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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/6/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If we keep treating ourselves for Coronavirus with medicine without getting closer between ourselves and the Creator, this external remedy will not heal us from sickness—our dissimilarity with the Creator. Thus, the disease will return. The real remedy is in the plea to the Creator to unite us, bring us closer to Him.

The world exists in the field of love of the Creator. We try to create our own egoistic world. Doing so, we turned the Creator into Pharaoh and received the first Egyptian plague, #Coronavirus. As far as it pushes us toward good connection, will we advance toward the goal of creation, above the force of the #ego to one humanity.
From Twitter, 5/6/20

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The Case For The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/6/20

We often state that the human ego causes all the problems and without it everything would be great in the world. But there’s a very good reason for the existence of the enormous human ego.

The ego is what separates us from the rest of the animals. It is the engine behind every human invention since prehistoric times. As harmful as it is, the ego is what has made us the apex of creation. The problem with the ego begins when we misuse it. When used correctly, the more we use of it, the better.

To use the ego correctly, we need to see the truth: Reality is one complete system whose components are interdependent. Then, just as a mother uses her ego for the sake of her entire family, we will use our egos for the sake of the entire planet—humanity, animals, plants, and minerals alike.

Our innate perception is that only we matter. Therefore, education must begin with changing our perception to a more integral one, which encompasses everything around us. This is called “Integral Education,” and today we must all be somewhat “educated” in that direction. This is the key to building a world that does not exploit people and nature, and does not produce pandemics like COVID-19. Integral Education is the real vaccine against any virus.

Let’s Start Living!

laitman_448.8The coronavirus is a medicine that cures our bad relationships. Is it worth crying that we cannot return to our previous lives? Eighty percent of our occupations and manufactured products were superfluous, not necessary for life. So why should we go back to the past?

We can all work four hours a day, or even fewer hours, and even not at all. Let the children spend more time in the family, not in someone else’s care.

Let’s start living now! We are grumbling on so much, as if at the end of our lives some big prize awaits us. Nothing awaits us there except death. So let’s enjoy this life every day: feel this world, the eternity of nature. Even while living in this world, we can feel eternal existence, spiritual life, the future world. It is said: “You will see your world in this life.”

The science of Kabbalah gives a person this opportunity, helps reveal eternal life. Instead, we live like animals and think only about how to snatch more for ourselves and to envy others. Let’s make our lives richer, not so meager.

I hope that humanity will see a remedy in this virus. And in fact, in Kabbalah it is written that this is not poison, but medicine.

We live in a time that is called the “end of days,” “the days of the Messiah,” in the Kabbalistic primary sources. We are called the last generation or the generation of Mashiach, and therefore, we must treat our mission, nature, and our time in a different way.

We must extract from nature positive forces that will develop us for mutual connection. It is necessary to create an integral connection between us on the human level, which will affect all inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature. Then we will feel the general integral force reigning throughout nature, called the Creator. This is the highest power of nature, the power of connection and unity. The power of Mashiach (Messiah). “Mashiach” means “pulling” (Moshech) us from egoism to unification.

When this force of nature pulls us out of our egoistic form and leads to unity, we reveal the whole reality: this world and the future world together. Such a time is called the era of the Mashiach, and I see that we are in this period.

Forty-five years ago when I just started studying Kabbalah, I heard from my teacher that the time of the Mashiach was coming. I did not believe it then, but now I see for myself that this is indeed so.
From a conversation with David Blumenfeld, 3/25/20

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Coronavirus: This Is The Reality

627.2Comment: Many people say that problems unite people. There are many examples of this in history.

Now people see the opposite: not only did the coronavirus not unite us, it exacerbated the awareness of our inequality.

There are families that are quarantined in small apartments and there are those that are staying in 500 square meter villas. There is great inequality.

My Response: It does not matter. All the same they both are quarantined. Anyway they understand that the virus has distanced them from each other. Like a mother whose children misbehave and fight and she sends them to separate rooms and says: “So you do not meet! Each stay in your own room!”

