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There is a need for the nations of the world to reveal the Creator. This will happen when the nation of #Israel reveals #Kabbalah to the nations of the world. From it, knowledge of the Creator will become clear to everyone. (Baal HaSulam, Messiah’s Horn)

Blows of nature separate us from activities that oppose spiritual development to which egoism pushes us. We will return only to the necessary jobs. We shouldn’t try to restore ALL of the previous businesses. They are dying out. The Creator desires unity, in order to reveal His light within it.

The blow that comes from #nature is aimed at cutting us off from all unnecessary jobs, and thereby cleansing the environment. It frees society from unnecessary activities and thoughts, freeing us for what nature wishes—our spiritual development.
From Twitter, 5/16/20

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The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 3

laitman_250The International Labor Organization published that the coronavirus could eliminate half of the jobs, leaving almost two billion people unemployed. How do we feed two billion families with no means?

If we organize the work correctly and distribute the fruits of labor among all fairly, there will be enough for everyone. Living in an integral society a person will feel good and comfortable.

But if we fail to do so, we will be attacked by viruses again that force us to sit at home in quarantine and claim more human lives, until we agree that it is better to share with others in order to stay alive. Learning this will be very difficult.

Unrest has begun in many countries: banks are burning in Lebanon, armed demonstrations are taking place in the United States. There is a growing danger of an outbreak of violence. Egoism fuels rage, no wonder Americans have bought up all the weapons in gun stores.

Now they will take to the streets and settle their scores, first of all with the government. Based on the huge sums of money that, with the government’s blessing, pass into the pockets of the super-rich, there will be a serious upheaval.

Clearly, the even division of goods requires a new, socially progressive mindset that needs to be instilled. Everyone needs to clearly see that unless we get closer to each other and become kinder, we will need to distance ourselves further from each other and receive serious blows and catastrophes, natural as well as man-made.

What can compel people to think in a more general, integrative way and to feel our dependency on each other? In the face of suffering, ailments, and death, everyone will be ready to listen and confirm that our world is integral, closed, with no place to hide. Therefore, we also have to behave this way with each other for everyone to be equal and feel as part of one common family.

There is no reason to hope for the coronavirus to disappear. If not for this virus, another will come and bring us to the point of having to engage the common integral oneness of nature just like the still, vegetative, and animal levels do today.

Epidemiologists predict this pandemic will last at least another year-and-a-half to two years. So the coronavirus is here to stay, and if not, another virus will come, no better than the last.

Humanity will still have to quell its egoism and adopt a more round form of society where everyone is equal and supportive of each other instead of pulling toward their own side and trying to squeeze more out of the government for their own needs. This will only foster the appearance of newer, more vicious viruses.

I am very optimistic about this because the blows help us think. We see how the world has come to a halt in the face of danger. New viruses will unite us even more and show us the path toward correct connection, toward the mutual integral system. When the system of our connections becomes good and correct, all the viruses will turn from harmful to beneficial. Good luck to us!
From KabTV’s program “Global Perspectives: The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 3,” 5/1/20

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New History, According To The Program Of Nature

From The Depths Of Nature

Laitman_182.02Question: There is a category of people who are adherents of various conspiracy theories, believing that all viruses do not appear in nature, but in the laboratories of the Pentagon, and have their own special goals in the political and economic arena.

How do you explain to such people about connection, integrality, about the fact that each of us should change in this system?

Answer: Usually I don’t appeal to such people. I understand where they got these thoughts from and do not blame them. It comes from the depths of nature. Such thoughts about America, and even more so about the Jews, Israel, about global conspiracy and secrecy are inside human nature.

This comes from the fact that a group of people, who call themselves “Israel,” meaning those “aimed directly to the Creator,” have an understanding of the integrality of the world. They kept thinking about it, talking, and developing this technique. It’s called Kabbalah.

And mankind did not want to accept it, because it forced them to rise above its egoism, above its nature. Therefore, it was divided into two parts: Those who aspire to the integrality of the world, the revelation of a good, perfect state of nature and society, and to everyone else who is ready to listen only to their egoism and do what it dictates to them.

You see what they write in the newspapers and how they think. Let them stay like that, let the virus do its job.

And we will talk about the integrity of the world, through a special closed structure of which we can excite the good forces of nature, and people will start to think differently.

I wish you good luck so the virus passes you through the air, not fall on anyone, and not cling to you. Be healthy! Let’s think about each other, that we all want to enlighten the world and thus, raise it to a spiritual state.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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New Life 1220 – Coronavirus, Passover, Night Of Exile Or Isolation Night?

