and the virus so that it would calm down. But I am not sure humanity is ready for it.

Now the US will still follow its path anyway. Regarding Europe, I think the path will be different. The attitude toward the population is different there.

Even more so in Israel. Here the government cannot afford to treat the population as it pleases: the most important thing is the economy. Here, concern for people should be in the first place. Nobody would let the government do something for the sake of the state treasury or some economic prosperity statistics.

In Israel, there is a special attitude toward human life. It has always been this way with the Jewish people. That is why if the government makes a mistake and disregards the citizens’ lives, it will be doomed. The people will immediately rise up and replace it. The fact that human life is above everything is deeply ingrained in the nation.

Question: In other words, do you think that in this case, Trump has the right to a risky economic experiment that would not work in Israel?

Answer: I cannot even imagine this in Israel. As far as I know the people there, the government and everything that happens here, it is impossible to even think about it.

Any ruler in Israel, any governing party, and everybody else must constantly proclaim: “We are for human life!” Their criticism toward each other is based on this: Why do they care about people less?
Only we truly care! That is, everything revolves around the importance of human life. This is not the case with Trump. His reasoning is very simple: Competition is competition in everything.
From KabTV’s “The Coronavirus Explodes the Old Economy” 3/26/20

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A Monument To The Coronavirus

laitman_566.02Comment: Europe turned out to be powerless before the coronavirus. Italy fell first, then Spain, then France. There are a lot of cases. The complete closure of the borders began. This united Europe, which was proud of its opened borders, suddenly began to close, one country toward another. You support communication and connection all the time, but here it is the other way around.

My Response: I rejoice at the closing of the borders! I rejoice at the destruction of these selfish, militaristic, and other connections.

The virus breaks all the old connections, this whole Gordian knot, that we could not break. Now there are no longer these schemes: suppliers, consumers, ships scurrying from one part of the world to another part of the world to deliver useless goods… For what?!

Everything will be calm now. See how the ecology has improved, the air has become cleaner.

Comment: It is said that the air in Italy has become almost 25-30% cleaner. Clear water flows in Venice. And there is no smog over China anymore, instead birds are flying in the sky.

My Response: I remember riding in a gondola along the canals of Venice once, I immersed my hand in the water so romantically. Then, for several months, the nail and the skin on my whole finger were peeling off. How many antibiotics I took! And today, I can’t imagine. If those canals are clean, then it should be made a monument for the coronavirus.

Comment: Now the countries have got closed.

My Response: Right! It is said in the Torah that the estrangement of sinners is good for them and good for the world.

Question: Why didn’t we help Italy through the whole world?

Answer: How is it?! Who will help? For what?!

Comment: There is such a thing—help.

My Response: There is no such thing as helping. On the contrary, help to bury it deeper into the ground.

And how is the whole world system, the system of world relations, built? Does anyone think of anyone other than themselves? I can’t raise myself in any way if I don’t suppress others. After all, everything is measured relatively.

Question: Do you mean to say, everyone acts only for his sake, which is our world?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And you say that if everyone feels that everyone acts only for his sake, it is good, don’t you?

Answer: Yes, but besides this, they will feel that without mutual support, without proper linking, we still cannot survive.

Question: That is, the state must conclude that the connections were vicious, selfish, and now we need to separate in order to connect to another connection later?

Answer: The virus annuls them. All motor ships, steam locomotives, airplanes, everything is standing still, and everything is calm, nothing is moving. Gradually, all banks will be empty, all unnecessary things will disappear. Indeed, in recent years, the most important enterprises were companies, which allocated empty money. Someone is printing it on a machine.That is, it is pure speculation, in addition, by air.

Now all this should just disappear step-by-step. Like a soap bubble or a balloon with helium that flies away and bursts somewhere.

Question: What relations should states come to after this annulment? What is the best? What is your opinion?

Answer: Very simple. I give you something, you give me something necessary for our existence. That’s it, and nothing extra. Nothing extra!

And for all the rest, we engage in studying the world where we live, studying ourselves, and how we can achieve a truly good, correct state in the world.

Question: And what about the thing you always spoke about—the upbringing of a single Europe?

Answer: This is it.

That is, everything we did, all the unnecessary things that have reached up to 90% of our occupations, businesses, and everything else, we must now leave them all for the sake of upbringing, for the sake of changing all of humanity.

You know how everything will be quiet, calm, good! What a quiet atmosphere it will be, birds will be singing, fish will appear in the sea again. Everything will be fine.

Comment: Ecology will recover.

My Response: Everything! Like in Chernobyl.