This is what the virus did with us: “You do not know how to work among yourselves correctly, you create unnecessary enterprises, pollute the environment—sit quietly! That is it!”

Isn’t that good? See how fatherly it treats us. I believe that it has done us a huge favor. It has distanced all the harmful, petty people and said: “Stop doing stupid things! Stop polluting the environment! Stop doing harm to each other! Sit quietly. Learn to sit and be silent. This is the best you can do.”

And it is so indeed. The world has become cleaner. The world has become quieter.

Comment: I do not think there will be many who will agree with you.

My Response: It does not matter. After all, this is the reality given. You can talk about the reasons, but you cannot deny that this is so, it is a fact.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/26/20

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What Should We Do After The Quarantine?

laitman_627.1There is no doubt that the only way to overcome the coronavirus is to be concerned about the whole world that is seized by the pandemic. The virus is showing us that we live in the era of the Messiah, in the state of “The Last Generation,” the state that affects the whole world.

The virus has not come to destroy us, but to shake us up a little, to bring us to the first realization that we are facing a single global nature that is fighting us as a united front. We were about to destroy nature from the lowest, material level, to the highest spiritual degree.

At the material level, we already understand that we ruthlessly destroy the inanimate, plant, and animal worlds and people with our egoism. Pharaoh reigns supreme in our world, and “seven hungry years” have already come since nothing can fill us in this world. It is impossible to continue living in a world where egoism reigns in the open. Either we rise above this world or we face tremendous blows.

We have to know how to enter the upper world. We have to build Moses out of our group, meaning the force that pulls all of humanity out of the egoistic world and brings it over the Red Sea. It is impossible to go on living in this egoistic world.

Just look at how the still, vegetative, and animal nature persistently waits for us to leave this world and rise to a higher spiritual degree. How the animals, fish, and plants would rejoice if we all rise!

The whole of nature all over the world and the universe will calm down and move into balance. Everything will be peaceful and content if man’s egoism stops intervening and bringing everything under its heel.

We have nowhere to advance. Can we possibly want to return to the same old thing once the quarantine has been lifted, to continue harming nature and awaiting nuclear war? Let’s take a sobering look at our pre-virus state, at just how illogical and abnormal our lives have been.

It is necessary to achieve a certain similarity with the general state of nature because man is at the highest level of all beings. We must unite and feel responsible for the whole world.

The “last generation” is the one that has to implement the program of creation. And the coronavirus shows us how late we are with this implementation on a global scale. This is how we bring imbalance into creation and manifest all these viruses.

We may not be able to go out onto the streets or gather together, but we must reach the inner unity above that, the correct relations between people. This means that the egoism that stands between us will disappear, we will overcome it. By doing so, we will eradicate the coronavirus. If I am in good, kind, internal connections with others, no harm can come between us.

The coronavirus is a sign that we are not advancing by the path of light, but the path of suffering, the natural course of evolution (Beito), because it is acting on us by force. The path of light, acceleration of time (Achishena) always works in a good, pleasant way.

If we strive for good relations between us, then we discover that we can build internal systems of connection between us and will transfer the businesses there that we have no more need for, that only pollute the environment. We would transfer them to the inner level, where we connect together, talk and feel each other.

I see that people now dream of open department stores, restaurants, cafes, barber shops, and beauty salons because they have been making some kind of connection with each other there. But nature obliges us to a new form of connection.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/25/20

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What Is Included In The System Of Healing?

laitman_259.01What is included in the system of healing that is offered to humanity? All people will constantly engage in their connection, except for the time it will take to produce vital products: food, clothing, construction in the required amounts.

This is the first law to be established in our world. And the rest of the time, most of the day, will be devoted to study, dissemination, and unification; this is what we were born for and only this will raise us to the level of the future world. This needs to be executed during our lifetime in this world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Time Of Great Change

laitman_271Half of the quarantined businesses will no longer be able to recover. If the business is about simple, traditional food that people are used to, then it will certainly remain. But all the superfluous and unnecessary ones will disappear.

All this will become evident very soon in practice. When the owners return to open their businesses, it will be clear what society needs now and what is no longer needed.

