Is It Necessary To Teach The Siddur?

laitman_527_05Question: In your blog you include some Psalms of David. Would it also be worthwhile to similarly include the main prayers from the Siddur (prayer book), which are essential for our spiritual advancement?

Answer: I think that it is still too early to study the Siddur. We are talking in our lessons about prayers as the correct expression of turning toward the Creator, of His revelation to the Kabbalists.

The Kabbalists discovered the Creator, and from their practical experience in turning to Him, meaning the creation within them of desires, requests, MAN, they described the formation of prayers for us.

But we ourselves must be in connection with the Creator, at least on the level of Lo Lishma (not for Her name), so that the words of the Siddur that were created by the giant Kabbalists, the participants in the Great Assembly more than two thousand years ago, will not seem naïve and strange.

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  1. what is it? it is like song prayers?

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