My Thoughts On Twitter 5/4/20

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The Creator is the will to bestow. The created being is the will to receive.
Israel is the will to bestow, the Creator’s contituent in the will to receive—the middle ground between the Creator and the created beings. Through Israel, light passes from the Creator to the created beings. That is why everyone is always focused on #Israel: whether or not the light flows through them.

All of one’s actions occur under the influence of his ego, i.e., they’re carried out not by him, but by that which is given from nature, the Creator. And only actions against the ego, by faith above reason, constitute one’s individual actions, which merit either reward or punishment.

We must encourage forward-thinking innovations that lead toward developing our society from private consciousness to a common one, toward connection and an improved understanding of other people’s thoughts and desires.
And the more we are repelled by it, the greater the correction we can introduce with our correct participation.

The #coronavirus is exposing important flaws in the web of our interconnections, and is pushing us toward a lifestyle suitable to an interconnected system. The #pandemic demonstrates that we must change our relationships and begin perceiving all of humanity as a single integral organism.

Baal HaSulam: A person’s welfare is provided for by all of the world’s countries. A person is invariably dependent on the whole world, like a cogwheel in a mechanism. It is inconceivable to arrive at a good social structure in one country without doing the same in all the other countries of the world.

From an individualized world, in which everyone operates in isolation from others, suddenly and without realizing it, the #coronavirus helped shift us into a new, global and integral world, where everyone is interconnected via systems of #healthcare, environment, #economy #politics, society…

The Book of Zohar: “Just as the human body divides into organs in a hierarchical structure, correcting with the help of one another and together comprising a single organism, so goes for the whole world: all the creatures of the worlds are organs in a hierarchical structure. When they become fully corrected, they will truly become a single whole.”

The way that the #coronavirus spreads, it’s teaching us that precisely in the age of #globalization, each person possesses tremendous power: the ability to infect or not infect everyone around them. Only a system of correct relationships between people becomes the deciding factor of our existence.

The #coronavirus made it clear to everyone that mutual guarantee is more than just pretty words. When each can infect the other, we become unwitting guarantors for one another. All of humanity constitutes one system of mutual responsibility. The integral nature of the world is manifesting!
From Twitter, 5/4/20

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