Irrationality Or Rationality?

laitman_294.2Remark: Throughout history, there have been several types of irrationality about the existence of the Jews.

The first irrationality: Jews brought the world a lot of great ideas and discoveries; they are the founders of religions. 27% of all Nobel Laureates are Jews, 37% of Oscar-winners—Jews, 40% of leading philanthropists who subsidize all sorts of humane projects—Jews. But no one pays attention to it.

My Comment: No one appreciates it.

Remark: Irrationality number two: No matter how the Jews try to dissolve into other nations, they do not become Germans, Poles, or French.

My Comment: They cannot dissolve in the peoples of the world, despite mixed marriages, no matter what.

Remark: It turns out that in Germany during the First World War, about 100,000 officers were Jews. That is, they tried, as far as possible, to assimilate. It did not help.

Irrationality number three: The crazy accusation of using the blood of children for Passover, thrown by someone, exists from the time of Democritus to the present day.

My Comment: A glaring irrationality. Jews generally do not consume blood for food. The most irrational things are the most tenacious.

Remark: The fourth irrationality: Anti-Semitism is not the refuge of uneducated, wild people, but namely the most advanced part of humanity.

My Comment: Yes, as a rule, anti-Semites are educated, advanced, cultured people.

Question: The last (irrationality): It is irrational that for centuries an exterminated people continueד to live.

How can you explain these phenomena?

Answer: They are irrational from the point of view of the earthly approach. If you look at it from the point of view of the structure of the universe and its forces, then there is nothing irrational in it. There is a group, which in its internal structure, its mission, should lead humanity to the property of bestowal and love, to communication, to complete integration.

This group cannot be destroyed because, first, it contains a common rational kernel—the future of mankind.

This so-called Reshimo is an informational record about the final state of humanity when all of humanity becomes one, perfect, and turns into one common system called Adam. At the same time, everyone absolutely clearly and internally understands the properties of each other and, despite the fact that they exist separately in their bodies, they feel each other so much that they do everything in general agreement.

This is connected with the Torah, with the technique that they received. It leads a person to such a state where he begins to feel everyone as himself.

Each is in his body, in his egoism, and outside of his body, outside of egoism, as if with a skin he feels everyone else and begins to understand how he needs to act in order to work together with them for the common good.

Remark: This is similar to the synchronized movement of a flock of birds or fish, only not instinctive, but conscious.

My Comment: Conscious, with great efforts over one’s egoism, which counteracts this movement. Due to the fact that a person consists of two opposing forces—receiving and bestowing, hatred and love—he begins to reveal between them their source, the root, which is called the Creator.

Remark: On one hand, there is natural selection, and on the other hand, there is co-evolution, when for the sake of a common goal, all the cells of one organism are ready to sacrifice some personal interest.
There is personal interest, but the community is more important. It is hard to even imagine such a state.

My Comment: But this state exists in nature at the inanimate, plant, and animal level. We should only add our human level to it, communication between us.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/22/19

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