Spiritual Holidays, Part 1

laitman_744Holidays Are Recurring States

Question: Special dates that Kabbalists celebrate can be called “holidays” or “traditions,” but they all carry special spiritual information. Some of them exist as historical events, some are simply described in the Kabbalistic sources.

The word “Holiday” itself is “חג” – “Chag” in Hebrew. What does it mean?

Answer: “Chag” is from the word “Mehuga” (returning arrow). That is, these are recurring events that represent spiritual states of any person who wants to advance in spirituality.

Spiritual space is above our world and exists on its own. These people who attain spiritual qualities and forces become included in this space and feel themselves in certain spiritual states.

These states are called Chag, Mehuga, that is recurring, returning states. They initially come from the structure of the system of the upper world, and as it descended, they manifest in our world.

The first state is Rosh Hashanah (New Year). This date represents the creation of a person and therefore, we celebrate it. The world was created five days before that but we do not celebrate this. We are interested in the New Year when the system of Adam was created.

This is not a person in our world but a spiritual system that controls us. Before it, the system was formed that controls inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. On the sixth day of creation, meaning on the sixth degree, the system called Adam appeared.

Question: Does it mean that Adam is a program that controls all of our reality?

Answer: There is a program that controls us and inside it there are subprograms. One of them, the most central one is called Adam (human).
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/29/19

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