Purim Symbolizes Existence Without Deficiency

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn fact, Purim is not the light and pleasant holiday with a childish orientation that we are used to.

The symbols of this holiday are a masked ball, a frivolous atmosphere, cheerful parades, costumes, masks, and tasty gifts, but first it is necessary to reach this state.

The attributes of the Purim holiday are not accidental. When we study the Book of Esther, we see that it is far from simple. According to the explanation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Book of Esther and the Purim holiday sum up the entire process we must pass through during the thousands of years of our development on Earth.

The holy Ari writes to us that in the future all festivals will be cancelled except Purim, the Book of Esther.  The reason for this is that there was never a greater miracle than this; this illumination exists only during Purim. In the future, you will truly have a carnival.

In fact, on Purim we receive everything, and what is found below the level of Purim is simply unimportant. This speaks about the completion of correction and the end of development through which humanity attains its summit. It is immeasurably high, beyond time, space, movement, and above this world and this life. We rise to a completely different dimension to an absolutely different spiritual reality.

It is impossible to describe existence within it using the words of this world because there is nothing like it here. This is an existence without deficiency and without birth and death that are integrated into our lives like a shadow of an impending end. Spiritual life is unending, filling the senses and the mind. It is attainment, understanding, providence, and a feeling that is developed and revealed to a greater and greater degree.

This is what Purim symbolizes and embodies for us.
From a radio program on 103FM, 1/3/15

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