New Life 1220 – Coronavirus, Passover, Night Of Exile Or Isolation Night?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Passover is a festival of freedom from our egoism. There is nothing to celebrate since we are not connected, we have not left Egypt, and we remain in our egos. The coronavirus has imprisoned us in our homes to show us our true situation: we are separated in our hearts. We are isolated because we have elevated the ego, which is called Pharaoh, and bow down only to it. It is no longer appropriate to fulfill ourselves without taking anyone else into account. We must open our hearts, move toward a state of love between us, and direct ourselves straight to the power of divinity. The moment the power of connection is discovered, we will feel all who come into the world in our hearts.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1220 – Coronavirus, Passover, Night Of Exile Or Isolation Night?” 4/2/20

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The Reason For Hatred Of Jews

119Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation & The Nation: It is a fact that Israel is hated by all the nations, whether for religious, racial, capitalist, communist, or for cosmopolitan reasons, etc. It is so because the hatred precedes all reasons, but each merely resolves its loathing according to its own psychology.

Question: You claim that Jews consciously or unconsciously unite the nations. And if they do not perform their key function, then pressure from the peoples is activated, which manifests itself as anti-Semitism?

Answer: Yes. Only no one understands this. That is why there is a subconscious demand of the peoples of the world: “Why don’t you unite us?” This is expressed in the form of hatred.

When I see anti-Israel, anti-Semitic processions on the streets of New York, Paris, anywhere, I feel their inner cry: “Why don’t you reveal the unity of the world to us, the supreme existence?”

Remark: You know, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t become acquainted with the sayings of many famous philosophers and wise people.

In particular, the English publicist and politician Addison Joseph wrote about the Jews: “They are like the pegs and nails in great building, which, though they are but little valued in themselves, are absolutely necessary to keep the whole frame together.”

My Comment: This feeling is in every human being.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/22/19

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Irrationality Or Rationality?

laitman_294.2Remark: Throughout history, there have been several types of irrationality about the existence of the Jews.

The first irrationality: Jews brought the world a lot of great ideas and discoveries; they are the founders of religions. 27% of all Nobel Laureates are Jews, 37% of Oscar-winners—Jews, 40% of leading philanthropists who subsidize all sorts of humane projects—Jews. But no one pays attention to it.

My Comment: No one appreciates it.

Remark: Irrationality number two: No matter how the Jews try to dissolve into other nations, they do not become Germans, Poles, or French.

My Comment: They cannot dissolve in the peoples of the world, despite mixed marriages, no matter what.

Remark: It turns out that in Germany during the First World War, about 100,000 officers were Jews. That is, they tried, as far as possible, to assimilate. It did not help.

Irrationality number three: The crazy accusation of using the blood of children for Passover, thrown by someone, exists from the time of Democritus to the present day.

My Comment: A glaring irrationality. Jews generally do not consume blood for food. The most irrational things are the most tenacious.

Remark: The fourth irrationality: Anti-Semitism is not the refuge of uneducated, wild people, but namely the most advanced part of humanity.

My Comment: Yes, as a rule, anti-Semites are educated, advanced, cultured people.

Question: The last (irrationality): It is irrational that for centuries an exterminated people continueד to live.

How can you explain these phenomena?

Answer: They are irrational from the point of view of the earthly approach. If you look at it from the point of view of the structure of the universe and its forces, then there is nothing irrational in it. There is a group, which in its internal structure, its mission, should lead humanity to the property of bestowal and love, to communication, to complete integration.

This group cannot be destroyed because, first, it contains a common rational kernel—the future of mankind.

This so-called Reshimo is an informational record about the final state of humanity when all of humanity becomes one, perfect, and turns into one common system called Adam. At the same time, everyone absolutely clearly and internally understands the properties of each other and, despite the fact that they exist separately in their bodies, they feel each other so much that they do everything in general agreement.

This is connected with the Torah, with the technique that they received. It leads a person to such a state where he begins to feel everyone as himself.

Each is in his body, in his egoism, and outside of his body, outside of egoism, as if with a skin he feels everyone else and begins to understand how he needs to act in order to work together with them for the common good.

Remark: This is similar to the synchronized movement of a flock of birds or fish, only not instinctive, but conscious.

My Comment: Conscious, with great efforts over one’s egoism, which counteracts this movement. Due to the fact that a person consists of two opposing forces—receiving and bestowing, hatred and love—he begins to reveal between them their source, the root, which is called the Creator.

Remark: On one hand, there is natural selection, and on the other hand, there is co-evolution, when for the sake of a common goal, all the cells of one organism are ready to sacrifice some personal interest.
There is personal interest, but the community is more important. It is hard to even imagine such a state.

My Comment: But this state exists in nature at the inanimate, plant, and animal level. We should only add our human level to it, communication between us.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/22/19

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