Long Live The Virus!

273.02Question: A few weeks ago, Americans with bravado watched as the coronavirus developed in Europe and in China. Today it is in complete panic. People are not only forbidden to fly or gather in crowded places, they themselves do not do this because of fear.

The only way to end this pandemic is to isolate yourself. How and in what way should we unite as humanity over this isolation?

Answer: I understand the Americans. They thought that somehow it would not reach them. They have such a system! This is not Europe, where everything is dictated, and especially not the Arab East. America is the most progressive country, freedom of expression and so on.

How can this be? Indeed, in the field of freedom, they are ahead of the rest, and therefore the virus, which is a violation of the balance of human society, should not seem to be manifested there. The fact is that, first, it cannot be that some part of humanity is healthy if everyone else is sick.

Second, it only seems to us that in America there is more freedom, more equilibrium.  We are all struck by this ailment, but to varying degrees, when, with our negative influences, we bring the whole system out of balance.

I can’t imagine what can be done here except to take the science of Kabbalah and try to scrupulously, meticulously do what Rabash and Baal HaSulam write in their articles about the correct connection in the group and in society. At least to study, to feel how much we do not coincide with their instructions. And even if we do not do this, but only feel that we should, even the differences between what is and what should be, meaning the realization of evil, will still affect us and make human society healthy.

Otherwise, it will be very bad for all of us. The virus will spread throughout the world, crawl into all villages, in all remote corners of the planet. It will take all kinds of forms and modifications. So we still have a lot of time ahead to comprehend our behavior and try to do something.

If we change our behavior, we can quickly get rid of the virus. And if not, then the virus will act until we, under the influence of its blows, change our attitude toward each other, give up unnecessary institutions, work, unnecessary connections among ourselves, etc. That is, nature will force us to do this by force, and not by our voluntary, conscious correction.

But in any case, one way or another, the world after the virus will be completely different. Therefore, long live the virus!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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