On The Threshold Of Renewal Of Humanity

laitman_537Question: Studies have proven that up to 60% of the human genome is modified by viruses. That is, the coronavirus is, in fact, the carrier of structures that are very close to the proteins of our cells.

There is a hypothesis that nature, with the help of the coronavirus, is performing a global reconstruction of humanity. If so, what should we, as humanity, become?

Answer: I do not know. It is of no interest to me. According to what the science of Kabbalah says, we are in the last generation, that is, we are approaching the state wherein we will have to rise above egoism and begin to explore higher properties, levels, layers of nature, where we are outside the body.

There is no inanimate, vegetative, or animate matter there, there is nothing but our consciousness. And all the previous layers of matter will disappear from our feelings and cease to exist. We will come to a world where there is only consciousness.

Question: Is this the reconstruction of humanity? Will humans be different?

Answer: Yes, a new humanity. Such a state is called the last generation. This is what we are going through now. It will continue for some time until the blows of nature and our correct interaction with it will raise us to a level where we will exist only in our consciousness.

Question: Does it mean that there will be no bodies but only the totality of all our desires and thoughts?

Answer: Yes. There will be no sensation of corporeal bodies, qualities, and forces. There will be only consciousness. It will be common for all and everyone will have their own. As it is written in the Torah that “the spirit of God was hovering,” but there is no matter yet.

Remark: It is interesting. It is similar to viruses. I read that they also live in colonies, they have common consciousness, and they understand each other. Can we become a modified virus?

My Comment: We can become the individual souls that interact with each other in this way, forming one common perfect system called “Adam.”
From KabTV’s, “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/26/20

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