Time Of Great Change

laitman_271Half of the quarantined businesses will no longer be able to recover. If the business is about simple, traditional food that people are used to, then it will certainly remain. But all the superfluous and unnecessary ones will disappear.

All this will become evident very soon in practice. When the owners return to open their businesses, it will be clear what society needs now and what is no longer needed.

And we will need less tomorrow and even less the day after tomorrow because the virus will not disappear and restrictions will remain. The virus will mutate and return in different forms, and thus, this virus that appears as a remedy will correct us and lead us in the right direction. It is said that the blow of the Creator heals.

We are living in a great time. He who will now help humanity take up a new form, thus building his soul, will become the assistant to the Creator.

There is no problem for the Creator to change the world. He can shut it down in an instant: turn off the switch, and we will disappear. We will not die but rather disappear—there was a creation and now there isn’t. After all, the whole of creation is a result of the upper light. But the program of creation is to make of us, by our consent and desire and at our own request, such creatures as the Creator intended: similar to Him. Only in this direction does the upper light work.

The need for change must come from below, from the human mind and feelings, so that man would begin to change and work on all of creation. He must want to reduce his egoism and act for the sake of others and for the general force of creation. Man has to come to that; this is called development. The Creator does not want to just limit us. He teaches us, He heals us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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