The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 2

Laitman_001.02The coronavirus threatens the world with great unrest, revolutions, and world war. The path of suffering that we embark on, going against nature and not striving for an integral community, will bring us a lot of trouble and different problems, up to a new world war. Unfortunately, the world is still governed by egoistic governments, which are mainly concerned with their own benefits and positions.

What should be done in order to change the direction of movement for the better? There is an ongoing heated debate over whether the coronavirus is a product of nature or has been generated in a laboratory, as the US accuses China.

But I do not think it is so important where exactly the virus came from if it has been meant to act against humanity that does not fulfill the conditions of the correct connection between all elements of nature. No matter where the virus has come from, either from a market or from a laboratory, it is a consequence of human egoism that has not received correction on time.

It is clear that at the first, everyone blamed China. But what do we actually want from this country? This is an egoistic system, the same as all others, but only with its own specific character.

Everyone in their place would have acted in exactly the same way. Every nation would like to become as strong and big as China. We ourselves, blinded by our thirst for profit, transferred all production to China and allowed them to gain such power. What are we blaming them for now?

The Chinese got all this and worked diligently and selflessly to provide all our needs, justified by the fact that we transferred all the work to them. We have allowed this nation to rise in a short time, and now we are indignant because we do not like it. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

So far, the epidemic has been spreading more and more due to our desire to correct it in egoistic ways without turning to the side of greater integration. We live on the globe in an integrated system: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people.

All four levels of nature are obliged to communicate and support each other. Inanimate, plant, and animal life live in symbiosis and feed each other. But the upper level, a person of this world, ruthlessly destroys all other levels, although in his mind he can understand that we need to act differently.

Here there is a mismatch between the mind, which realizes the need to behave more altruistically and build an integral society, and the primitive egoism, which obliges us to snatch more and escape. They are constantly fighting with each other.

But then a virus suddenly appears and helps us change our attitude toward human society, which is obliged to become integral, global, closed, and based on mutual assistance. Otherwise, we will necessarily reach world war and total self-destruction.

A path to an integrated society is possible only through educating a person, through learning, so that everyone understands what kind of world we live in, what nature requires of us, what the upper integral force of nature is that leads us to a perfect state, and also, what prevents us from following the instruction of nature and connecting with good bonds.

The entire population of the earth is obliged to learn this. If we just start learning this, we will no longer see epidemics. Even if we still cannot manage to realize this integral connection, and we have just started to learn it, the main thing is to start, and then we will see how it immediately makes our whole life easier!

This will immediately help us, and we will suddenly discover new opportunities for maintaining business, industry, jobs, and families as we consider everything as a single closed system. But if we continue to act as egoists who consider it possible to profit at the expense of others, then this will no longer work.

Improvement does not require a lot of time, and as soon as we begin to study, changes will immediately take place. We ourselves will change and from this we will understand what needs to be changed.
From KabTV’s program “Global Perspectives: The Danger Of Social Unrest After The Coronavirus, Part 2,” 5/1/20

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