A Flame Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Letter 24”: Regarding your first question about having to stand guard and evoke the love in the hearts of the friends, which you find unbecoming, I actually see that as necessary for you. You know what Baal HaSulam said, that from between man and man one learns how to behave between man and the Creator.

This is so because the upper light is in complete rest, and it is necessary to always evoke the love, “Until the love of our wedding pleases…”

And you must always stand guard, all day and all night, when you feel a state of day or feel a state of night. We say to the Creator, “Yours is the day, and Yours is also the night.” Thus, the night, too, the darkness of night, comes from the Creator to man’s favor, too, as it is written, “Day to day utters speech, and night to night expresses knowledge.” (See the Sulam Commentary, Part 1, Item 103).

It follows that you must evoke the heart of the friends until the flame rises by itself, as our sages said about it, “When you light up the candles.” By that, you will be rewarded with awakening the love of the Creator upon us.”

Several conditions are involved here. First we must “stand on guard to awaken love in the heart of friends.” We must do that all the time, which means regardless of my condition: “all day and all night,” which means, when I feel good and elated and also when I feel bad and am in the dark.

Despite everything, I must evoke love in each of my friends, in any state, “until the flame rises by itself.” This means that I have to make every effort in order to become the fuel for that eternal flame. If I do that, then I am awarded evoking the love for the Creator, or the love of the Creator for us.

Thus we see that this condition is absolutely crucial, like a command that is above time, place, and state, which is an absolute obligation. Accordingly, we have to think about what we do next if without this condition we cannot advance towards the goal. We shouldn’t confuse ourselves that the goal is anything else except for the attainment of the Creator, equivalence of form with Him, since His attitude towards us is love or a desire to bestow, which is the expression of this love.

So we must constantly hold on to this goal: In the morning, a person must plan all his thoughts and actions and in the evening, he must calculate what he has done. And so day after day, all day long. We should aim everything at the one requirement: to try to evoke as much love, or at least an awakening, the importance of the goal, which is the same component as love, until the flame rises by itself. This means that our awakening from below should be so strong that it will summon an awakening from Above, and the merging of these two awakenings, from below and from Above, will create a big flame.

This is not just figurative language. Whoever seriously yearns for the goal must accept this seriously. These conditions are eternal laws.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/12

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