And we will need less tomorrow and even less the day after tomorrow because the virus will not disappear and restrictions will remain. The virus will mutate and return in different forms, and thus, this virus that appears as a remedy will correct us and lead us in the right direction. It is said that the blow of the Creator heals.

We are living in a great time. He who will now help humanity take up a new form, thus building his soul, will become the assistant to the Creator.

There is no problem for the Creator to change the world. He can shut it down in an instant: turn off the switch, and we will disappear. We will not die but rather disappear—there was a creation and now there isn’t. After all, the whole of creation is a result of the upper light. But the program of creation is to make of us, by our consent and desire and at our own request, such creatures as the Creator intended: similar to Him. Only in this direction does the upper light work.

The need for change must come from below, from the human mind and feelings, so that man would begin to change and work on all of creation. He must want to reduce his egoism and act for the sake of others and for the general force of creation. Man has to come to that; this is called development. The Creator does not want to just limit us. He teaches us, He heals us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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The World Is Turning To Us With The Other Side

laitman_283.01These days we are facing very big changes in the world. The world begins to turn gradually, adapting to the conditions of the “last generation” and gradually shows us its different sides: from the left, right, top, and bottom.

This is difficult and confusing for a person living in our world today, a person who does not know what form the world will eventually take.

Until now, the world was in a continuous process of development, which we understand because it was based on egoism. Egoism aimed to get more and more, and we obediently fulfilled its demands. If there wasn’t enough money, strength, and resources to do it, we ran and got what we needed. Everything moved along the course of egoistic development according to the nature of this world.

Suddenly, the opposite nature began to reveal itself, which requires a new, not corporeal development. The corporeal things will exist in the necessary measure, do not worry about it. However, now we need to take care of developing the quality of bestowal, spiritual development. Yet, we do not have an internal engine that would push us forward in the direction of bestowal and will make us act.

Man and the whole world are in confusion and do not know what to do. When the quarantine ends and businesses start opening, starting from the smallest ones, such as cafes, kiosks, to large plants and factories, we will see how difficult it is to do this. Nature plays with us in such a way that in 50% of the cases, we will not be able to restore production to its former form. The owner will return to his store, but there will be no customers.

Nothing will help here except the methodology of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is now beginning to descend into our world and manifest itself. The Creator is hurrying us. If the world does not understand this, it could end up in a world war that makes the coronavirus look like a light slap.

However, we can see how, with the help of such blows, nature, the upper force hidden within corporeal nature, controls us, presses us down, puts us in order.

There will be more and more such blows, but we can go the easy and quick way if we act with understanding and at will, not from under a stick. For now, we only learn from the blows, and we will have to get them from all sides to finally find the right path, which may not be in the same direction as we were moving before. This is a problem for all of humanity.

Now the quarantine will begin to relax, and we will be able to return to our previous activities. However, it is necessary to understand that a return to the past is impossible; the world must move in the opposite direction. After all, we were guided by our egoism, which pushed us to develop, to maximize the use of the will to receive that was swelling like a dough.

Now we understand with our minds that we do not need to expand further; on the contrary, we need to reduce our needs so that this dough falls, goes down, and decreases by at least half.

But how to do it if it goes against the will to receive? This is a big problem because now we need to reduce businesses instead of increasing them, lowering and not increasing our profits, capacity, and power. It is not easy.

We know that if the doctor advises you to add something useful to our food, we will do it willingly. However, if we need to give up something, it is already difficult or even impossible. And we will have to do the same for our business. How can we do this if we have to act against our egoistic nature?

However, if humanity does not do this, it will continue to destroy itself, and the end is already looming on the horizon. It is impossible to pollute and ruin nature indefinitely. In addition, new viruses will now appear one after another, at a breakneck speed. We feel the great danger of environmental disasters and viruses hanging over us, and at the same time, we do not know how to stop ourselves.

If the world were united and controlled by a single government, it would be somehow possible to decide which industries to close and how to compensate for them. This requires a global plan to cure human society of its egoism. It is impossible to close businesses without a strong environment that provides support, compensation, and explains the reasons and purpose.

