A Monument To The Coronavirus

laitman_566.02Comment: Europe turned out to be powerless before the coronavirus. Italy fell first, then Spain, then France. There are a lot of cases. The complete closure of the borders began. This united Europe, which was proud of its opened borders, suddenly began to close, one country toward another. You support communication and connection all the time, but here it is the other way around.

My Response: I rejoice at the closing of the borders! I rejoice at the destruction of these selfish, militaristic, and other connections.

The virus breaks all the old connections, this whole Gordian knot, that we could not break. Now there are no longer these schemes: suppliers, consumers, ships scurrying from one part of the world to another part of the world to deliver useless goods… For what?!

Everything will be calm now. See how the ecology has improved, the air has become cleaner.

Comment: It is said that the air in Italy has become almost 25-30% cleaner. Clear water flows in Venice. And there is no smog over China anymore, instead birds are flying in the sky.

My Response: I remember riding in a gondola along the canals of Venice once, I immersed my hand in the water so romantically. Then, for several months, the nail and the skin on my whole finger were peeling off. How many antibiotics I took! And today, I can’t imagine. If those canals are clean, then it should be made a monument for the coronavirus.

Comment: Now the countries have got closed.

My Response: Right! It is said in the Torah that the estrangement of sinners is good for them and good for the world.

Question: Why didn’t we help Italy through the whole world?

Answer: How is it?! Who will help? For what?!

Comment: There is such a thing—help.

My Response: There is no such thing as helping. On the contrary, help to bury it deeper into the ground.

And how is the whole world system, the system of world relations, built? Does anyone think of anyone other than themselves? I can’t raise myself in any way if I don’t suppress others. After all, everything is measured relatively.

Question: Do you mean to say, everyone acts only for his sake, which is our world?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And you say that if everyone feels that everyone acts only for his sake, it is good, don’t you?

Answer: Yes, but besides this, they will feel that without mutual support, without proper linking, we still cannot survive.

Question: That is, the state must conclude that the connections were vicious, selfish, and now we need to separate in order to connect to another connection later?

Answer: The virus annuls them. All motor ships, steam locomotives, airplanes, everything is standing still, and everything is calm, nothing is moving. Gradually, all banks will be empty, all unnecessary things will disappear. Indeed, in recent years, the most important enterprises were companies, which allocated empty money. Someone is printing it on a machine.That is, it is pure speculation, in addition, by air.

Now all this should just disappear step-by-step. Like a soap bubble or a balloon with helium that flies away and bursts somewhere.

Question: What relations should states come to after this annulment? What is the best? What is your opinion?

Answer: Very simple. I give you something, you give me something necessary for our existence. That’s it, and nothing extra. Nothing extra!

And for all the rest, we engage in studying the world where we live, studying ourselves, and how we can achieve a truly good, correct state in the world.

Question: And what about the thing you always spoke about—the upbringing of a single Europe?

Answer: This is it.

That is, everything we did, all the unnecessary things that have reached up to 90% of our occupations, businesses, and everything else, we must now leave them all for the sake of upbringing, for the sake of changing all of humanity.

You know how everything will be quiet, calm, good! What a quiet atmosphere it will be, birds will be singing, fish will appear in the sea again. Everything will be fine.

Comment: Ecology will recover.

My Response: Everything! Like in Chernobyl.

Comment: Now the same thing is happening in Fukushima. Everything is being restored, those animals that disappeared long ago, have appeared again.

My Response: Yes, it was considered that they were extinct, but nothing disappears in nature. A Reshimo, an informational record, exists and suddenly begins to appear from somewhere. How can it be from somewhere?! But the same way it appeared once from somewhere, it’s happening now.

Comment: It is only necessary to pull humans out of there.

My Response: Humans, I hope, will be different. And if not, then dinosaurs will come again.

Question: You are always talking about interconnected humanity. What is interconnected humanity? Let’s say after the virus.

Answer: After the virus, interconnected humanity is when everyone gets what he needs to live in a normal form: clothes, food, house, etc., education for his kids and everything that is needed, and besides, the rest of the time one is engaged in public work. And everyone gets the same.

Question: What is that public work?

Answer: Public work means to strengthen public relations between people. And nothing else! It is forbidden to engage in any kind of business. No business!

Question: Public relations between people, what is this?

Answer: This is such a strengthening of relations between people in which the highest form of nature gradually appears, when we feel ourselves as existing forever!

Question: As a result of this upbringing, how should I treat other people?

Answer: As you treat yourself. Although we are separated from each other by our bodies, we are one spiritual body after all.

Question: That is, “love your neighbor as yourself,” is this treating “as yourself”?

Answer: Yes. And it will come!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/26/20

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