Comment: Now the same thing is happening in Fukushima. Everything is being restored, those animals that disappeared long ago, have appeared again.

My Response: Yes, it was considered that they were extinct, but nothing disappears in nature. A Reshimo, an informational record, exists and suddenly begins to appear from somewhere. How can it be from somewhere?! But the same way it appeared once from somewhere, it’s happening now.

Comment: It is only necessary to pull humans out of there.

My Response: Humans, I hope, will be different. And if not, then dinosaurs will come again.

Question: You are always talking about interconnected humanity. What is interconnected humanity? Let’s say after the virus.

Answer: After the virus, interconnected humanity is when everyone gets what he needs to live in a normal form: clothes, food, house, etc., education for his kids and everything that is needed, and besides, the rest of the time one is engaged in public work. And everyone gets the same.

Question: What is that public work?

Answer: Public work means to strengthen public relations between people. And nothing else! It is forbidden to engage in any kind of business. No business!

Question: Public relations between people, what is this?

Answer: This is such a strengthening of relations between people in which the highest form of nature gradually appears, when we feel ourselves as existing forever!

Question: As a result of this upbringing, how should I treat other people?

Answer: As you treat yourself. Although we are separated from each other by our bodies, we are one spiritual body after all.

Question: That is, “love your neighbor as yourself,” is this treating “as yourself”?

Answer: Yes. And it will come!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/26/20

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The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 2

Laitman_001.02The coronavirus threatens the world with great unrest, revolutions, and world war. The path of suffering that we embark on, going against nature and not striving for an integral community, will bring us a lot of trouble and different problems, up to a new world war. Unfortunately, the world is still governed by egoistic governments, which are mainly concerned with their own benefits and positions.

What should be done in order to change the direction of movement for the better? There is an ongoing heated debate over whether the coronavirus is a product of nature or has been generated in a laboratory, as the US accuses China.

But I do not think it is so important where exactly the virus came from if it has been meant to act against humanity that does not fulfill the conditions of the correct connection between all elements of nature. No matter where the virus has come from, either from a market or from a laboratory, it is a consequence of human egoism that has not received correction on time.

It is clear that at the first, everyone blamed China. But what do we actually want from this country? This is an egoistic system, the same as all others, but only with its own specific character.

Everyone in their place would have acted in exactly the same way. Every nation would like to become as strong and big as China. We ourselves, blinded by our thirst for profit, transferred all production to China and allowed them to gain such power. What are we blaming them for now?

The Chinese got all this and worked diligently and selflessly to provide all our needs, justified by the fact that we transferred all the work to them. We have allowed this nation to rise in a short time, and now we are indignant because we do not like it. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

So far, the epidemic has been spreading more and more due to our desire to correct it in egoistic ways without turning to the side of greater integration. We live on the globe in an integrated system: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people.

All four levels of nature are obliged to communicate and support each other. Inanimate, plant, and animal life live in symbiosis and feed each other. But the upper level, a person of this world, ruthlessly destroys all other levels, although in his mind he can understand that we need to act differently.

Here there is a mismatch between the mind, which realizes the need to behave more altruistically and build an integral society, and the primitive egoism, which obliges us to snatch more and escape. They are constantly fighting with each other.

But then a virus suddenly appears and helps us change our attitude toward human society, which is obliged to become integral, global, closed, and based on mutual assistance. Otherwise, we will necessarily reach world war and total self-destruction.

A path to an integrated society is possible only through educating a person, through learning, so that everyone understands what kind of world we live in, what nature requires of us, what the upper integral force of nature is that leads us to a perfect state, and also, what prevents us from following the instruction of nature and connecting with good bonds.

The entire population of the earth is obliged to learn this. If we just start learning this, we will no longer see epidemics. Even if we still cannot manage to realize this integral connection, and we have just started to learn it, the main thing is to start, and then we will see how it immediately makes our whole life easier!

This will immediately help us, and we will suddenly discover new opportunities for maintaining business, industry, jobs, and families as we consider everything as a single closed system. But if we continue to act as egoists who consider it possible to profit at the expense of others, then this will no longer work.

Improvement does not require a lot of time, and as soon as we begin to study, changes will immediately take place. We ourselves will change and from this we will understand what needs to be changed.
From KabTV’s program “Global Perspectives: The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 2,” 5/1/20

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New Life After The Quarantine

laitman_600.04In returning to normal life after the quarantine, we must be sure that we are coming to a new form of existence while preserving the integrity of the world and its internal union.

And if we do not want to maintain such an external form and each one continues to care only about his personal wellbeing, his own country, and building his happiness on the misfortune of others, then, of course, we will never achieve peace in the world. We will harm each other and, in the end, all of these problems will return to us like boomerangs.