It turns out that the improvement of human society depends on its connection, on the organization of a new society. We will not be able to exist physically if we do not correctly establish a new form of society, which is called the “last generation.”

For the first time in history, humanity understands that it is global, integral, and must thoroughly take care of its structure, that is, analyze all its activities and all the production on a global scale. All countries must unite and understand that they are facing a common enemy.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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“Time Of Women’s Leadership” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Time of Women’s Leadership

As the world awakens to a new reality, the imperative role of women to put together the broken pieces and rebuild society has become more evident and urgent. COVID-19 made us realize this fact even more vividly, starting with the most intimate and basic environment we all know: the home. As a result of the stay-at-home order, we rediscovered that the female figure in the family is the most prominent and influential. From home, that same importance reverberates in every field of life where women are involved. That driving force of womanhood, compared to no other, is precisely what the world needs now to begin its recovery from the impact caused by the pandemic.

Week after week of lockdown revealed the centrality of the female power in the family, where every member felt totally dependent on the woman. Even if men help with household chores, most of the burden falls on the woman’s shoulders. Now, as the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are gradually lifted and people are returning to their offices, it is impossible to say that we will return to business as usual. New discernments will accompany us back into the world outside the home, such as the impression of the remarkable dedication and determination of the women in everyone’s life which are imprinted on every person and particularly acknowledged during times of despair like the one the planet is now trying to overcome.

The World as Humanity’s Home

It comes as no surprise that the most positive results in curbing the coronavirus pandemic took place in countries run by female leaders, as recently highlighted in world news stories. When women take a greater portion in the leadership of our common global home, meaning the whole of humanity, we will undoubtedly gain from it because there will be less war, fewer problems and conflicts, and better organization of our world overall.

Every man knows that if he expects a good outcome on basically any matter in life, he should consult with the woman at home, since she is more serious and practical than he is. This is something I have observed in many cultures. With few exceptions, even in some countries where women appear to live in the shadows, women are the ones leading and making decisions. It is the woman who determines what happens in the family.

If more men would understand the importance of listening to women when we face multifaceted challenges, the state of the world would change for the better in the way we conduct our lives, in what we acquire, and on which goals we set our sights.

Women Qualities for the Sake of Society

Women are naturally drawn to organize the world like they organize the house so all inside feel comfortable and good. Unlike men, who are more like children who enjoy backyard fighting with their friends, women will not allow the bickering and childish competitions to continue to prevail as they have until the pandemic’s blow. Just like a mother, women are able to put everything in order within society and to stop the struggles and reckless competitiveness. And men will listen. This is comparable to a child’s inclination to listen to his mother. She gave birth to him, fed him and raised him, so she understands how to control him. So why shouldn’t our common global home be administered the same way our families are? If women unite for this purpose and act sensibly, wisely and forcefully, a positive change will happen.

There may be some sensation that women are not necessarily poised and resolute to assume leadership for the world to bring about change to the extent that is required, especially in this healing process from the pandemic. Thus, it is crucial to raise the importance of the roles women should play in all social discourse at the widest possible level.

Probably, there is also a need for a more supportive male force to help bring women together and pave their way. Such a force should stand beside women to encourage them and make way for them to take their deserved place and lead. I am not suggesting that one part of society needs to replace the other. They each learn to complement the other.

Such a dynamic balance between the genders should emanate from the understanding that all of us, men and women, cannot go back to our previous faulty way of life. The old world we constructed is about to implode, and the coronavirus is just the first sign. We must build together a new world where everyone is engaged in cultivating a prosperous yet sustainable society, instead of an imbalanced pattern of pollution and destruction.

This shift does not mean that we have to dismantle everything and build anew, but simply look at businesses and engagements from a new perspective: for the benefit of our children, the entire humanity, and all of nature. Women can provide the keen vision to determine such decisions. In other words, women should establish the prioritized goals and men will implement. Through this mutual cooperation, a common ground of support and understanding will arise.