The World Is Turning To Us With The Other Side

laitman_283.01These days we are facing very big changes in the world. The world begins to turn gradually, adapting to the conditions of the “last generation” and gradually shows us its different sides: from the left, right, top, and bottom.

This is difficult and confusing for a person living in our world today, a person who does not know what form the world will eventually take.

Until now, the world was in a continuous process of development, which we understand because it was based on egoism. Egoism aimed to get more and more, and we obediently fulfilled its demands. If there wasn’t enough money, strength, and resources to do it, we ran and got what we needed. Everything moved along the course of egoistic development according to the nature of this world.

Suddenly, the opposite nature began to reveal itself, which requires a new, not corporeal development. The corporeal things will exist in the necessary measure, do not worry about it. However, now we need to take care of developing the quality of bestowal, spiritual development. Yet, we do not have an internal engine that would push us forward in the direction of bestowal and will make us act.

Man and the whole world are in confusion and do not know what to do. When the quarantine ends and businesses start opening, starting from the smallest ones, such as cafes, kiosks, to large plants and factories, we will see how difficult it is to do this. Nature plays with us in such a way that in 50% of the cases, we will not be able to restore production to its former form. The owner will return to his store, but there will be no customers.

Nothing will help here except the methodology of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is now beginning to descend into our world and manifest itself. The Creator is hurrying us. If the world does not understand this, it could end up in a world war that makes the coronavirus look like a light slap.

However, we can see how, with the help of such blows, nature, the upper force hidden within corporeal nature, controls us, presses us down, puts us in order.

There will be more and more such blows, but we can go the easy and quick way if we act with understanding and at will, not from under a stick. For now, we only learn from the blows, and we will have to get them from all sides to finally find the right path, which may not be in the same direction as we were moving before. This is a problem for all of humanity.

Now the quarantine will begin to relax, and we will be able to return to our previous activities. However, it is necessary to understand that a return to the past is impossible; the world must move in the opposite direction. After all, we were guided by our egoism, which pushed us to develop, to maximize the use of the will to receive that was swelling like a dough.

Now we understand with our minds that we do not need to expand further; on the contrary, we need to reduce our needs so that this dough falls, goes down, and decreases by at least half.

But how to do it if it goes against the will to receive? This is a big problem because now we need to reduce businesses instead of increasing them, lowering and not increasing our profits, capacity, and power. It is not easy.

We know that if the doctor advises you to add something useful to our food, we will do it willingly. However, if we need to give up something, it is already difficult or even impossible. And we will have to do the same for our business. How can we do this if we have to act against our egoistic nature?

However, if humanity does not do this, it will continue to destroy itself, and the end is already looming on the horizon. It is impossible to pollute and ruin nature indefinitely. In addition, new viruses will now appear one after another, at a breakneck speed. We feel the great danger of environmental disasters and viruses hanging over us, and at the same time, we do not know how to stop ourselves.

If the world were united and controlled by a single government, it would be somehow possible to decide which industries to close and how to compensate for them. This requires a global plan to cure human society of its egoism. It is impossible to close businesses without a strong environment that provides support, compensation, and explains the reasons and purpose.

It turns out that the improvement of human society depends on its connection, on the organization of a new society. We will not be able to exist physically if we do not correctly establish a new form of society, which is called the “last generation.”

For the first time in history, humanity understands that it is global, integral, and must thoroughly take care of its structure, that is, analyze all its activities and all the production on a global scale. All countries must unite and understand that they are facing a common enemy.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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