Seeds Of Exile, Part 2

laitman_293War is an Expression of Egoism

Remark: During the 6,000 years of the existence of civilized humanity on Earth, wars have been constantly waged. In total, they’ve only been gone for 200 years. Historians distinguish five main wars: the First and Second World Wars, and three more wars in China, during which hundreds of millions of people died.

My Comment: This is an amazing state of the world when people simply annihilate each other. They give free rein to their egoism, which cannot tolerate others, and come up with all sorts of reasons to kill.

Remark: War is like an expression of egoism. Every story is a story of war.

My Comment: On the other hand, we do not even imagine what would happen to the world if war had not been waged. Over the past 70 years, there have been no wars on such vast continents as Europe and Asia, and look what happened to humanity. The world’s population has grown from two million to eight.

We see that with uncorrected egoism, wars become necessary, because only in this way humanity restrains and purifies itself.
From KabTV’S “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/8/19

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