My Thoughts On Twitter 5/2/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter
We thought we could subdue nature’s laws. Today it’s becoming clear that we were wrong. Nature is stronger than us, and its laws are inviolable. Only by understanding them and starting to work in accordance with them can we exit the #quarantine and its restrictions into a new life.

We are fully included in nature’s integral system. Therefore, even when we seek to harm one another in thought, in so doing we influence nature’s entire system as a whole. The very thought and desire to harm already impedes the mutual complement of the system’s elements.

For as long as we see a virus and not the Creator, it is a sign of humanity’s incorrect development. The Creator awakens in us the desire to understand Him, to reveal Him as the force of unity and bestowal. If we unify the broken parts into a system, we will discover the mutual connection and reveal the force of love and devotion.

Humanity does not understand how to progress toward an integral form, where two parts of nature are connected together into a unified system, where the Creator is revealed as the common force of correction operating in us.
The more we unite, the faster we will see how the Creator is revealed in the network of connection that we build.

The coronavirus arises in the world because we do not change in time. We are the first generation that must rise to the degree of bestowal, “faith above reason,” where bestowal is above reception. To what extent do we conform to this demand? The world is unwillingly taking on a new form!
From Twitter, 5/2/20

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