Commemorative Holidays Are Levels Of The Spiritual Ascent

laitman_285_02There are levels in the spiritual ascent that have each have a unique quality and value, and are called commemorative dates.

A commemorative holiday is a special date in the spiritual work that has nothing to do with the other days of the year that correlate to the movements of the sun, the moon, and the earth.

When a person ascends to a level of a special holiday (Moadi), it affects his past, present, and future, and everything he has done throughout his life in a special way. What is more, it can raise him to a new level either temporarily or permanently.

These special holidays differ, but each time they have a qualitative effect on a person, and therefore they are noted in the Torah.

All that is said in the Torah says and that we should know is about the spiritual ladder on which we ascend by correcting ourselves as compared to the Creator. There is nothing but that.

Our lowly, worthless, empty life and every event that takes place in our life is added to this ladder since it is based on the correction of the desire. The desire is the only matter of creation that includes the levels of evolution of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature.

The desire grows continuously, rises, and is corrected. This movement perceives and absorbs the matter of all the worlds and the force that controls this matter.

These special dates are special levels on which there are vertical and horizontal elevators as a result of previous accumulated merit. They suddenly erupt, connect and therefore provide the result.

The vertical elevator refers to descents and ascents, while a horizontal elevator refers to the connection of a great number of small souls, of fragments, that on the current level suddenly begin to merge. Even in our world, a commemorative date is a massive event.

Theses include the rise of individuals in their comprehension and creation also can be attributed to them, but only one that develops in our perception of something massive. Thus, these two phenomena are part of the commemorative dates.

Consequently, there are horizontal elevators for the masses and vertical elevators that connect the holidays, interestingly, complementing one another. On the one hand, a single figure has an impact on history, and on the other hand, the masses have an impact on history. History means advancement.

The question is whether one can be used instead of the other. Practical experience shows that a housewife cannot run the country, but will the masses be able to replace a special figure if they are connected?

This is possible when a perfect correction is attained. In this case, the masses become the most outstanding figure by perceiving and absorbing all the individual Kabbalists and becoming as one man in one heart like at the gathering at Mount Sinai.

Comment: But then Moses was the leader.

Answer: Moses is the collective figure of the nation that yearns for the Creator who can gather and assemble its highest points that are detached from whatever is below. The sum of these yearnings is called Moses.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/14

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