Let’s Start Living!

laitman_448.8The coronavirus is a medicine that cures our bad relationships. Is it worth crying that we cannot return to our previous lives? Eighty percent of our occupations and manufactured products were superfluous, not necessary for life. So why should we go back to the past?

We can all work four hours a day, or even fewer hours, and even not at all. Let the children spend more time in the family, not in someone else’s care.

Let’s start living now! We are grumbling on so much, as if at the end of our lives some big prize awaits us. Nothing awaits us there except death. So let’s enjoy this life every day: feel this world, the eternity of nature. Even while living in this world, we can feel eternal existence, spiritual life, the future world. It is said: “You will see your world in this life.”

The science of Kabbalah gives a person this opportunity, helps reveal eternal life. Instead, we live like animals and think only about how to snatch more for ourselves and to envy others. Let’s make our lives richer, not so meager.

I hope that humanity will see a remedy in this virus. And in fact, in Kabbalah it is written that this is not poison, but medicine.

We live in a time that is called the “end of days,” “the days of the Messiah,” in the Kabbalistic primary sources. We are called the last generation or the generation of Mashiach, and therefore, we must treat our mission, nature, and our time in a different way.

We must extract from nature positive forces that will develop us for mutual connection. It is necessary to create an integral connection between us on the human level, which will affect all inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature. Then we will feel the general integral force reigning throughout nature, called the Creator. This is the highest power of nature, the power of connection and unity. The power of Mashiach (Messiah). “Mashiach” means “pulling” (Moshech) us from egoism to unification.

When this force of nature pulls us out of our egoistic form and leads to unity, we reveal the whole reality: this world and the future world together. Such a time is called the era of the Mashiach, and I see that we are in this period.

Forty-five years ago when I just started studying Kabbalah, I heard from my teacher that the time of the Mashiach was coming. I did not believe it then, but now I see for myself that this is indeed so.
From a conversation with David Blumenfeld, 3/25/20

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