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We thought we could subdue nature’s laws. Today it’s becoming clear that we were wrong. Nature is stronger than us, and its laws are inviolable. Only by understanding them and starting to work in accordance with them can we exit the #quarantine and its restrictions into a new life.

We are fully included in nature’s integral system. Therefore, even when we seek to harm one another in thought, in so doing we influence nature’s entire system as a whole. The very thought and desire to harm already impedes the mutual complement of the system’s elements.

For as long as we see a virus and not the Creator, it is a sign of humanity’s incorrect development. The Creator awakens in us the desire to understand Him, to reveal Him as the force of unity and bestowal. If we unify the broken parts into a system, we will discover the mutual connection and reveal the force of love and devotion.

Humanity does not understand how to progress toward an integral form, where two parts of nature are connected together into a unified system, where the Creator is revealed as the common force of correction operating in us.
The more we unite, the faster we will see how the Creator is revealed in the network of connection that we build.

The coronavirus arises in the world because we do not change in time. We are the first generation that must rise to the degree of bestowal, “faith above reason,” where bestowal is above reception. To what extent do we conform to this demand? The world is unwillingly taking on a new form!
From Twitter, 5/2/20

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A Paradigm Of Giving

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/2/20

COVID-19 marks the beginning of a paradigm shift. Until the end of the previous decade, we lived with a mindset of the survival of the fittest. We couldn’t imagine anything else. The coronavirus revoked it categorically. And the minute we stopped spreading enmity throughout the world, the world began to thrive. The virus has shown us just how poisonous we had been toward our world. We would never have realized this, certainly not so deeply, had it not been for the lockdown imposed on us by the virus.

If we want to cure ourselves from the virus, it is not enough to look for vaccines or drugs. We must adjust to the new paradigm that the virus has imposed on us. Otherwise, the coronavirus, or some other menace, will haunt us until we change.

The coronavirus paradigm is a paradigm of giving. While it tells us to stay apart physically, it will give us no choice but to see to everyone’s sustenance regardless of their status of employment. It will force us to reshape our lives according to a more caring social model, one that regards humanity as a single entity whose members are all entitled to have food, healthcare, clothing, housing, and education. Gradually, people will come to enjoy contributing to the society, and society will come to appreciate its benefactors. Our values will change, our heroes will change, our priorities will change, and we ourselves will change. That new paradigm, a paradigm of giving, will be the legacy of the coronavirus.

[City of Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez loads up food and vegetables during a drive-through food distribution at Goodlet Park in Hialeah, FL, USA as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues on Thursday, April 23, 2020. The City of Hialeah, in partnership with Feeding South Florida, organized the drive-through food distribution. Food is distributed first-come, first-served while supplies last.]

Photo by David Santiago/Miami Herald/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM]

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“What Are Some Ugly Truths Of Life?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some ugly truths of life?

While we innately feel that we want to change the world and change other people in order to improve the world, the ugly truth is that the only one who needs to change is myself.

Our desire to change the world and to change others stems from our intuitive egoistic perception of reality, where we want to self-benefit at the expense of others.

By wanting to change people and things around me, I essentially demand, “Give me something different to what I now have!”

However, true change is when I demand nothing of others and of the world, but that I demand to give to others from myself.

This is ugly to our very human egoistic nature, which we cannot escape, and which wants to invert anything it can in the world so that it can reap maximal benefit with minimal effort.

Each one of us feels ourselves to be the sole exceptional creation in existence. Our egoistic nature gives us all a feeling of uniqueness, an exclusive experience where it feels as if I alone exist, and everyone and everything else is secondary in importance to me.

Accordingly, we feel that if anyone should change, it should be others, not me.

However, the only way for the world around us to change is if we each change ourselves.

It’s great if I want to change the world. I just need to change myself so that changes in me influence the world.

This kind of change is doable. I can change myself at every moment, and by doing so, the world will change.

Holidays—A Chain Of Spiritual Actions

laitman_293.1Question: Holidays symbolize a chain of spiritual actions in which a person corrects a certain layer of egoism and then starts everything from the beginning to correct the next layer?

Answer: And this happens on every degree and every day.

All this happens to us when we start revealing the upper world and working on ourselves toward bestowal and love, then we attain all these degrees that in our world are interpreted in such an earthy, mundane way as holidays.
From Kab TV’s “The Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/29/2019

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Stand Guard

laitman_207Rabash, “Article 24”: You must always be on guard, both when you feel the state of the day, and when you feel the state of the night. You are obliged to awaken the hearts of your friends, and thanks to this you will be honored to awaken the Creator’s love towards us.

If, despite the fact that you feel day or night, good or bad, understanding or incomprehension, you always think not about yourself but about awakening the hearts of your friends, then you definitely move forward.

Despite any clouding, misunderstanding, or, conversely, seeming complete clarity and desire to find out what is in the spiritual world, the connection between friends always remains more important. It is in the connection between them that you will begin to feel the Creator.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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