My Thoughts On Twitter 5/3/20

Dr Michael Laitman TwitterKabbalists who have attained the upper world say that it exists right here. We need not fly anywhere. The upper world is “here with us.” Only we don’t sense it, as we perceive reality according to one narrow parameter: does it make me feel good or bad?
Come out of yourself and you will sense the upper world.

I don’t want to feel what is or is not pleasant to me. I try to tear away from this dependency, to rise above it, to appraise reality relative to what’s good or bad for others. Thus I will begin to see what’s outside of me. In faith above reason.

The work should be in joy, as if I’ve merited the end of correction. So the light of correction is drawn. I rejoice, as if in revelation… I accept a black state as spiritual that shines with its blackness. The Creator offers connection in the darkness, above the ego. So I accept it with joy.

I can fall into a state of numbness, but falling into the ten, I can accept it as coming from the Creator, turn Malchut’s dark state into a radiant Keter. The world is beautiful!

The maw of the coronavirus opened. Sensing our lowliness, we’ve holed up in our homes. But we’ve also discovered how interconnected we are, and that we can help one another. That is why we must separate to a symbolic distance within which the evil ego operates so as to not infect each other with the ego.
From Twitter, 5/3/20

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