Therefore, we will see how the desires of the US, China, and Europe to use each other and think only of their own benefit will turn against them in the very near future. One can already see how the desire to use China and squeeze all the resources out of it has helped it build a powerful and rich country.

But, if now, it does not begin to think of the whole world as though it were relating to one country, to one integral world—if any state comes out of the correct connection with the rest—it will completely collapse.

We are entering a system called the “last generation;” a united, integral humanity. And therefore, anyone who does not correctly use the integral form that is being revealed now and does not perceive the world as one country, one people, will lose. The more any country separates itself from the rest, the more it will lose.

Why did the Europeans build a common market? In order to be able to confront Russia and China, not at all in order to ensure equal prosperity for all of the states of the European Union and to serve as an example of unification for the whole world.

Initially, they had such wonderful dreams, but then they scattered. Every country is selfish. But when we begin to make connections with the goal of opposing others, this is already a very serious crime, doomed to result in big blows from the side of nature.

In our time, we will not get away with this like we did before, nature will beat us.

The coronavirus was the first general blow to hit the whole world. If we do not start to treat the world as one common family, we will face big problems.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Coronavirus: Nature Will Cope With Us

laitman_543.02Question: If the mortality rate from the virus is at 3 to 5%, maybe it is more correct to let these 3 to 5% die? Meaning, to not stop all the processes, and send the whole world into quarantine, thereby causing a protracted crisis that could be scarier and worse than the death of 3 to 5% of the population.

Answer: I would not associate one with the other. I look at the world in a completely different way. On one hand, there is a disease that the virus causes: a violation of the proper functioning of the human body. And then the person dies.

And on the other hand, there is the fear that this disease causes in humans. At the same time, people, out of fear, hide in their homes, and move further from each other. From the viewpoint of the upper governance, one is not related to the other.

On the one hand, the virus was sent, on the other hand, it is accompanied with fear. That’s it. But maybe fear alone would have been enough without a virus? No, there must be some reason.

And it also makes no sense to send the virus without fear. For what? Therefore, it is done with a combination of one with the other. Moreover, these are two completely different systems in nature: problems that cause fear and panic, and then problems that cause disease.

What is good in fear and panic? They stop humanity from absolutely unnecessary, ugly economic, political, and material development.

Here at this point people can shake themselves and think: “What am I doing? What do I need this for?” Involuntarily,  50 to 70% of the products we produce are unnecessary. So we will stop and not do that.

Now, when a lot of families are staying at home, let’s look at our family and think about where our children spent time, what they did. And when did the family all get together at home? When did they sit together? Now all of a sudden they begin to draw closer somehow. At first they sit in separate rooms, in different corners, as they are used to, by themselves. And later they begin to speak with each other, even play something together. After all, there is the time and there is an opportunity.

See how much it changes everything? Our world is changing! Therefore, I am saying that the virus is actually good. It will shake all of humanity.

If we had continued all this time to pour smoke into the sky, then a lot more people would die from that than from the virus. You say: “The virus claimed a thousand people.” But from the air pollution that we would have created during these days, many more people would have died. Let’s look at things a little more globally and you will see that completely different calculations can be made here.

And if you look a little ahead, you can understand that having refused, with the help of this virus, unnecessary production, unnecessary connections, flights, and all other things, maybe like a kind mother we’ll help our good old Earth to bloom, tender and soft. What’s so bad about that? Why are you looking at the world with such a narrow view?

Embrace the whole system more openly. Understand that the force that ennobles your world makes you shake yourself up: “Think, with what are you so busy?!” This is what our wise virus is doing. In nature nothing is done in vain. Everything is just to bring us people to the right interconnection, to kind relations, so that we can realize our egoism as evil and transform it into good. And it will be done. I assure you.

Nature is stronger than us. You see how it can make us stand up, like a dog on its hind legs. And we are ready. When I look at how humanity today is reacting to the virus, I begin to believe that possibly this humanity may have a good, kind future, that nature will cope with us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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Can The Virus Leave A Negative Aftereffect?

laitman_565.01Question: Can a virus leave a negative aftereffect? How should humanity respond to it so that it would not be negative?

Answer: There will be nothing bad after the virus. I hope it cures us.

In fact, as Rabash wrote, it will be a cure rather than a sickness. The virus will cure us of egoism, raise us a little higher, cleanse us , and make it possible to look at each other with new eyes so we would not be so egoistic, so nasty toward each other.

Therefore, life after the virus will be much easier, much better. I think we will see it soon. But not in the next few months. It won’t be that fast.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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