My Thoughts On Twitter 5/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter
The transition to the new state is happening for the first time and is therefore challenging, since we are all being included in a common connection, like cogwheels in a transmission device—consciously, which was not the case before. And we don’t know what to do. Everyone thinks that we should conform to the old order or state. But this will bring forth a new virus.

We are about to see great changes in the world. The world is revolving, adapting to the conditions of the last generation—gradually showing us its different sides. This is difficult and confusing to a person living today, not knowing the aims of what is happening and what form the world will assume.

Imagine that you are ten cogwheels bound together within one mechanism, in which each one spins all the rest as it turns. Before turning, I must consider how I will thereby make everyone turn, and whether this will benefit everyone. I am forbidden from making the smallest motion unless I take everyone into account.
From Twitter, 5/1/20

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