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On The Threshold Of Renewal Of Humanity

laitman_537Question: Studies have proven that up to 60% of the human genome is modified by viruses. That is, the coronavirus is, in fact, the carrier of structures that are very close to the proteins of our cells.

There is a hypothesis that nature, with the help of the coronavirus, is performing a global reconstruction of humanity. If so, what should we, as humanity, become?

Answer: I do not know. It is of no interest to me. According to what the science of Kabbalah says, we are in the last generation, that is, we are approaching the state wherein we will have to rise above egoism and begin to explore higher properties, levels, layers of nature, where we are outside the body.

There is no inanimate, vegetative, or animate matter there, there is nothing but our consciousness. And all the previous layers of matter will disappear from our feelings and cease to exist. We will come to a world where there is only consciousness.

Question: Is this the reconstruction of humanity? Will humans be different?

Answer: Yes, a new humanity. Such a state is called the last generation. This is what we are going through now. It will continue for some time until the blows of nature and our correct interaction with it will raise us to a level where we will exist only in our consciousness.

Question: Does it mean that there will be no bodies but only the totality of all our desires and thoughts?

Answer: Yes. There will be no sensation of corporeal bodies, qualities, and forces. There will be only consciousness. It will be common for all and everyone will have their own. As it is written in the Torah that “the spirit of God was hovering,” but there is no matter yet.

Remark: It is interesting. It is similar to viruses. I read that they also live in colonies, they have common consciousness, and they understand each other. Can we become a modified virus?

My Comment: We can become the individual souls that interact with each other in this way, forming one common perfect system called “Adam.”
From KabTV’s, “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/26/20

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“Why Do People See The Human Ego Is Bad?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why do people see the human ego is bad?

The human ego is seen as bad when it is overblown, causing people to exploit, manipulate and abuse each other in the name of pleasure.

Due to the ego causing so much division and conflict in and between societies, many people try to lessen the ego’s impact, trying to restrain it using a variety of techniques.

I have been studying and teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah for over forty years, which fundamentally differs to many other approaches to the ego.

It does not deal with restraining the ego. Instead, using Kabbalah, we reach an acknowledgement of the ego’s purpose, and learn how to navigate the ego in a way that makes it beneficial to society.

The human ego differentiates us from animals. It is an additional desire to enjoy ourselves beyond our survival necessities.

While on the surface it might seem as if certain animals are bad because they live their lives killing other animals, it is far from the case. Animals follow an inner programming that leads them to fulfill their survival needs, and if they kill other animals, it is due to their programming to feed themselves and their offspring, which emerges naturally.

Humans, on the other hand, can kill out of hatred for others, enjoying from others’ pain, and of their own growth in status above those that the human kills. Such hatred and enjoyment in the pain of others is a quality unique to humans, nonexistent in animals, and which extends from the human ego.

The ego thus separates humans from animals.

On the other hand, the ego is a driver of human progress. Our pursuits in science, technology, arts, music, culture and many others, are primarily fueled by the ego that wants more than the other.

It has placed us at the top of nature’s four-layered pyramid comprising the inanimate, vegetative, animate and human.

The question then becomes when is the ego detrimental and when is it beneficial?

The ego becomes problematic when we use it to self-benefit at the expense of others. When we adjust the intention upon the ego, directing it to benefit others over its drives to self-benefit, then the ego becomes beneficial to other people, as well as to all other levels of nature.

The adjustment of our intention upon our ego from self-benefit to benefiting others is possible the more we acknowledge the tightness of our interdependence.

The more we feel dependent on each other, then the more we will realize that we need to aim our egos at the common good.

On one hand, blows such as the coronavirus pandemic increase our understanding and feeling of our interdependence. On the other hand, we need not wait for such blows to wake us up to our interdependence, but can instead learn about how we can realize our interdependence in a positive way, and by doing so, alleviate many blows that we otherwise feel.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the way of accumulating suffering and blows to wake us up to our interdependence is called “the path of pain,” and the way of actively waking ourselves up to our interdependence and how to adjust our egos to it is called “the path of light.” The latter path is one which the wisdom of Kabbalah offers a method to access.

Seeds Of Exile, Part 4

laitman_747.01Where do all the troubles come from?

Remark: In the newspaper The Nation, which Baal HaSulam published in 1940, he wrote: “Jerusalem was ruined only because of unfounded hatred that existed in that generation.” At that time, the nation was plagued and died, and its organs were scattered to every direction.

Also Naftali Berlin wrote in Introduction to the book of Bereshit: “The generation of the times of the destruction of the Second Temple was stubborn and depraved. Therefore, because of unfounded hatred of each other in their hearts, they believed that every person acting contrary to their opinion should be killed. And all the troubles ensued from this, until the Temple finally fell.”

But on the other hand, the Jews kept the outer commandments.

My Comment: No. This, in our time, is considered keeping commandments. At that time, keeping commandments was considered to fulfill the basic principle of loving your neighbor.

