My Thoughts On Twitter 5/5/20

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Evolution pushes nature toward #diversity and individualization, and… leads to conflict. The solution lies in the collaboration on a more advanced level. The process of turning the world into a “global village” is not accidental, it is the development of civilization toward universal interconnection.
Elisabet @sahtouris, Biologist

Better to take the law of development into our own hands and under our control, because this way we can avoid all the suffering that the natural development has in store for us from this day forward. (Baal HaSulam)

Negative forces revealed in various states are the reasons behind humanity’s progress. Their function is to bring humanity to the last stage of its development, to the state free of defect or lack. (Baal HaSulam, The Nation)

We are entering the system of “the last generation,” united integral humanity. The one who doesn’t use the unfolding integral form correctly, doesn’t see the world as one country, one nation, will lose out. The more we separate ourselves from the rest, the more we lose out.

Returning to life after #quarantine we have to come to its new form, retaining the world’s integral nature and its internal unification. If everyone keeps caring about their own wellbeing, building their happiness at the expense of others, the problems will return to us all like a boomerang.

The nearest future will show everyone that everything is going to crumble. Because it has all been built on the ego. Nature will force us to recognize the depravity of the EGO and to cancel it as the building force. The Creator will force us to accept the world as one and interconnected. A period of ruin and unification.
From Twitter, 5/5/20

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