What Should We Do After The Quarantine?

laitman_627.1There is no doubt that the only way to overcome the coronavirus is to be concerned about the whole world that is seized by the pandemic. The virus is showing us that we live in the era of the Messiah, in the state of “The Last Generation,” the state that affects the whole world.

The virus has not come to destroy us, but to shake us up a little, to bring us to the first realization that we are facing a single global nature that is fighting us as a united front. We were about to destroy nature from the lowest, material level, to the highest spiritual degree.

At the material level, we already understand that we ruthlessly destroy the inanimate, plant, and animal worlds and people with our egoism. Pharaoh reigns supreme in our world, and “seven hungry years” have already come since nothing can fill us in this world. It is impossible to continue living in a world where egoism reigns in the open. Either we rise above this world or we face tremendous blows.

We have to know how to enter the upper world. We have to build Moses out of our group, meaning the force that pulls all of humanity out of the egoistic world and brings it over the Red Sea. It is impossible to go on living in this egoistic world.

Just look at how the still, vegetative, and animal nature persistently waits for us to leave this world and rise to a higher spiritual degree. How the animals, fish, and plants would rejoice if we all rise!

The whole of nature all over the world and the universe will calm down and move into balance. Everything will be peaceful and content if man’s egoism stops intervening and bringing everything under its heel.

We have nowhere to advance. Can we possibly want to return to the same old thing once the quarantine has been lifted, to continue harming nature and awaiting nuclear war? Let’s take a sobering look at our pre-virus state, at just how illogical and abnormal our lives have been.

It is necessary to achieve a certain similarity with the general state of nature because man is at the highest level of all beings. We must unite and feel responsible for the whole world.

The “last generation” is the one that has to implement the program of creation. And the coronavirus shows us how late we are with this implementation on a global scale. This is how we bring imbalance into creation and manifest all these viruses.

We may not be able to go out onto the streets or gather together, but we must reach the inner unity above that, the correct relations between people. This means that the egoism that stands between us will disappear, we will overcome it. By doing so, we will eradicate the coronavirus. If I am in good, kind, internal connections with others, no harm can come between us.

The coronavirus is a sign that we are not advancing by the path of light, but the path of suffering, the natural course of evolution (Beito), because it is acting on us by force. The path of light, acceleration of time (Achishena) always works in a good, pleasant way.

If we strive for good relations between us, then we discover that we can build internal systems of connection between us and will transfer the businesses there that we have no more need for, that only pollute the environment. We would transfer them to the inner level, where we connect together, talk and feel each other.

I see that people now dream of open department stores, restaurants, cafes, barber shops, and beauty salons because they have been making some kind of connection with each other there. But nature obliges us to a new form of connection.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/25/20

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