Everything else is just etiquette, customs that have nothing to do with the internal state of the people. Therefore, the destruction of the Second Temple occurred only because of unfounded hatred, although the people observed absolutely all the laws.

Rabbi Akiva was calling only to one thing: “Love your neighbor as yourself. Nothing else is needed.” Still, the Temple collapsed precisely because people said: “But we follow all the customs.” However, the most important thing was missing—closeness of hearts.

Remark: But we can say that they could not observe the principle of love your neighbor, as nature led them this way.

My Comment: On one hand, this is a natural process, and on the other hand, we are obliged to do this. Indeed, even now we do not know what nature is preparing for us.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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A Prayer Book Or A Prayer In The Heart?

laitman_531.01Question: Does studying Kabbalah constitute a prayer?

Answer: When we try to understand, realize, and feel something during our study, we are practically engaging the Creator. We want to feel Him, bring Him closer, begin to somehow interact with Him, and therefore, our study is called the “the science of Kabbalah,” how to achieve the revelation of the Creator.

Question: So, the study itself, when one reads from the sources, even without understanding, is this already a prayer?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: Is there a point in reading prayers that other Kabbalists wrote several thousand years ago?

Answer: This too is helpful since the Kabbalists of the past conveyed their feelings, actions, and attainments through prayers, and you can tap into it.

Question: What is the difference between reading from a prayer book three times a day and reading The Book of Zohar, The Study of the Ten Sefirot (Talmud Eser Sefirot,) or the articles of Baal HaSulam? Is there a need to open a prayer book in addition to a three-hour lesson, and to spend an additional half-hour reading from it? What is the difference? They were all written by Kabbalists.

Answer: They were. But the thing is that the prayers were written by the members of the Great Assembly which were exceptional Kabbalists and very wise men. Thus, during the exile, when we fell from the upper level of attainment of the Creator, they purposely put together a collection of prayers for us so that we know how to turn to the Creator from the lower level.

Therefore, there is something in common for everyone in reading from the prayer book and addressing the Creator from it. On the other hand, but unique appeals to the Creator are preferable. This is certainly more important for a person. This is what one should mainly realize.

Comment:  I don’t feel the states these Kabbalists described. It’s not a given that they are clear to me.

My Response: You will come to a state when you will experience what they are writing about.

Question: It follows that one should read a prayer book, regardless of understanding it?

Answer: For now, it is advisable to read it occasionally. There will come a time when you will consciously recognize your own plea in these texts. You will even wonder how it was possible for them to write down what is inside your heart.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/19

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The General Vessel Of Humanity

laitman_595.01Question: Does all of humanity have to connect as one single vessel?

Answer: Of course! Each of us carries inside of oneself a particle of the immense shattered vessel. This is the reason that we must gather all the particles and reach a state of absolute adhesion, of actual love.

The first to do this are those in whom the point in the heart has awoken. If the point in the heart has awoken in you, you can already begin the process of getting closer to others in whom the point in the heart has also awoken. You will see how you will begin to reveal the general vessel in the connection between you.

To the extent that you reveal the general vessel, you will begin to reveal its filling that comes from the upper light, the consciousness, and the feeling of eternity or of immortality, of the entrance to a totally new dimension. It is in your power to do so. You can do it now, in our world. Just do not stop.

All the people in the world who engage in this, each in his own unique way, help each other because we are all particles of the one shattered vessel.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Success Depends On The Woman

552.02Connection between women can have a very strong impact on governments, countries, and the whole world. Indeed, during this time of the coronavirus epidemic, everything depends on our intentions and not on actions.

When men go to war and women remain at home, we think that the men were the force that ensured victory in the war. But actually this is not true. It is the women with their intentions that determine the success of the war.

From Malchut, that is, from a woman, from the depth of her desire, is what determines the kind of screen and reflected light that will be on him. Therefore, all success regarding how quickly we can end the epidemic of the coronavirus, come to a connection between us, and reach the end of the correction of the world depends on women’s intentions and the dissemination of information by women.

After all, this epidemic is a consequence of the fact that we are in the last stage of the development of mankind, which is called the “last generation.” So let us end the selfish development and former life, and move on to a higher level of existence, which is called life in the higher world.
From a Women’s Lesson 4/4/20 “Questions and Answers”

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New Life 1224 – A New World Order

New Life 1224 – A New World Order
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Nature is requiring all of humanity to become integral, like one person with one heart. We must develop love for everyone who comes into the world. We must make the existing, global connection network altruistic. Viruses will continue to attack us in all kinds of ways until we internalize the fact that only a good connection between us will neutralize them. The viruses will show the world that there is no more room for developing weapons and showing off to each other. The coronavirus epidemic is not just biological, it is also spiritual. The more we try to fight it, the more we will understand this. A new world order means we need to correct the relationships between people until we feel like we are together in one room, as a family.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1224 – A New World Order,” 4/16/20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/20/20

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Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Above Reason”  (1986)

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Lesson on the Topic “Concerning Above Reason” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 33

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